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  1. Khadim uz Zahra

    Server discord

    Well, Discord Inc. runs it. It's more like WhatsApp or Telegram, but made for large groups. It's generally used for gaming, really, with features for team chat or team voice calls during a multiplayer match. There can also be 'servers' that are dedicated channels or 'sites' or sections, if you like, that are independent and can be about any particular game or topic. Though, it's also now used by people for things other than gaming; for example, there are religious servers on there as well, alongside a myriad others.
  2. Khadim uz Zahra

    Real life Introverts = Cyber Bullies?

    Or perhaps they are simply stating their point of view and you are taking offence at some perceived slight when they're just speaking their mind? If you perceive another individual's attempt's to convince you as the result of some sort of perennial grudge, are you not disregarding your own advice: Maybe these individuals just have strong opinions on a matter like you do, and are unable to let go of a topic if they feel that the correct conclusion has not been reached? By creating a thread to berate such individuals, are you, yourself, not choosing to hold a grudge and not letting things go? I'm not that emotional in general so I don't take people's words to heart or assume that people have evil emotions if they disagree with me or argue with me continuously. Perhaps they are just misunderstanding me or I'm not explaining my point properly. @Asghar Ali Karbalai referred to me or the people on my side of an argument as honourless and shameless on the thread about a woman showing her body before marriage to a suitor. Since his position was so illogical to me, I continued to debate him on the matter and even got quite a bit aggressive and sanctimonious in my posts. After a few more posts, I decided to change tacks and wrote a loooong essay with a fictional story that took the largely abstract nature of the legal discussion at hand and related it to its practical implementation in reality. Once I had done that, I had possibly one of the most satisfying moments on ShiaChat ever where he liked my post and said he agreed with what I said. He just couldn't relate the abstraction of the law to its practice in reality. Once I showed him the link, he was okay with it. I was just not speaking his language. Once I did, the problem was resolved. And the person I had been sanctimonious to just a few hours ago gained my respect for being able to admit when he misunderstood something. I didn't assume he was a bully who just wanted to be rude to me for no reason because I could see how he would have thought the law may be seen as insulting and degrading to women, and I don't think I was a bully, even if I did get a little aggressive out of my frustration, for staying on his case until he finally understood where I was coming from. I don't think we should assume negative intentions on other peoples' parts in most cases, not unless we can read their minds. We should make our point, counter their rebuttals a few times and then let it go. Don't assume why a person is or isn't saying what they are. If you feel they're getting really out of line, then advise them gently because, maybe, they are thinking tough love is needed in a particular case or being nice and agreeable is not possible since the subject under debate is too important. If we just assumed that people meant what they said, life would be much easier for all of us, instead of us spending so much time and energy assuming who is or isn't a troll, who holds a grudge and doesn't, who should be reprimanded for being rude and who shouldn't. Let them do what they want, you do what you want. Let life go on. Even if the other person is holding a grudge and is a bully, why waste your time feeling bad about a bully? Isn't that what the other person wants? Assume the best of the other person you can; and if you really can't, then leave them to their devices. It is, in my opinion, the best means of attaining happiness and peace of mind in a debate. @Asghar Ali Karbalai Sorry for bringing you into this. It was just one of the best examples I could give, and one of the very few instances I've seen on ShiaChat where two people agreed after a spirited disagreement, at least in recent times.
  3. Khadim uz Zahra

    Does anyone play Minecraft?

    It's a virtual pig. That doesn't really matter. As for the game, if you enjoy building stuff and are creative, you might like it a lot.
  4. Khadim uz Zahra

    Origin of diseases

    I believe Qa'im already answered this question by suggesting that the ahadith are talking about much more than just physical illnesses, and are more likely referring to spiritual matters. It behooves us to only take only parts of the ahadith as being literal and others as metaphoric. If these ahadith are suggesting that physical illnesses of a baby are its own fault and that the baby can also cure itself, then you should also believe that inside that baby is a literal, physical universe. That baby is also, apparently, a literal, physical book. It's quite apparent after reading these narrations that they are esoteric and spiritual in nature.
  5. Khadim uz Zahra

