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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. are you serious a man when he wants to marry wants a girl never been touched before. For your reasons for having a Mutaa relationship is really pathatic for your standards sister. what happens when you go do mutaa with a guy and he just users you then he leaves you, what happens there you will be crying all your live. And when a real man comes and wants to marry you and he asks you the million dollar question have you been in a relationship before, what are you going to tell him i have done Mutaa just recent lol seriously sister!!!!! I know you can stay a virgin when you do mutaa but your still doing other stuff with the guy aren't you. When you said live in the 21 century the answer to that question is that you are not a Westerner you are an Islamic Sister
  2. Do you guy cut or shave you puby hair. is it bad to?
  3. grand ayatollah sistani said that we can pray Salatul Layl before midnight is that true. do other ayatollah say the same http://www.sistani.org/index.php?p=616687&id=1270
  4. the best comment i have heard in ages, good one LOL
  5. you have issues go see a doctor, you think muta is better then permanent marriage you have something else coming your way. how about if you pregnant with the muta guy then he leaves you what are you going to do then. start crying to your mummy
  6. i tired looking at his website but couldn't find anything about following a dead or alive marja, or if he lets you follow a female. if you would provide evidence of that if you may
  7. ghost recon future soldier is coming out end of this month
  8. For your dad i think you should get him Pants like going out Pants and for your brother you can get him going out pants and a top or if he like playing a console like Xbox or PlayStation just get him a game.
  9. good idea but why only 40 people, i think that is bad try to get as many people as possible do not limit things
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