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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. so according to same sunni scholars shiites are also out of fold of islam as shiites also do not believe in mutawatir hadiths of sunnis lolz. so what type of infallible ur 8th imam was when a fallible abbasid caliph deceived him. do u know that ur zaidi shia scholars use the rulings of imam abu hanifa in fiqh and zaidia shias are very close to hanafi fiqh .our opponents also use the rulings of imam abu hanifa (ra).
  2. yasir al habib (lanatullah alaih) is barking in arabic ,i don't understad.
  3. this question was stupid in a sense that if i give them hadiths in praise of hazrat abu bakr .omer(ra) and uthman (ra) from sunni books he would reject those hadiths. i can not give him hadiths in praise of three caliphs from shia books that is my point. in which fiqh ? now u answer my one question , why a woman who fail to give birth any child to his husband does not inherit from the property of her husband after his death while it is clearly stated in sura nisa that such woman should inherit from her husband's property?
  4. you should know that ur 8th imam had very close relationship with abbasids and ur 9th imam was son in law of abbasid ruler lolz.
  5. nusairi=ghali = a person who do ghulu(exaggeration ) in the praise of their imams beyond the boundries of shirk.
  6. becuse there r sunnis who believe that hazrat ali (ra) was superior to hazrat abu bakar (ra) and some think that hazrat abu bakar (ra) was superior to hazrat ali (ra) and some think both are equal in status and only Allah knows who is superior to other . as for ur question hazrat abu bakar (ra) ,omer (ra) and uthman (ra) had close relations with holy prophet (pbuh) and were present with holy prophet (pbuh) in makkah and madina . if i bring u hadiths in praise of three caliphs from sunni books it will be not acceptable by u . so it is useless to argue. now i ask u who is last dive charcter o
  7. our prophet (pbuh) had no right to appoint successor and he had no divinely appointed successor because he was last prophet/divine character on earth.
  8. believe in mahdi is not one of the primary beliefs of islam but secondary one there r scholars who do not believe in the arrival of mahdi such as javaid ahmad ghamidi .every belief is not a pillar . hadiths define secondary beliefs and sunnah not pillar.
  9. a sunni is a person who believe that source of sunnah is holy prophet (pbuh) . 2) we do not believe that holy prophet (pbuh) had a divinely appointed successor to the prophet ,but any person could be khalifa of rasolallah who could rule according to quran and sunnah .
  10. yes, no answer from sunnis for stupid question.
  11. lolz. i was not afraid there were some points on which mubahila can not be done by sunnis e.g whether hazrat ali (ra) was right or aysha (ra) because both personalities are respectable for sunnis but i offer mubahila on other points .
  12. i m also giving proof of wrong shia sect(usooli) so u should not be bother about that. does satan (us and israel) also fear noori ul maliki? but what about this wrong absolutely wrong ,quran explicitly define all the pillars of sunni islam but does not explicitly define the pillar of shia islam (immamah) u have to depend more on hadiths for the description of pillar of ur faith as compared to sunnis .
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