    Help me choose a new smartphone

    Huawei and Xiaomi phones are pretty good, but they'll be hard for notme to get since she's in the US and both companies don't have a big presence there.
  6. Khadim uz Zahra

    Showing body parts after proposal

    The part about permission is to check a girl out in daily affairs. But even if we assume that her permission isn't required to see her legs, practically speaking, how exactly is anyone supposed to see a girl's leg without assaulting her or, I don't know, being a total pervert and hanging outside her window or something? But just to check a girl out while she's walking in the market or something, it's actually something that is practically possible so the issue of permission actually becomes relevant. Seeing her legs without her permission is impossible without resorting to some really lowly tactics.
  7. Khadim uz Zahra

    Help me choose a new smartphone

    What's your budget? You don't want something expensive, but you do still have to give a dollar amount in order for us to make suggestions because phones range from $50 to $1500 these days.
  8. Khadim uz Zahra

    Showing body parts after proposal

    A woman's permission is not required in the case of a glance in daily affairs. For example, if I've been told by my sister that Elizabeth is really pretty and she'd make a good wife for me, I can look at her while she's eating in the cafeteria to see if she's attractive to me or not. In doing so, I can look at not just her face but also other parts of her body which I may deem important for physical attraction in marriage. For those few minutes or whatever that I need to determine if I would find her attractive enough to be married to, looking at her is not haram. Once I've got the information I need, it goes back to being haram. In doing this alone, the woman's permission is not required. After all, are you going to tell me you'd go to some random woman in the cafeteria and say, "Hey, miss, my sister told me you'd make a good wife for me. Would you be okay with me looking at your hips and breasts for a minute so I can know if I want to marry you?" No, you wouldn't, because you'd just look at her for a minute or two to decide if you like her or not and if you're a pious man, you'd avert your gaze after you've got the information you needed. The fatwa is simply telling you this interaction which happens before literally anyone gets married to anyone is halal and not haram. It's saying there is nothing wrong with this very NORMAL thing. If a man is going to marry a woman, he will be looking at her face and so on to figure out if she's attractive to him or not. Are you going to tell me when you want to marry a woman, you won't look at her at all to figure out if she's attractive or not? You won't look at more than just her face to see if she's maybe too fat for you or something? If you will, then this fatwa is saying you're allowed to do that, while in general, you wouldn't be allowed to. Now, when I decide, hey, Elizabeth really is quite an attractive girl and I want to marry her and go to her father's house, I have the choice of asking her to remove her hijab and see her hair and so on. For this, of course, I need the woman's permission. If she says no, what are you expecting me to do? Pull her hijab off forcibly and justify if in the name of the fatwa? Like I said, some nuance would go a long way in understanding the fatwa. In the case of this request, the woman has the right to say yes or no, and I am supposed to respect her choice. You can't forcibly remove someone's hijab. In summary, in the case of a 'checking a girl out' - if I were to use some crude language - in day-to-day life, that is normally haram, but if you want to marry the woman, checking her out is halal, even if she doesn't know you're checking her out. So, you don't need permission to check a girl out if you want to marry her. But if you want to see her hair or leg or whatnot, you can ask her to do it. If she says yes, then you see what you want to see and make a decision. If she says no, you're aren't allowed to forcibly remove her hijab or tear her shirt sleeves or whatever nightmarish scenarios you people are think of. It's that simple. How are you even supposed to see a woman's hair or legs or arms without her permission? Use X-Ray vision? More importantly, it's all just common sense and what already happens in daily life. A guy wants to marry a girl. He checks her out before asking the father. After that, you have the option of seeing her without hijab if she agrees but you will probably be turned down so...you won't ask that in most cases. And that's fine. The fatwa doesn't say it's wajib to do so. So, exactly why is there so much fighting going on about something that literally every man who wants to marry a woman does before proposing?
  9. Khadim uz Zahra

