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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Don't you see a contradiction between the the title of this Chapter : " Impermissibility of taqlid to other than the Ma`sum عليه السلام" And this part of the hadith 20)
  2. Well I don't think Muhammad and his Companion understood the way you are trying to explain. Comparing to what it is written in the Quran, it seems that what you are presenting is irrelevant specially when you are talking about the angelic world (seems to be a metaphysical reality based on muslim traditionnal legacy and not the quranic legacy). If angels have a world, then what about the jinns ? huris ? paradise ? hell ? In which realm do you put them ? And what is the consistency of this angelic world ? The 1st premise must be (according to Quran) : SYSTEM {angels, jinns, paradise, huris, he
  3. Do you seriously think that Muhammad himself and his Companions understood the way you'r saying ? They were neither specialists in any type of philosophical matter nor metaphysical matter. The metaphysical realm was as quantum physics to them. It's clear that they understood all these elements as real. And the Quran itself is clear. The idea that your are conveing is only the result of the evolution of muslim understanding of Quranic verse through time dependent on development of some type of field namely : jurisprudence, philosophy, metaphysics, rijal science, hadith science... I want to ad
  4. This question is not for atheists nor theists but Muslims, Christians and Jews. When I say "whole system composed of matter", I mean "angels, jinns, paradise, hell" that form a system dependent on atoms because these four "elements" according to monotheistic concept, have a material existence. If you read the Quran in first instance, you will see that the description of this "system" is made as if it's real, physical, material and not metaphysical. And if this "system" is real (composed of atoms : look at the description), then it must have a direction, a position in a defined space and this
  5. Hello everybody, This is not a challenge. This dicussion is for those who believe in a whole system composed of matter and that they consider it as invisible like God (not sure if I can say that). Leave God apart and try to prove angels, jinns, paradise and hell as they are dependent on atoms.
  6. Some interesting academic papers (1994)(2004) . Author : Dr. Rosemary Stanfield Johnson http://www.mediafire.com/?lr3g6u3jf61r7b0 http://www.mediafire.com/?2u5kajskd4xzuci
  7. Childish move proving nothing. With Rohani its a fullface picture With Shirazi its a profil picture What is photoshoped ? Bring your evidence. So according to you an Ayatollah must be : medical doctor, musicologist, geologist, chemist, physicist, mathematician, astronomer, astrophysicist.... lol Ayatollahs also need the help of specialists in other fields because it's impossible to master all these fields.
  8. There is nothing wrong in his fatwas. Let see together. He is saying "blind following" is not allowed, in the matter of Taqleed. This is not against Shia beliefs. He is saying that musicology is not his field of studies, so he can't give an appropriate anwser. And I don't see what is wrong with that ? He is saying that there is no such verse about masturbation in the Quran, and that's true. When he says that prayers can't solve this problem, he is also true, because, if you don't want to masturbate yourself, then take some actions ie. marriage Prayers were never been sufficient in any case
  9. It's not a fake ayatollah. He has a web site in farsi hosted in Iran. http://www.amasumi.net/ Registrant: Ayatollah Masoumi Tehrani Office Ayatollah Masoumi Tehrani (officeahmt@gmail.com) Tehran-tehranno Tehran Erevan,1955666464 AM Tel. +21.123456 Creation Date: 10-May-2010 Expiration Date: 10-May-2012 Domain servers in listed order: ns3.iranwebco.com ns4.iranwebco.com [Querying whois.verisign-grs.com] [Redirected to whois.PublicDomainRegistry.com] [Querying whois.PublicDomainRegistry.com] [whois.PublicDomainRegistry.com] Registration Service Provi
  10. Interesting Ayatollah. Official Website : http://www.amasumi.net/ Visit of Ayatollah AbdolHamid Masoumi Tehrani with the Grand Ayatollah Rohaani http://3.bp.blogspot...cture+1+010.jpg
  11. In Islamic verdicts, drinking alcohol has a Had of 80 lashes which has been referred to as the Had for the Drunken [intoxicating drinks]. Whereas in spite of the fact that drinking alcohol has been banned by Quran, no Hads* or prosecutions has been defined for it. As indicated before, the divine Hads* are those that have been clearly demonstrated in Quran. Now the question arises that where has this verdict come from then? There is not Had for the consumption of alcohol in Quran. It has therefore been retrieved from the narratives of the two branches of Islam [shia and Sunni]. In no narrative
  12. This is exactly the purpose of Mutah Marriage. متعة : pleasure,enjoyment,treat,entertainment,delight,gratification,relish,amenities,lustiness Why today some Shias are trying to diminish the original purpose of Mutah Marriage ? If Mutah Marriage is not for sex, then its original purpose has been diverted to show the non muslim a very polished picture of something that is quite similar than prostitution framed with some rules, but basically it's prostitution. BTW, every where on Google you will see Mutah Marriage = Temporary Marriage however this is hypocrisy, as Mutah Marriage = Lustiness Marri
  13. Interesting book of Late Baqir al Sadr Lessons in Islamic Jurisprudence - First Part http://www.mediafire.com/?f1ol7ju3sbk4kbw
  14. Say this to al-Khoei family if you dare, they will understand you very well, I suppose. Just because Yazid issued an assasination against Hussayn, Shias are crying since 61AH ! Where is justice for al-Khoei family ? Is not the responsability of Shias communities in the world to call up for True Justice ? (Pathetic isn't it ?) Again, you break rule 4 of Shiachat. Please just close this post, it's useless to continue as nobody understand the pain of a family which lost a beloved member of it.
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