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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow. Sorry to hear that. Al-Fatiha. Grateful for the kind words of advice so far, I was thinking of going after arbaeen but I think it may still be quite busy? I think I'd be more confident if this wasn't my first pregnancy. Inshallah khair. Thank you and ameen! :)
  2. Salam alaykom sisters, Really need some input here. I am thinking of going ziyarat to Iraq in a few months. This would be my first time there, and I am not entirely sure it is a good idea for a few reasons: - I will obviously have to book the tickets in advance around about now, but even though I am having a relatively easygoing first trimester (alhamdulillah), and the second trimester is meant to be easier, there is no knowing that I will not be well enough at the time to go. Some ladies get the symptoms later on, I can't really judge how I will be in my 5th month (when the trip will be planned) - I have heard a few horror stories about Iraqi doctors, so do not feel particularly secure regarding the facilities/care in the country in case I do need medical attention. - some ashura days I do not feel well, I know my reaction will be 10x this feeling when I am near the shrines but I do not want this to adversely affect the baby..If it makes any sense, I want to be able to let myself completely 'go' when I am there rather than restrain myself from any emotions that may overcome me.. - will it be hard to care for my diet there? Clueless. On the other hand, I know it will be an amazing experience. I could go Iran alternatively (feel more secure re:facilities but have been before which is why Iraq at top of list). People have told me I should be fine. Am I worrying too much and over thinking? As I am a paranoid first time mother (inshallah) and my first time going Iraq, I dont really know what to expect and if the above are valid reasons. Would really appreciate hearing from those with relevant experiences. Iltimas e dua
  3. of course not, i just hope the OP is being honest with herself
  4. refuse with a quick explanation ('with all due respect...'), you'll be surprised at how understanding most people are about it. they can sense if you're stressed about it, which leads to general awkwardness so be calm and congenial about it. if they have a major problem then you probably wouldn't want to work there anyway
  5. how are you so emotionally attached to this man if you (and some others in this forum) believe you haven't strayed into the wrong in the nature of your contact with this non-mahram? i sense a stubbornness here, as if you came here wanting justification for your actions. you would not be so adamant about him if you had remained on the side of halal in your past interactions. It is a fine line, and no one knows the situation better than you. remember even if your father has wronged you, it does not affect any wrong you have done. ...now how did you react to the above criticism? that will tell you if your mind is clouded with emotions. remember you cannot achieve good through evil means. you need to acknowledge whether you have gone wrong somewhere, so that you can ask for forgiveness before asking Him for help and guidance. the ability to repent is a blessing in itself especially when we are blind to our mistakes and our desires overcome our reasoning forget everyone else and base any decision on what would please God. Its funny how we tell others how hazrat Fatima (a.s.) and hazrat Zainab (a.s.) are our role models and we name our daughters after them in the hope of emulation, yet in our own matters we treat them as mere historical figures. if you are helpless to do anything and he is ready to give up in your difficult situation, why prolong it? you should be the one to back off if he is not respectful/strong enough to do so. (regarding the future, maybe your father will respect you more and now understand that his plans for you are not acceptable to you) know that Allah is the best of planners, we think we know whats best for us but only He knows. It is a beautifully liberating feeling to rely on Him alone for your affairs. Do you think He will not deliver if you do that? Don't despair, your Lord is the Most Kind! may Allah grant us the tawfiq and strength to fight our own nafs. However this story ends, inshaAllah it is for the best for both of you whether together or not.
  6. there may be local ones such as newswires released by bilal muslim mission in kenya. where are you based? there are loads in iran for kids especially. if you're looking for historical articles rather than news, then the websites of organisations such as IUS and AIM are quite active but not regular. perhaps an incentive for someone to start one of their own :)
  7. whatever i was thinking before i came in has been transformed into falafel falafel falafel...
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