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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I was wondering if there was a bilingual brother that was willing to work with me on Arabic. I already have rudimentary education on the language but really want someone to help me try and converse and learn everyday words that I need to know. I really would like it to be someone who is fluent in both English and Arabic. I have the arabic keyboard on whatsapp and we can try having text conversations as well as skype or something like that every once in a while. Wassalaam, Sajjad
  2. I am in a mut'ah marriage right now and my mother in law wants to know if she may hug me or kiss me. I know this is allowed with Nikah, is it also allowed with mut'ah?
  3. She said in Tabseerat by Allameh Helli translated by Allahmeh Sharani 2nd Edition Page 531, also Tahreer Al Vaseeke, and Minhaj as Saleheen by Sistani, It explains it in detail. I've never seen it in a Resalah so I'm confused as to whats going on. We have abig library at home but I cant find these books because my Farsi/Arabic reading isn't very good. Can someone clear this up for me? Because I ahve never seen this in Imam Khamenei's, Ayatoll.. Sistani's, or Ayatoll.. Golpaygani's Resalahs.
  4. I was just wondering are there any special conditions for Mutah to be able to take place? Because a girl and I want to perform Mutah, have decided to talk to our parents about it, but recently she came and said that it is haraam unless the girl is a widow or her husband is at war and is haraam for anyone who has not been married before. I have never heard of this. We are bot students and want to perform Mutah for the duration of about ~2-3 years until we both graduate and then perform Nikah. Are these special conditions true or not? I thought the only condition required for a Baligh boy and girl's Mutah was the girl's father's permission. Thank you for your time.
  5. Thank you for your thoughts. But I've gotten through the most of my hormonal imbalances and I still feel the same way. Another 2 years won't be a problem. I'm a patient guy. I'm willing to wait. But, I'm also trying to find a way around it. Waiting is always my back up plan, but no harm in trying to quicken the pace.
  6. I love Br. Sheikh Hamza Sodagar, I've had the pleasure too spend much time with him. I did not know of this speech. Thank you.
  7. Salaam Everyone, I'm sorry for writing such a long post, but this is extremely important and complicated. I will be happy if I get my peers and elders from the International Shia Community to help. I know there are many, many posts about marrying young. Even so, I feel like I still can't find the answer to my problem. So here this goes: I'm 16. Yes, I'm young, and many of you have already judged me of being naive and hormonal. I would like to make my case otherwise. I may be sixteen, yet, I'm in University; and among my group of university friends, I am the "mature one". I have a clear view of what I want to do in my life. I'm going to study Biology (Pre-Med), and hopefully Double Major in a language. I most likely will study ER, Orthopedics, or Anesthesiology depending on how I like them during my third year med school rotations. I want to be able to provide well for my future family and also be able to continue funding an orphan foundation which my mother currently helps with. Yes, this is some 8 years down the road and much can happen along the way. But I've always wanted to be a doctor, save a few months which I wanted to try out Engineering. I do consider myself mature and logical. But, I did make this one mistake... Well a pretty big mistake. And I think its essential that I share this for you to understand my situation. Last year, I asked my mother if I could get engaged to this girl I had been in love, whom loved me back, with for 2 years. I was 15, and my mother, for the obvious reasons didn't believe I was mature or even ready enough. So, I was denied. That isn't the problem though. After I was denied, I did the most immature thing of my life which I will regret till the day I day. I became depressed, and vengeful. I hated everyone who denied me the "love of my life". My former reasonable self was gone. And I turned to what Western Society had been nudging me towards for years. I became a player.... However briefly. For three or so months, in the insane state I was, I broke girls' (whom I disliked) hearts and chased after momentary excitement of telling a girl I liked her, even if I didn't. Word got out. My Muslim School became involved and I got in trouble. Though I was not the only one to blame, I had friends who did similar, the girls themselves were not good girls. But, I didnt want to hurt the people I already did before. So, I played my cards in a certain way in which I became the main villain. My "friends" walked away with people disliking them. The girls were just disliked by parents who heard of the issue. I, on the other hand, was shunned by my peers, rumors were told of me for months (while I was overseas). I dont care about rumors. If anything I get the good deeds of the people who make stuff up behind my back and they take my bad ones.BUT, the worst of it was that the girl whom I still loved and loved me back's mother heard of these rumors. She pinned everything bad that happened to her daughter to me. Even sickness. And now, a year and half after the incident, her mother, obviously, holds strong dislike for me in her heart. She thought I was playing with her daughters heart, am horrible, and useless. I won't lie, I was, without intending to. At least during those months within which I was depressed. I still love this girl, and I want to marry her. On a side note, I'm not the only one at fault here. The girl I like isn't totally pure. She has done similar things (on a smaller/more private scale), yet I, since it was within my power, kept it secret. I'm sure if it were within her power she would have done the same, except it wasn't. No one knows of her "short comings" except me. Not even her mother. So I'm still the horrible villain in her mother's eyes, and she's the pure gullible daughter