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  1. thanks alot guys al da stuff was really helpful.am starting it 4m today INSHALLAH. wanted to know about women..do they open their their hands while praying like we man do or they should close their hands???
  2. i know da method but donot know da sunnat and farz in each namaz.help me bro in thz regard.JAZAKALLAH.
  3. tx alot bro...can u tell me isha prayer consists of hw many farz n is thr any witar in it? n also if u can tell abt da rest namaz as well dat thy contain hw many farz n sunnah? i wl be obliged .regards
  4. hey guys... i need to know shia namaz e tarika in detail..kindly help me out..kis namaz me kitni farz aur sunat hain ..nd hlp
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