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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from Husayni in Where Are You Originally From?   
    Born in exile..... My grandparents still have the keys to their house in Nazareth. :cry:
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from *Sayyeda* in Where Are You Originally From?   
    Born in exile..... My grandparents still have the keys to their house in Nazareth. :cry:
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from ateef in Comparative maps of Palestine, 1946-2000   
    the Muslims/Aravs did not expel the Jews from Palestine in 638 AD, that is one BIG lie of history. the Jews were expelled long ago, in the first century AD by the Romans, they were expelled from Palestine and they they scattered all over the world, most of them in Mainland Europe, but a few remained in the Middle East. When the Arab Muslim Army under Khalid ibn al Walid conquered Palestine, it was a Christian majority area, just like Lebanon and Syria and indeed the whole of Bilad al Sham. aND MODERN DAY Palestinian Arabs are NOT descendants of the settlers and conquerors from Arabian Peninsula, another HUGE lie of Zionist historiography. Most of them are descendants of the original, indigenous Christian and Jewish inhabitants who converted to Islam and the Arab settlers and conquerors, the same process was replicated in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Jewish land is in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, their culture is European, not Middle Eastern.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Marbles in Pope Reaches Lebanon   
    Splitting up countries into smaller units especially on the basis of religious affiliations or ethnicity+religious affiliations is going aggravate the problems and make it much worse in the long run. We have enough examples of that already.
    The aim should be to seek more integration and coexistence in the current borders for a better society.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Abu Muslim in Whats The Story In Tripoli   
    We sunnis do not kill innocent people. Rather, its the Iranian persian imperialists and their hizbullah puppets who kill innocent people. We all know how Iran has attacked shia mosques in Iraq to radicalize the shia youth. Iraqi Shias are generally suspicious of Iranian terror groups such as revolutionary guards having influence in Iraq. Iran has tried to replace respected ayatollahs like Sistani, and replace them with terrorists such as Muqtada Sadr. Also, in Hizbullah controlled areas in Lebanon, one can criticize the prime minister of lebanon but one is not allowed to criticise Iran or wilyat al faqih. I hope that the Shias of lebanon wake up sooner than later, just like the shias of Iraq have woken up. The Iraqi shias have realised that Wilayat al-Faqih is nothing more than Persian imperialism disguised as Islam.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to 5a49 in World Turn Its Back On Muslims In Burma   
    Youtube is taking off all videos that show massacres and torture of muslims in Burma.
    No one is talking about Burma, even Muslims.
    What a shame.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to ChattingwithShias in Harun Yahya,erdogan Zionists!   
    Has anyone else noticed that lately Harun Yahya keeps using Russian hookers to sit around him and say "mashallah" and nod every now and then to whatever he says?
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    Professor Higgins reacted in Iranian Pilgrims In Syria   
    Some 48 Iranian pilgrims have been kidnapped from a bus in the vicinity of a shrine near the Syrian capital Damascus, reports say.
    Iranian diplomats blamed the abduction, from close to the Shia shrine of Sayyida Zainab, on "armed groups".
    Syrian state television later gave the same account of the incident.
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from Ugly Jinn in Iran And Shia Genocide In Pakistan   
    All of it.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Ibrahim786 in Assad's Bro In Law Killed By Suicide Bomber   
    lol - hilarious post :).
    I dont support the tyrant assad. All the rebels/FSA/activists are salafis now are they ??? lol. dont kid yourself.
    The Iranians are in big trouble !!!
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Ricky-Dee in Farewell Lebanon   
    I would love to see HA not even have an army !!! I would love to see the Lebanese Nation have an army where it protects EVERYONE, and has fighter jets, tanks, anti-air missiles etc etc.. But unfortunately the Lebanese nation we know are not even capable of digging out a few terrorists from Naher el Bared, so unfortunately bro, no lol we cannot intergrate or discuss dialog because the same Lebanese Army, had generals in it that collaborated with Israel during the 2006 war, and it never did anything to help the shia of lebanon EVER.