I'm fooling around with. I don't know why I'm putting this in here, but I think it should be noted. I don't think her "short comings" should be exposed, that won't be good for anyone. Ever since the incident a year ago, I've changed a lot. I don't even find pleasure in indulging in women. I'm a lot more focused in my goals. I have my Islam on track again. I come from one of the most religious families in my community. I know my Islam, many of my friends refer to me about their Islamic questions when they don't want to ask a sheikh, and want a more friendly perspective (Even though I am no where near the level of a sheikh, I just know a tiny bit more than most of my friends). I just used to have trouble applying it to my life. But now, I know what I want and need to do. Yes, it'll be hard for her mother to understand that I have changed, her family goes to a different mosque, they don't see me often. So, that's where I'm coming from. I've talked to many people. Those whom I've talked to directly tell me to wait. Yes, I understand that. My mother said if I really loved her and wanted to marry her I would come back when I was 20 and then she would seriously consider it. But, even though I am a bit more mature for my age, and generally a very patient and open-minded person, I am flawed in the sense that waiting 4 more years seems like an eternity. Yes, in this single area of this matter I'm impatient. So, I've come up with a few ideas, save the "waiting" one. 1. Wait until I get my license and my parents allow me to drive, because apparently the law allowing me to drive isn't enough. :P When I can, I start going to her family's mosque (her father and grand father are the Mawlanas there). Help out, show up often, prove my worth in a way. This way I can show them the side of me they failed to notice. Let them see my eagerness to be good, my pure intentions. Yes, I know my previous actions can never be completely erased, but I think showing them that "I've changed" is a good bet. This isn't a short process either. May take one or two years, still better than four. 2. One night, during our weekly Islamic Youth sessions, my friend brought up the matter indirectly. Of course, without a second thought everyone judged the hypothetical character (me), without even knowing a fraction of the story. But I did hear one very good thing that set me thinking. One brother said, "During a speech of a great Ayatollah, I heard him say something along the lines of 'Brothers, if you really like a girl, go talk to her dad, if you have the courage. Fathers, if a young man comes up to you about your daughter, and has that kind of courage, you better let him talk to your daughter and consider him seriously.'" So, I was thinking I could come up with a way to talk to her father, present my logical reasons for wanting to get engaged, my plans for my future and, hopefully, his daughter's future as well. Maybe, her father, a veryyy well respected Sheikh would see the sense in my proposal to get engaged (Islamically Temporary Marriage / Mut'ah) then get married once I get my Bachelor's of Science (Islamic Permanent Marriage / Nikah). This way it would prevent from haraam, I would be able to grow closer to the family and show them my good side, show them that I'm serious and not retarded in the fact that I have no plan. Show him I'm a serious suitor, young as I may be. Yes, I know of all the statistics about young marriages, but thats not fair to judge everyone based on that. Just because young people have a tendency to be rash, doesn't mean if one of them, even if brings up a good argument, is rash as well. I've loved this girl for 3 years, regardless of my retarded hormonal ups and downs. Yes, I made mistakes. But, I've learned from them and I've come back stronger in my faith and clearer in my plan than ever before. Please give me your thoughts. Even if you have a different solution you could think of. But not waiting, it seems unfair to me, and not even a sturdy plan. Its cruel in the sense that seperating two people that love each other and setting them against the horrible elements of western society is purposely setting them up for failure, haraam, or depression. Yeah, maybe our parents have forgotten that factor and tricked themselves into not thinking of the consequences of "waiting" when you are in love with someone. Its just not fair. Also, I know I've been throwing around the word love a lot, but I think I have the right to, after 3 years. Especially when one of those years was with barely seeing each other, except at public events at my old Muslim School were we couldn't even converse. I've only seen her 5 times in the past year, and yet I have strong feelings for her. That must be something more than mere infatuation. Thanks for your time. I'm sorry for eating up so much of it. But, if you help you're really helping a needy brother in a dilemma. Jazakall..
  8. You know there are more men in the world that women?
  9. Salaam, I'm a young guy, not ready to get married right now. Maybe in the next four to six years. But, I'm Iranian and have always been attracted ESPECIALLY to women of two races: Iranian and Far Eastern (aka Korean, Japanese). I'm Shia, and I realise the Shia community in these countries are small, but I have two questions. 1. Is it wrong of my to want my wife to be a certain ethnicity? I mean I should be attracted to my wife right? 2. How would I find Shia in those countries (Korea & Japan) if I decided I want to marry someone of that ethnicity? Wassalaam
  10. this one is too many theres only like 7 or 8. thank you this is what i was looking for.
  11. yeah month of ramadhan, And thank you everyone else for teh helpful feed back. For feeding 60 people how much would it cost? Currently?
  12. Caint wait to get my Kamas (sickles, martial arts weapon).

  13. Caint wait to get my Kamas (sickles, martial arts weapon).

  14. Caint wait to get my Kamas (sickles, martial arts weapon).

  15. I know one way of paying for the Kaffarah is fasting 60 days, but is there another way to pay up for it whether physically or monetary?
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