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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The name of the book is العتب الجميل على اهل جرح و تعديل They would use their usul to reject it, but they cannot do so without looking foolish.
  2. The sad part is they know for a fact the companions did it, including Ibn umar, and they know for a fact that Imam zayn al abideen (as) claimed it was the original adhan but they deny him. The question comes to us dear brother, we have Ibn arabi the aalim and top gun of the "traditional sunni/sufis" like hamza yusuf,ghumari brothers, habib family, gf haddad, deos/bralavis. Then we have the "top gun" shaykh of the salafi type sunnis like Ibn taymiyya himself, including the son of Umar al khattab and a mujtahid mutlaq Imam from Ahlul bayt (as) all saying that haya ala khayr l amol is from the su
  3. Lion does not concern himself with the opinion of the sheep B)
  4. "Investigators later found out it was a jelly bean gun".
  5. I came across two authentic Hadith from the books of ahlus sunnah that show that the phrase "haya 'ala khayr l 'amol", was actually the original and proper adhan. When looking at the sunni replies from both the English and Arabic forums I saw that they said two things... 1- Ibn umar was reviving a sunnah or he was doing it optionally, and it is not a bidah and the shia are not blamed in this and are actually correct. (For example Imam shafii agreed with the shia on wearing aqeeq and raising the hands in qunut, and as An-nawawi mentions the shia did not innovate in this particular area). 2-
  6. Abul Hassan's links just strengthens the shia heart and Iman, walhamdulilah. Sunni rijal is the rijal of the governments and their court scholars. الناس على دين ملوكهم
  7. Farid said : Habibi even if Abu Al Salt's real name was Abu Ishaaq ibn barmitsva al yahoodi and was a jew and not a twelver it wouldn't change the fact that your salaf did not narrate or consider narrations from the shia who said anything negative against the companions, me and you farid don't have to debate this point since we both know this is true. Farid said: So if Thahabi is saying this, it negates the fact that your salaf acted in the way we are saying? So if Thahabi says all of this, it erases all the entries we posted from your books from the salaf? There is something calle
  8. It becomes a sad sign when we get "happy" from this, as if we need their approval. The question mark should be on the sunnis not on the shia.
  9. Farid, it took you months to post that? Literally nothing that you said actually refuted anything from darul Islam. Your entire post was just you citing sunnis giving tawtheeq to bakris,politically inclined proto-sunnis from kufa, and undeniable giants among the shia that even ahmad ibn hanbal was reluctant to accept but was forced to due to status, somehow that makes your science "objective"? Take any average thiqa imami his narrations will be thrown in the sea, your own shaykh bukhari said not to even pray behind us and considers us kuffar, are you saying that he will objectively analyze
  10. Muslim720 is a sincere person who only made a mistake in reading since he read fast. Muslim720 continue studying on this subject, I recommend writing down lists of subjects debated upon between sunni and shia, such as fadak, nazar Allah, 3dl Allah, mutah, etc and see which side has stronger proofs.
  11. Ighatha Ahfaaz, Ibn qayyim jawzjiyya, page 122, And if you were to see one of them you'd see that they would not pray except on the carpet, and he (Rasulallah S.) would never pray on the carpet, nor a carpet furnished in front of him, however he would pray on the ground, and maybe upon dates, and he used to pray on the reed mat, and what was available to him from these, and if he did not find any of these then he'd pray on the earth.. Minhaj As sunnah, page 151, "And also what Imam malik said, praying on something other than nature is hated, and the muminun (shia, the other says rafidhi
  12. Why would Imam Malik base his ruling upon the hadith if he thought it was weak? Also he did indeed say it was haram, ولو جاز السجود على ثوب متصل به Meaning "if it was permissible" I.E. it's not, basic reading comprehension skills need on your part before you accuse someone of lying.
  13. Again you don't understand these narrations, the scholars of your school have already explained them in saying that they did this out of necessity if they could not find gravel they cool down in their hands and make prostration upon it as was demonstrated in the above hadith, and as explained by Imam Malik.