    I guess in a few generations time, when all the current warlords, sorry i meant leaders who are in politics now (that were responsible for the civil war) die out, then MAYBE we will have a true strong Lebanon. Thats if we havent sold all our daughters to the khaleej and west for a few measly dollars, and our women still have normal eyebrows and some self respect and dignity & the men stop arguiling outside their "shops" complaining there is no work.
    Lebanon is in a bad state bro, if it wasnt for Hezbollah, we would be a hell of alot worse. At least they have the power to keep those crooks in the gov in check & Salafis up north
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from Ricky-Dee in M.B.- Morsi Just Declared President Of Egypt.   
    Hejsansvejsan, and others like him from Continental Europe, are just acting out on their accumulated "Guilt" for the last 1000 years.
    They have to defend Israel, because it is indirectly defending the guilt they feel for the actions of their forefathers for the last 1000 years, who never could accept Jews as normal human beings (unlike the Muslims of the Middle East who always treated the Arabic speaking Jews and Christians almost equally) which ultimately culminated in the genocide of 6 million people, oh yes which neither USA nor Britian nor USSR wanted to stop (thats the truth) , Defending Israel and blasting Arabs is just the easiest way out for Swedes and Germans and Italians and Frenchmen.
    ( I wonder at how even the most non-racist, broadminded, liberal and left-leaning of Germans cannot bring themsleves to criticize Israel too harshly, because they do not have the "social capital" to do so. In other words, they have killed too many Jews already, so better shut up about Israel. )
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from Ugly Jinn in Quetta Shia Killing Video   
    Moonshiner is a paid troll. Palestinians in 1969-1970 were on the verge of taking over Jordan and turning it into a major resistance hub, and it was a Pakistani General by the name of Dia el Haq who helped the Jordanian Army crush the PLO.
    By the way, how can a failed state like Pakistan, which has no ancient civilization, no scientific achievment, no industrial achievement, whose Government is run by Saudi money and Army is run by American money, how can they be "better" than either Lebanese or Palestinians ?
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Alejandro Sosa in Iraq If It Wasn't Ruled By Sadam What Will Be   
    Mainly safavids in here talking out their stinkholes..
    don't even start me on them, i'll be here all night
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    Professor Higgins reacted to alimohamad40 in Iran To Sue Google For Not Labelling Persian Gulf   
    arabic is thought to be the mother of all those mentioned (semetic) languages and thats why it was chosen, this has nothing to do with the race.
    jewish rabbies are required to elarn arabic fully as part of the process to understanding the hebrew tourah
    .its also the language of heaven
    also the language of the quraan and god says " we have brought it down an arabic clear quraan"
    clarity is achieved with this langauge because of its accuracy and gramatical and syntax superiority
    the origional arabic
    arabic litrally means origional
    its a derivative langauge where you are not required to memorise much but everything links together
    its a language that promotes clear thinking,,,, simply speaking this language helps you think right.
    and you cant say english is not the language of knowledge ,,, can you write acomputer programme in persian or arabic?
    the identity of a muslim should be his religion not his ethnicity
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Wahdat in Iran To Sue Google For Not Labelling Persian Gulf   
    Call it Gas-station Gulf.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Ricky-Dee in Us Military Course Called For Nuking Of Mecca   
    Abu Muslim, i dont kn ow if your sunni or not, but if you are, and your ready, why do you support and allow american US military presence in the "kingdom" :?
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    Professor Higgins reacted to ImAli in Yemeni Underwear Bomber   
    Sounds like a story made up to give airport security the right to do more underwear and body cavity searches.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Moonshiner in Quetta Shia Killing Video   
    stick to your miserable disgusting country of lebanon which is a complete sectarian failure, and the only reason Lebanon exists today and hasn't been wiped out by Israel is because of Hezbollah, Iran and Syrian support.
