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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I was wondering if there was a bilingual brother that was willing to work with me on Arabic. I already have rudimentary education on the language but really want someone to help me try and converse and learn everyday words that I need to know. I really would like it to be someone who is fluent in both English and Arabic. I have the arabic keyboard on whatsapp and we can try having text conversations as well as skype or something like that every once in a while. Wassalaam, Sajjad
  2. I am in a mut'ah marriage right now and my mother in law wants to know if she may hug me or kiss me. I know this is allowed with Nikah, is it also allowed with mut'ah?
  3. She said in Tabseerat by Allameh Helli translated by Allahmeh Sharani 2nd Edition Page 531, also Tahreer Al Vaseeke, and Minhaj as Saleheen by Sistani, It explains it in detail. I've never seen it in a Resalah so I'm confused as to whats going on. We have abig library at home but I cant find these books because my Farsi/Arabic reading isn't very good. Can someone clear this up for me? Because I ahve never seen this in Imam Khamenei's, Ayatoll.. Sistani's, or Ayatoll.. Golpaygani's Resalahs.
  4. I was just wondering are there any special conditions for Mutah to be able to take place? Because a girl and I want to perform Mutah, have decided to talk to our parents about it, but recently she came and said that it is haraam unless the girl is a widow or her husband is at war and is haraam for anyone who has not been married before. I have never heard of this. We are bot students and want to perform Mutah for the duration of about ~2-3 years until we both graduate and then perform Nikah. Are these special conditions true or not? I thought the only condition required for a Baligh boy and gi
  5. Thank you for your thoughts. But I've gotten through the most of my hormonal imbalances and I still feel the same way. Another 2 years won't be a problem. I'm a patient guy. I'm willing to wait. But, I'm also trying to find a way around it. Waiting is always my back up plan, but no harm in trying to quicken the pace.
  6. I love Br. Sheikh Hamza Sodagar, I've had the pleasure too spend much time with him. I did not know of this speech. Thank you.
  7. Salaam Everyone, I'm sorry for writing such a long post, but this is extremely important and complicated. I will be happy if I get my peers and elders from the International Shia Community to help. I know there are many, many posts about marrying young. Even so, I feel like I still can't find the answer to my problem. So here this goes: I'm 16. Yes, I'm young, and many of you have already judged me of being naive and hormonal. I would like to make my case otherwise. I may be sixteen, yet, I'm in University; and among my group of university friends, I am the "mature one". I have a clear view of
  8. You know there are more men in the world that women?
  9. Salaam, I'm a young guy, not ready to get married right now. Maybe in the next four to six years. But, I'm Iranian and have always been attracted ESPECIALLY to women of two races: Iranian and Far Eastern (aka Korean, Japanese). I'm Shia, and I realise the Shia community in these countries are small, but I have two questions. 1. Is it wrong of my to want my wife to be a certain ethnicity? I mean I should be attracted to my wife right? 2. How would I find Shia in those countries (Korea & Japan) if I decided I want to marry someone of that ethnicity? Wassalaam
  10. this one is too many theres only like 7 or 8. thank you this is what i was looking for.
  11. yeah month of ramadhan, And thank you everyone else for teh helpful feed back. For feeding 60 people how much would it cost? Currently?
  12. Caint wait to get my Kamas (sickles, martial arts weapon).

  13. Caint wait to get my Kamas (sickles, martial arts weapon).

  14. Caint wait to get my Kamas (sickles, martial arts weapon).

  15. I know one way of paying for the Kaffarah is fasting 60 days, but is there another way to pay up for it whether physically or monetary?
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