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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams No body has a reply???
  2. Salaams, The verse still doesnot support Abu Bakar's Kaliphate since he followed the Prophet(saw) against his wishes..and "without" his(saw) knowledge Salaams
  3. Salaams.....anyone have an invite left? :( lol
  4. Salaams I have the Almanc...and Mafatal Jinaah too...i tink..lol sorry do not have my books at hand... Salaams
  5. (salam) I ask this with all due respect....and i ask my shia brothers/sisters to hold on the sarcasm plzzz...Why do sunnis hate shia so much? I mean i see in this forum a fraction of the hate that u guys actually have...Some say "Shut up and become Muslim" and then u got kr-hcy who wen tryin to "reach out" to shias name there debate section as "ARE SHIA MUSLIMS??"...Why? why rnt we muslims? we pray TO Allah(SWT) we believe in Muhammad(saw) as the Last Prophet of Allah...we beleve in the basics of Islam...so what gives u guys the right to call us kafirs? I by hate do not mean the hate we get from ordinary sunnis as there is hate for sunnis in ordinary shias....I am talkin about the hate ur Ulema have for us upon which they spread to u.....I do not recall any Fatawas that allowed me to kill every and any sunni and the rapin of sunni women halal....So why do u hate us? Really...i do not say this cuz it makes me sad.... i feel ur hat reasserts that we r rightly guided.. history repeats itself...followers of any Prophet(AS) were lil and always hated... sure followers of Muhammad(SAW) are not lil.....but does that make them right... wat if there was a thrid condition...Followers of Ali(as)....look how hated they are....see a connection with history and the present....ok ferget that that is just personal opinion but i wuld liek u guys to tell me why u hate us so much? Wat have shias done? Did we strike ur Imam in the head durin prayer?:cry: Did we poison ur Imam with so much Poison that upon enterin his body he coughed up chunks of his liver?:cry: Did we kill the family and children of ur Imams and then chop the heads off of ur Imams and then parade around with the wives sisters and daughters of ur Imams and then beat the mouth of ur Imam and pour liquor on him? :cry: No so i do not feel that any of ur hate, misconseption or any hateful feelings that you have towards shias is justified in anyway...so i would like u to justify ur hate towards us i would liek u to justify that we a kafirs.....i would like u to justify years of opression by ur sect to us...so plz Justify it...and another question R SHIAS KAFFIRS? plzz answer that...tooo My (salam) to all and may u all live safe and happy lives...thank u
  6. Salaams, Question....Werent all the people ordered not to leave there house? And the Prophet(SAW) had sed that all people should stay in their houses....and he told Ali(AS) to sleep in his bed....He could have taken Ali(AS) with him Ali(AS) could have disobeyed him and went with him....But an order from the Prophet(SAW) is an order from Allah(SWT) and on his way someone was following him...Abu Bakr(ra)...so isnt that not lissenin to the Prophet(SAW)? So had Abu Bakr lissened to the Prophet(SAW) would that verse still refer to him? Just wondering...? Sorry if i am mistaken as i have lil knowledge i expect someone to correct me if i am wrong..thank u... Salaams
  7. Salaams i live in Houston but i had visited Austin once the masjid at that time was small but now i remember them speaking about purchasin a church and making it a mosque...dunno where sorry....but there is one...
  8. Salaams Shia sunni....when i see things like these i get mad i send curses on those who caused this rift....who ever that maybe....we say it wont be a problem but it may come up as one....i mean naturally people want there loved ones to be of the same set as them...i say if he is willin to make a proposal and knows ur sunni that it dunt bother him....but i suggest u shuld have an open mind cuz he may wanna make u shia...or if u dunt wanna become shia tell him in advance...and the children issue...well thats up to u...do u want sunni kids? if so then there maybe a problem...INSHALLAH it will all work out for u.....and YA Allah BURN THOSE WHO CAUSED THIS RIFT, WHOEVER THEY MAYBE...as i didnot mention names i would liek it if people would not either....stopid thing i have seen families fall apart cuz of a sunni shia issue....kinda dumb both r muslim both pray...who knows Salaam
  9. Salaams.... No discussion i think the bro/sis would like a hadith stop debatin and present the hadiths....i think he is well educated enough to decide so please i ask anyone that has any hadiths regardless of wat it says to present it to the bro/sis...and then he can decide after that.. Salaams
  10. (salam) I have seen that most of us are from different places and i would liek to kno how the areas in which u have and currently live in, like how they are for shias.... is it good like u have a masjid and u have a lot of shias and stuff.... NJ, ABSECON(NEAR ATLANTIC CITY)- not so good for shias...no masjid notin Wahabhis out the wazoo NY, BRONX- Well they have a masjid, Allah KA SHUKAR, we went here during Muharram when we lived in NJ, but i dunno u dutn have that much of a shia enviroment TX,HOUSTON- We have a masjid, we have many a good shia enviroment,our masjid even has a radio broadcast, but we have a lotta Aga Khanis and Wahabhis here too so its hard to inform ppl about shia ithni shari ways im just tryin to see where the best place would be for shias...i here canada pretty good...or alaska cant remember somewhere i here they have MASHALLAH a giant masjid in one of the two regions.....if anyone knows..and post where u lived and how it is for shias... (salam)