    Your country is full of traitorous cockroaches, such is Elias Muir, who have sold their souls to America, Israel and Saudi Arabia at the expense of innocent Muslims, especially Shias.
    Pakistan doesn't need India, where 2,000 Muslims are killed by mobs in a single day and encouraged by the Hindu fascist government to do so.
    You may now continue to be a pathetic slave to Saudi Arabia and Israel.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Moonshiner in Quetta Shia Killing Video   
    no one has been stoned in Pakistan. no "witches" have been killed either. These things occur in Saudi Arabia, the country you and Saad Harriri are slaves of. Harriri even has Saudi citizenship. Why does your Lebanese slave-leader Harriri have citizenship of a backwards country like Saudi Arabia.
    Corruption and poverty are rampant in Lebanon. Ever been to a Palestinian refugee camp? I have.
    Oh and it is spelled "illiteracy" and "blasphemy".
    Illiterate troll doesn't know how to spell illiteracy. How very fitting.
    Sectarianism defines Lebanon. Lebanon is based on violent sectarianism.
    Thanks for proving that not only are you a slave to Israel, but also a liar.
    Lebanon is a complete sectarian failure, and it's because of miserable slaves such as yourself.
    Lebanese are not a war-like people? Did you forget about the murderous Lebanese slaughtering innocent Palestinian women and children in Sabra and Shatilla?
    3500 innocent Muslims killed by Lebanese Christians for the Israelis.

    These are the murdered victims of Lebanese "modern" "not crazy and not war-like" people.
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from Abu Muslim in Arab Racism   
    Of all the Arab peoples, the Lebanese and the Kuwaiti are the most racist and most disrespectful to domestic servants ; the Jordanian Bedouin are not far behind.
    But Persians and Israelis are the most racist of all peoples of the World.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Abu Muslim in Ahmadinejad And Khamenei Divisions Widening   
    Nah, he is just acting like a caveman and derailing threads. Hence the caveman comment.
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    Professor Higgins reacted to Marbles in Ahmadinejad And Khamenei Divisions Widening   
    Yeah, the source should, must, have been .gov.ir
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from iDevonian in News In Syria   
    The summary of this looong post : Sunnis are the scum of the earth, lets go out and kill some.
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    Professor Higgins got a reaction from Abu Muslim in Irgc Vs Peshmerga ?   
    THis comment just shows you know nothing about military affairs. LOL Peshemrga cannot even fight Somalian Army ? The Soalian Army doesn't exist. Saudi Army ? They can't even bend down to tie their shoelaces.
    You are probably right that Tuirkey and Iran are the two "best" Armies in the region - this has got as much to do with their vast manpower resources and industrial infrastructure, conscription, a well institutionalized officer corps and NCO corps.
    However, the very fact that the Peshemrga has for the most been surrounded by usually hostile huge standing armies on all 4 sides and more than managed to hold their own attests to their resilience. What matters in a War is tactics, resilience, and experinece, not fancy toys and fancy training.
    Remember, most of the senior Peshemrga commanders were in the Iraqi Army during the Iran-Iraq War, so they are well-versed in what Iran can do.
    I guess Scud missile and Grad rocket attacks from Iran are much more likely and more effective rather than Artillery strikes which can easily become ineffective after 2-3 days of shelling..
    For that Baghdad needs to build up a "real" Army, not the enlarged glorified counter-insuirgency force it currently is. Even then history shows that invading Kurduistan from the South has not been easy.
    Kurds are a semitic people and their roots are in the Tigris-Euphrates region. Their facial features, physical dimensions, are closer to neighboring peoples, like Assyrians, Arabs, and Turkmen, rather than Persians.
    Iranian Azeris ? lol, Azeris are Turkmen from Central Asia, but not surprising you made this mistake, because it was an AZeri Turkmen Qara Qoyunlu guy who converted Iran to Shi'ism.
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