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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. “If it wasn’t for their political problems and constant fighting between each other, the Muslims would have been on the moon by the 1400’s” was the statement made by a non-Muslim professor in a 400-level undergraduate class on the history of science. It seems that the rate of discovery and advancement in science achieved by the Muslims was quite impressive and has yet to be replicated. What was it that they were doing that allowed for their fast progress? The teacher in me immediately thinks about their education system, and the neuroscientist in me wants to examine the factors involved in sha
  2. If Fatemah Al-Zahra (a.s.) were a man, she would be a prophet. If she were a man, she would be on the place of the God's prophets. She was the essence of humanity. She was a divine creature who appeared in human body... Fatemah (a.s.) was a woman who came up to all the prophets' hopes and desires. She manifested all the honorable character and prestige. She was not an ordinary woman. She was a divine woman and the sign of humanity... She is the pride of the world. - Khomeini (r.a.) Do please share any reasonably reliable quotes/ hadeeths/ riwayas you have about her and her status and ones by h
  3. unable to contact no mod on their profile for some reason, so im posting on here instead to ask for my account be deleted/ deactivated/ unregistered thank you
  4. about hajj / life “And awash your sins in the water of sincere repentance and dress in the livery of honesty, purity, submission, and humbleness and divest everything that prevents you from the remembrance of God and obscures you from obedience. Beck in the sense of an honest, serene, pure answer to Almighty Allah within your call towards Him while firmly holding on to the most trustworthy handhold. Circumambulate your heart with the angels around the throne just as a circumambulation of yourself with Muslims around the house. Scurry a trot of your desire, renounce your surroundings and your
  5. "And the most accurate expression is that which was said by the most knowledgeable of Islam, the most experienced amongst social scientists, most aware of Islam's historical fate, the best of those who spoke, expressed, and made works of art. He is Ali who expressed in a single sentence all that was wanted to be expressed by the professionals of Islamic sciences and social sciences and what they placed forward of scientific analysis to Islamic history and all that they had prepared of books and lengthy conferences, the comparison they placed together between the first/initial truth of Islam an
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