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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was theist(sunni muslim) and converted to atheism..........
  2. A child dying of hunger after every 4 seconds in the world is the first proof that God does not exist .
  3. once, I had a poll on facebook in ex-muslims group and found that only 15% ex-muslims had been shia before leaving Islam including converts from sunni islam to shia one. oh.........so according to you what is the definition of "true shia"?........... one who can never be an ex-shia is true shia?
  4. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235001012-benifits-of-the-occultation-of-the-12th-imam/
  5. so it was Allah ,who set a seal upon the hearts of yazeed and his army and we should consider that Allah had some role in killing of hussein.
  6. not in quran ,but these are the words from your divinely appointed and guided first imam.
  7. no, my point is why Allah said "clay which He dripped in water till it got pure"why did Allah need to drip clay in water to make it pure ,it really does not make any sense ,at all. you all would have been mocking sunnis, if similar things had existed in sunni texts i m talking about only those hadiths graded "sahih" by your scholars. e.g
  8. so you believe they correctly graded the all hadiths ? if so ,then how can you reject their sahih graded hadiths?
  9. true, they behave as a quranists when debating with non muslims ,but when it comes to debating sunnis they become stauch followers of ahlulbayt and theirs authentic hadiths. how does your guide (the 12th imam) guides you? the only way to follow your imams are hadiths collected and graded by your fallible scholars through fallible narrators. what is the perfect source of sunnah these days when your imam is in occultation and you are not ready to even believe on sahih hadiths of your hadith books and classical tafseer of your scholars. why was adam created anthropomorphically. this sermon clearly depicts the picture of how adam was created by dripping clay in water, kneading and solidifying it till it got dried, why a "kun fekun god" need to do all these things. now don't say you do not believe this sermon to be authentic.
  10. it means you have no any perfect source for your 80% of your religion ,rijal is not ultimately reliable ,you just follow hearsay in the name of hadiths. must read how Allah created adam anthropomorphically from nehaj ul balagha. so you need sunnah for description of a pillar of islam ? it means quran is incomplete, btw hadith of 12 imams does not give us names of those 12 imams and each sect interprat it differently and how can you prove your imamah of "12 imams" to quranists who do not believe in hadiths at all.
  11. I've removed your display photo which was what looked like a flag of Pakistan being burnt. That is offensive to a lot of members on this website so please choose another appropriate display picture. Salaam.

  12. lol.these verses can be used to proof the ismaili immamate,bohri immamate, and zaydi immamate.
  13. this can be also true for new muslims islam makes sense for them it does not mean it is right. if quran is 100% religion give me one clear ayat about mehdi and your 12 imams without supporting it from any hadiths. why need grading? some books were written during the times of your imams e.g kitab al kafi ,why they did not testify the books of your scholars? you had got 12 imams after muhammad yet you have to depend upon fallible scholars for grading of hadiths like sunnis. but in some cases one hadith is acceptable for one scholar and unacceptable for other.it makes your religion confused like sunnis.
  14. because it makes no sense , 80% of the religion is based on hadeeths compiled and graded by scholars who have no divine authority at all, and rest 20% is quran which is very ambiguous and cannot be understood without those hadeeths.
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