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  1. Yes. anything that's not haram is halal.
  2. https://au.news.yahoo.com/wary-us-watches-signs-chinese-000000228.html
  3. stocks speculator? they are probably wanting to buy some business in nashville cheap??
  4. Well I think you need to read some Wittgenstein regarding the nature of everyday definition.
  5. how are you guys? I can tell you right now the only way I can receive money from abroad is through cryptos.
  6. I can imagine some muslims enjoying living among them and practising taqiyyah if it can help them get closer to Allah - Nothing is more enjoyable than being close to God.
  7. Freedom of speech is a good thing, just like comfort is a good thing. But they are not absolute and above all things.
  8. you must be one of those greek philosophers!
  9. More trustworthy.... not!! But more professional... true.
  10. I didn't say anything about you. I just want the source which highest levels of government did you mean. Why don't you give benefit of the doubt to fellow mu'meen who defend Shiites and Muslims from aggressors? I don't think Pasdaran intentionally covered this up. it was just part of the procedure as General Hajizade admitted.
  11. highest levels of government? mention the name please...
  12. I'm not saying that. The point I'm trying to make is that while we need to be aware of our own shortcomings, don't forget the enemy.
  13. True that we need to know our own incompetence, but it's not true there is absolute lack of progression especially in Iran. Israel and the US have committed much worse crimes, I can say nothing can restrain themselves to hack to cause civilian casualities.
  14. Well, Iranian media are the first to report about the missile (albeit with 'unconfirmed' tag)
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