  14. عن جابر بن عبد الله رضي الله عنهما قال كنت اصلى مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم صلاة الظهر فآخذ قبضة من الحصى في كفي حتى تبرد واضعها بجبهتي إذا سجدت من شدة الحر*.ثم قال البيهقي( قال الشيخ رحمه الله ولو جاز السجود على ثوب متصل به لكان ذلك أسهل من تبريد الحصا في الكف ووضعها للسجود عليها وبالله التوفيق ) From Jabir Ibn Abdullah(ra) " I was praying with Rasulallah (ص) salaatu dhur, he then took a handful of gravel in his palm until it cooled down and he would place it on his forehead (place of prostration) if he made prostration from the intensity of the heat". (COMMENTARY from bayhaqi) "The Sh
  15. How arrogant can you possibily be when your own mujtahid mutlaq scholar said it was haram to make sajdah on anything other than something natural like turaab or 7aseer?
  16. If you don't want to accept my translations go to KFC forums and ask them to translate them for you so I can laugh at you when you come back. I could also spam this forum with ahadeeth and statements from your scholars who said the Prophet (s) only prayed on jins l ard (nature).
  17. gender "change" is the wrong term as it implies a man becoming a woman or the other way around. This is gender fixation meaning if a person is born with both features, there are fiqh rules as to determine which gender that person is and based upon that surgical correction is allowed to be made.
  18. Lol. The "mat" here is called 7aseer, a mat made out of branches, thus you just proven our point even more. The shia do not pray upon anything other than jins al ard, this is also a famous ruling even among the proto-sunnis, and in fact, the sunni hadith body shows that the prophet (as) never prayed on anything except jins al ard (something natural). The restriction upon praying only on jins al ard is actually mutawatir among the sunnis and the school of medina, here are just some stuff that I found. عن جابر بن عبد الله رضي الله عنهما قال كنت اصلى مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم صلاة الظ
  19. There verse that says that we cannot see Allah is absolute (مطلق) and is irrelevant if we are speaking about this world or the next. We know this by three ways, one way is irrelevant to you (hadith from Ahul Bayt (ع) ). The first way we know this is false is from the fact that Allah 'Azza wa jal is negated of vision from the holy Qur'an without any verse limiting this impossibility to only this life, the verse that you posted is speaking about waiting for our lord's command, not literally seeing and waiting for Allah to come down to earth as this would imply that he is a body. If you think t
  20. I have to be an Alim to know and prove beliefs? If I were to say that X is haram based upon my deduction and gathering of ahadeeth using usuli principles which I'm not qualified to use then you can rightly accuse me of speaking without a foundation, however we are speaking about belief. If someone comes to you and asks you "prove to me that in the shia madhab there are twelve Imams", I hope you wouldn't respond by saying "because my scholars said so", you should be acquainted with logic, theology, and hadith material as is it wajib (obligtoary) upon every mukallaf to know the usul ad-deen on
  21. Why can't you simply say that X person and Z person are both great scholars, both make mistakes, one is more correct than the other on this issue, etc. Instead you just cling to personalities and not to truths. I like Sayed Fadlallah, I disagree with him on some issues. I like Yasir Habib, I differ with him on issues. I like some irfani scholars, I disagree with them on some issues. Regarding his points that Fatima (as) was not martyred it was pretty obvious she was killed as she died as a young woman right after saqifa, and right after the attack on her home (verbal or physical) all parties a
  22. Shayk sharaawi is a sunni scholar from the ashari line of thinking. If you were ask this same shaykh on the sifat of 3dlu Allah he would tell you that it is not impossible that Allah can do evil deeds, he just "promised us" that he wouldn't. If you were to ask him on tafweed al ma3na wa taqreer al nas he would tell you that Allah said he has two hands and a face, and legs, but we don't know the meaning of these attributes. If you were to ask him about the essence of Allah he would say that his attributes of essence such as life,ability to speak, hearing ,etc are not in unity with the ess
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