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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. To Whom It May Concern (Admins?): Please close my account. If possible, I'd be very thankful if you could delete any trace of my ever being here (posts, etc). (Certain discussions on this forum, views expressed, etc, have really disgusted me.) Thankyou very much.
  2. yeah, like, oh my god, it's such FUN having servants! why would you ever, like, wanna drive, or like, get milk yourself, when you can just have your Bangladeshi slave get it for you! Ah, Saudi Islam, it's like, so cool, right? Alhamdulillah!
  3. Iran cutting off water supplies? and... you blame the victims? :donno:
  4. Paris is a dream compared to London. In my opinion. It's possible to actually have an intelligent conversation with the inhabitants there - instead of having your ears and mind assaulted by profanity and slang. And god forbid you should walk past the wrong ethnic-gang in London by yourself at night.... I've lived in both. Can't stand London. But I get your point about the police - the British police do tend to be more polite than their continental counterparts. However the Irish police, they are really something. Best cops in the world! (Danish cops are also pretty cool. Oh, and Japanese)
  5. UK is miserable. You have to go as far north-east as Poland to find anywhere as msierable in Europe as England. And they have such bad taste. Just a depressing place - and people are very aggressive in the cities. You have to go as south-east as Sicily or an Arab country to find as rude as London.
  6. Simply wrong. But you are correct in saying they are not as racist as Arabs are towards African people.
  7. Why don't you come and visit if you think this place is so free? Too scared?
  8. Israel: 121 KIA Lebanon: c. 500 KIA what's so hard to compehend about that? :huh:
  9. If anyone can provide a single shred of evidence showing the the IAEA and the likes of Mohamed ElBaradei and Yukiya Amano are in anyway subservient to the "Zionist mafia", then I will be very impressed.
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