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  1. IOTA for the long term. Just yesterday it was up 100%. Massive gains..
  2. Whats wrong with it? Did you go to the benz dealer for the quote or a private mechanic?
  3. Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi rajioon sad sad news
  4. Yeah this might be applicable maybe 10-15 years ago but not now. I have met Christian parents who don't hold this view at all. A very small minority of them may have this belief but sex, dating and all this is talked about openly and encouraged in these households with the focus on "safe sex"
  5. Not sure if I believe this. US should be number 1 for that. They produce the most indecency known to man. Also, Iran=Uranium, what? Sources: CIA, NYTimes, Bloomgberg, UN, The Economist...yeahh not the most honest organizations.
  6. amma yujeeb ul muztarra iza da'ao wa yakshey fuusoo. May Allah swt cure your loved one. Ilahi ameen
  7. Canadian immigrations website just crashed, so that answers your question.
  8. Wasalaam, Trying to make up missed prayers my self. What works for me is praying qadha prayer after the wajib ones everyday untill you make them up. If you have lots to make up for skip the mustahab parts, it becomes easier. May Allah swt accept our prayers. http://www.najaf.org/english/?art_ld=79
  9. I agree with this but going back to OP's original questions, I just feel it will be the least harmful. Also, performing the bare minimum unfortunately is not enough IMO. By 'nice' I would imagine he/she would have half decent aqhlaq, and that is a huge aspect of Islam, without it you can be praying all the 51 rakah a day but if your aqhlaq is horrible towards people all the worship could possibly go in vain. Again, this is all an assumption that the nice person has some degree of good aqhlaq. Easier said than done not sure if you completely mean this, it could lead towards more harm in terms of growing spiritually and becoming a better person. Obviously those are last resort options which I pray no one would have to chose from. May Allah give everyone pious shia believing spouses ameen.
  10. #1 would be the least harmful because they might start practicing one day watching you, after all they're nice!
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