  11. Salaams Its funny when u look at the sisters responses and then u see the brothers responses... this is where u can tell the men from women.. I feel u shuld just kick him once, a good kick right in his stomach....either that or try shock therapy....buy a taser and shock him till he's normal...lol salaams
  12. (salam) I am tryin to find the ultimate workout regimine...not for muslces...just a workout that work the entire body and if muslces be the outcome i cant help it. :angel: ..lol.. but no seriously like i want one that works the entire body like do this then do this so like u know one that works ur abbs then lets ur abs rest and work ur thighs kinda workout thing...if anyone has one i would apperciate u to share..... (salam)
  13. Salaams Thank u brother, i have been meanin to see a doctor but cant now, as i am in a forieng country, but will when i return... thanku alot... MAY Allah BLESS U AND EVERYONE ELSE Salaams
  14. Salaam How is it that if he already came that Islam is not established on Earth and were not in complete and total peace? Salaam
  15. (salam) Ok i have these wierd pains in ma chest area...and like its like a shockiing pain...happens pretty frequently now..and i started coughin after a long time... the coughing is not so frequent...but the pain i dunno its wierd it like a vein, artery, or something burst i doubt that they burst but i get the feeling that they do or that the best explination i can give, or another way to explain the pain would be like an artry or vein has just been shocked and it runs through my body....i have no medical expertise and i try and explain it with the knowledge i have i just want to kno if this is a serious matter...does anybody have any clue wat culd be wrong...thanks MAY Allah BLESS U ALL (salam)
  16. Salaams The list is it i mean authentic....Kinda discouragin if u think about it....Hey and mention of an Arsal, Texas??? lol i dunno i dont like such things....one i mean shias strive to be apart of the 313 and then we smack there hopes cuz there names arent on the list....i dunno.... how reliable is this list? Salaams
  17. Salaams..... I have heard one story and i think it is ok to tell nothing inthere that may poke fun at Ulema and i did not mention any names... A mullah was aproached by a man and the man was a bit worried he sed to the Mullah....my wife has died and she was pregnant and i was wondering if i culd perform a c-section(or something liek that) to save the child then bury my wife.....the Mullah answered and sed u culdnt according to his knowledge.....so the man left sad....a couple years later the same man came with a child and he went up to the Mullah and sed....this is the child u saved thank u for sending the messenger after i had left u......Mullah thinks about it and goes i sent no messenger...he realised it was the Imam that had corrected his mistake....The Imam had gone to the man and had told him that the Mullah sed to do this this and this then bury ur wife....Upon hearing this the Mullah had told everyone to leave his house and locked all the doors to his house and had vowed not to give anymore religous advice....he a couple days later recieved a letter from the Imam.. Saying that he shuld not worry for if he gives a wrong rulin in situations like this the Imam will correct him...and shuld continue to give advice.... Something along those lines....sorry mostly from memory salaams
  18. (salam) I would liek to kno is there anyway to contact the Imam....i remember reading soemthing liek throwin a letter in the ocean and it shuld reach him...but not sure and just wanted to know...thank u all AND MAY Allah BLESS U ALL (salam)
  19. Salaam Roya...if im not to be mistaken.....i could have sworn that, that verse reffered to the time when idols were around the Kabaa....they were all called the daughters of Allah.....if im not mistaken Salaams
  20. Salaams I think he is a maniac and he has taken Islam and perverted it into his own little game....He is nothing like the Prophet (saw) all that died at the hands of the Prophet(saw) were aware they they were fighting the Prophet(saw)....Osama kill innocent ppl.....who cares if they were americans....u think Osama cleared out the thousands of Muslims near the twin towers at that time? Nope...he's a maniac and I PRAY TO Allah THAT HE SUFFERS FOR ALL HE HAS DONE...AMEEN
  21. (salam) I was writing a Tawid that i had gotten from Dua's Vl 3 and someone had sed to me that there a certain things u have to do wen writing a tawid....i was wondering is there anything i have to do when writing a tawid...like would i have to face the qibla...and such things along those lines thank u (salam)
  22. Bro. Tahasyed could u paste those hadiths that u found...and also excuse my ignorance on hadiths and there science but is there anyway to tell when this hadith was revealed...or like a geusstimation of the date...if so...wouldnt that help in tellin u the authenticity b/c if it was revealed before the time of some Imams then how could it be fabricated...get wat im sayin....thank u Salaams...
  23. I dunno i doubt that the slap would have any effect....so i doubt i would hit her back....wait shaytan is a horrible being...I PRAY THAT I DO NOT SLAP HER BAK...because we do not kno wat will happen wen we r angry....
  24. Cheatin is like the ultimate betrayal...so i dunno id prolly kill her...i doubt i would...just sayin it...but i mean id prolly feel like [Edited Out] and let her go cuz i think i would got hrough emotional torture if we stayed together....mental image of her and her other man....so i dunno
  25. so wats the decision on the hadith fake real wats teh decision?
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