    Showing body parts after proposal

    I don't really understand why all sense of nuance is lost in this thread. Just because something is halal, it doesn't mean it's wajib. It also doesn't mean you have to do it. Yes, in most cases, if a man tried to do that, he would be kicked out of the house. I already said myself that I wouldn't allow it. But that doesn't mean that just because I wouldn't allow something, I necessarily jump and say it must be haram. I wouldn't allow my son to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I don't say it's haram. So, it's halal for a man to look at a woman with the intent of gauging her physical beauty if he plans to marry her, and even to ask her to remove her hijab if she agrees. But if she doesn't want to, that's her choice. If you don't want your sister to do it, then say no. No one said you have to do it. Why is that important bit of nuance entirely lost here?
  10. Khadim uz Zahra

    Showing body parts after proposal

    Except, the fatwa never said it's wajib to do so. If you don't want your sister to do it, don't. I won't, either. But I'm also not going to make override the clear Hadith of the Prophet and the Imams and make what they made halal into haram. Also, you keep saying it contradicts hadith and Qur'an yet why is it that you're the only one who hasn't provided any Hadith. Ibn's article is full of aHadith on the matter, and yet you, without having provided a single hadith to make your point, are claiming to be on the side of Hadith? I did refer to the Prophet. If you read the Hadith I quoted, it's from the Prophet.
  11. Khadim uz Zahra

    Showing body parts after proposal

    And who argued that the fatwa is making it obligatory? The fatwa is saying that in such scenarios, it is halal for a man to see a woman without hijab. It is not saying that it's wajib. Also, how exactly does the permission of the father, brother or even the woman herself come into the discussion at all to begin with? If a man wants to see a woman, all he has to do is pull his head up and look at her. Normally, this would be haram. The fatwa is saying it is halal for the purpose of marriage. Do you not look at women ever in your life? Are you going to tell me you have not, on one single occasion, seen a woman who you found attractive and then instead of immediately averting your eyes, keep on looking for a second or two? You've never done it in your entire life? If you've done it even once, then you've committed a haram act. This fatwa is saying that action is not haram if a man is intending to marry a woman. That is all. It's making something men do all the time, which is haram, into halal given very specific circumstances. The fatwa comes from the Hadith of Ahlulbayt. How is it even possible for someone to say prove this to me from the Hadith of the Ahlulbayt when, if you had read the article posted by Ibn al-Hussain on his site, you'd see he posted a ton of hadith saying exactly that. I'll quote just one: Those are the words of your fifth Imam. How dare you call Ibn al-Hussain a shameless person with no honour and no dignity? Are you going to call Ayatollah Sistani a shameless person with no honour and dignity because this is his fatwa. I imagine he's your marja. While you're at it, why don't you go and tell the Prophet to his face that he is a shameless person with no honour and dignity, naudhubillah, because those are the Prophet's words. Before accusing others in such a manner, have some shame. Don't lose yourself in your emotions and attack people just because what they're saying is something you don't agree with. Before you tell people to prove things from the hadith of the Ahlulbayt, I suggest you sit down and actually read the hadith of the Ahlulbayt, which tell you to not attack a fellow Shi'a in this manner.
  12. Khadim uz Zahra

    Purifying najis clothes

    Well, were the stains because there was still najasat on the clothes or was it just the stain that you have from impression that remains on the clothes? E.g. you spill some food on your clothes, and they'll be stained forever, even if you wash them a billion times. The curry is gone, but the stain will remain. So, it's highly likely that the stains are just the residue impression on the clothes and the najasah was gone in the washing.
  13. Khadim uz Zahra

    Relations between muslims and evangelicals

    Welcome! We're honoured to have you.
  14. Khadim uz Zahra

    Purifying najis clothes

    A 'stain' is not najis by itself. If, for example, you have blood on your clothes and it dries, even if you vigorously clean the clothes till they tear or your hands bleed, the clothes will still have a red 'stain'. This stain itself is not najis. As long as you can be certain that you've removed the semen/blood/urine/ain al najasah itself, the stain that remains on your clothes is not considered najis. You can proceed with making the clothes tahir. What the previous member stated was incorrect.
  15. Khadim uz Zahra

    Your personality type

    Feeling? Eww. I feel dirty just thinking about it. Who wants feelings? I'm a proud Logician. Individual traits: Introverted – 94%, Intuitive – 67%, Thinking – 61%, Prospecting – 85%, Assertive – 72%