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  1. (salam)

    Brothers/Sisters I was hoping that you could guide me to find a good site where i can order urdu books of Islamic poems that praise the Prohpets, and Imams and Mausoomeem. May Allah bless you in advanced for the books thank you.


  2. (salam)

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any shia based azan programs that they can direct me towards i need something on my computer to play every day at the correct prayer times, thank you.

  3. (salam)

    I am not proficient in Arabic and thus i read the transliteration of duas and even then i cannot always pronounce the words correctly so sometimes while i read i have to go silent just cause the audio i have and am listening to just zooms past the harder parts and i get left behind, INSHALLAH i am working on my Arabic too, so that this problem will be taken care of INSHALLAH but my question is this is there a difference in reward from Allah(SWT) if i just listen to a dua instead of reading it? Do i still get rewarded for listening to a dua? Thank you in advance may Allah(SWT) bless you all


  4. (salam)

    I am trying my best to make a prayer room in my house and i would love to have some kind of Islamic wallpaper(not for computer) or tiles that i can put inside this room. I am having trouble finding them so i was wondering can anyone direct me in the location of any sites or businesses that have such items. Thank you very much in advance and may Allah(SWT) bless you all.

  5. Salaam

    We have many more black shia brothers now adays but i find them to be great to reach out to the youth because they connect better however i have also seen that they are met with a lot of racism and opposition due to the nature of their behavior and not conforming to the ways of "traditional" ignorant muslims it's sad but a lot can be learned from these scholars but we will nto allow them to speak...Ignorance always wins for now.... :(

  6. (salam)

    In my area I am noticing that the community is slowly dividing we have five centers and many of you will think that may be a good thing however we do not have enough shias to maintain the places and the turn out is horrible at each center. At first there was one center and for petty reasons the shias split and split and kept on splitting we are now going to have another split based on again petty issues like country of origin. I am not someone who goes to just one center i enjoy going to all the centers i am shia first and foremost and care only to hear speeches done by fellow muslims and will go just about anywhere, but i feel because of all this pettiness and the fact that everyone puts their pride over their religion that it is affecting me adversely i find myself sitting during speeches being very disappointed with the people and finding that i am getting annoyed, i see that the problems they have within their boards are spilling into the community and affecting everyone. Its gotten out of control and i am becoming fed up with these people and centers this will never affect my faith again i am not an expert on Islam but i know enough for now to have secure faith and INSHALLAH will learn more on my own, but i feel i will become less of a masjid attendee because eventually i do not want to be associated or even support such a place. I am not sending this message to gain sympathy or have people give me advice to overcome, i learned to deal with it.....my question is this:

    Is it just me or are all the centers in your areas dividing into sub classes? Do you notice that there pride and pettiness is hurting the attendees of the masjid? Or is this just me and maybe my area?

    Just asking and seeing if its just me...


  7. (salam)

    Ok so a friend of mine would like to learn to do namaz but would like somethign visual or audial(is that a word?) and i was wonderign if anyone had anythign that i could send them, they want to learn the shia namaz so if anyone here could help i would be much obliged thank you and may Allah(SWT) bless you all and Ramdhan Mubarak to all

    Thank You


  8. (salam)

    Salaam my brothers please if any of you out there know of any websites in which i can dowload pdf format urdu writings on Islam and can print for my family i would be in a great appreciation. I kno of some like al-islam.org but i would love some more please INSHALLAH you will be able to help me. Thank you may Allah bless you all.


  9. Salaam

    Thank you sooo much for the replies.. and it didnt make this noise at the store and second thing I really didnt do much research on it before I bought it... so It kinda is my fault but technically they should have a warning on it.. and I bought it in January and when I took it to their "Geek Squad" they told me its normal cuz its powerful so I was like can't I switch it out and pay the difference or whatever cuz it gets on my nerve and she said no.. your just gonna have to tolerate it.. does anyone here work at a bestbuy or know of any ways around this.. i mean i dont want my money back i just want a machine that wont drive me crazy!

  10. Salaams Everybody

    I need your help badly... I have just recently purchased a Toshiba Laptop and this thing makes alot of fanning noise... Everytime I switch a page on a website or open a document or basically do ANYTHING.. the fan thingy turns on after every minute and its ANNOYINGGGGG it drives me crazy.. I took it to Best Buy (place where I purchased it) and they said its normal cuz its a very powerful machine.. But to me that seems so annoying and weird... Any advice help or solutions pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(


  11. Salaams everyone

    I had a question. anyone know where I can find an english version of a Jantri????(i maybe off in spelling) its suppose to be an islamic book or magazine with duas and stuff and it kinda sorta tells you like religious remidies and tips.. I been searching all over and Ive found it in Urdu but cant seem to locate one in English...

    If anyone knows what Im talking about or where I can find it please let me know..

  12. Salaam

    Doesnt gelatin go through a chemical change? i mean it becomes a completely different thing from what it was originally. so isnt it halal??

    i dunno i just found out it could be halal and was just wondering if anyone knew, does gelatin go through a chemical change? if so then its ok no matter which animal it came from....right

    Wa Salaa

  13. (salam)

    I need a hadith that was in one of the shahih sitta that said the word shia....i think it was in bhukahari...and sed something like "Ali on the day of judgment Allah will be very happy with your shia" i am not sure but i kno its in one of the shahih hadith plzzz i need someone to show me it ASAP....thank u ahead of time


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