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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://binbaz.org.sa/fatwas/20419/بيان-صلاة-الاستخارة
  2. brother, did you even watch this nonsensical video? The video is actually making fun of conspiracy theories.
  3. Parents are there to educate. It is important to give understanding to their children about the danger of mainstream thing (and its merits if it's not obvious). As long as parents are not implementing double standards, children won't disobey parents.
  4. I would never use smartphone, at least just use normal phone so they have no reason to beg for a smartphone.
  5. thanks for the bump!
  6. and now 2019, see what happened with JCPOA, armchair generals
  7. Has Noam Chomsky Been a Controlled Opposition? https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/has-noam-chomsky-been-controlled-opposition
  8. Even though I do agree with many of his views, I find it odd that he is free to speak anything he want & is a Professor Emeritus at MIT, the leading institution of the establishment. I can't say the same to Finkelstein as he lost his position at DePaul University & much less freedom to disseminate his views.
  9. interesting, any links regarding this theory? it partly answers why he got high position in the establishment and always getting the microphone... it would be better if you could supply us the chronology.
  10. Much of the problems we see in Iraq are from external ones. For Iraq to be independent country (in the sense of normal democratic country) is impossible. Iraq's position is very strategic, and so attracts foreign powers. Hoping foreign powers to stop meddling in Iraq, a region of strategic importance, is a daydream for now. After all the sorrows, I hope people of Iraq remain steadfast in waiting for Imam.
  11. And then the point of reforming current mainstream educational system as you suggested certainly is not the way.
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