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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. let her google hotspot shield she may find some websites blocked but let her keep searching

  2. (salam) Brothers/Sisters I was hoping that you could guide me to find a good site where i can order urdu books of Islamic poems that praise the Prohpets, and Imams and Mausoomeem. May Allah bless you in advanced for the books thank you. (salam)
  3. i found a site that allows you to browse if anyone else needs it here it is http://www.dubaiproxy.com/
  4. the cold wind makes me pull my jacket closer, I wonder what the people who have no home will experience, I pray for the cold and wet....

  5. Salaam Brother,

    I saw your post on UAE blocking shiachat and you were talking about software to bypass this could you please send me the link to the software? iA iA you are able to do this my sister needed the site and was wondering if you could provide me with the information. May Allah bless you in advance bro.

    Thank You,

  6. (salam) I was wondering why this site is blocked in dubai? I don't get why UAE isn't saudi, unless I am wrong but my sister is trying to access the site and she says that is blocked hopefully someone can give me advice thank you. (wasalam)
  7. Arsal

    Azan Program

    (salam) I was wondering if anyone knew of any shia based azan programs that they can direct me towards i need something on my computer to play every day at the correct prayer times, thank you.
  8. (salam) I am not proficient in Arabic and thus i read the transliteration of duas and even then i cannot always pronounce the words correctly so sometimes while i read i have to go silent just cause the audio i have and am listening to just zooms past the harder parts and i get left behind, INSHALLAH i am working on my Arabic too, so that this problem will be taken care of INSHALLAH but my question is this is there a difference in reward from Allah(SWT) if i just listen to a dua instead of reading it? Do i still get rewarded for listening to a dua? Thank you in advance may Allah(SWT) bless yo
  9. (salam) I am trying my best to make a prayer room in my house and i would love to have some kind of Islamic wallpaper(not for computer) or tiles that i can put inside this room. I am having trouble finding them so i was wondering can anyone direct me in the location of any sites or businesses that have such items. Thank you very much in advance and may Allah(SWT) bless you all.
  10. Salaam We have many more black shia brothers now adays but i find them to be great to reach out to the youth because they connect better however i have also seen that they are met with a lot of racism and opposition due to the nature of their behavior and not conforming to the ways of "traditional" ignorant muslims it's sad but a lot can be learned from these scholars but we will nto allow them to speak...Ignorance always wins for now.... :(
  11. (salam) In my area I am noticing that the community is slowly dividing we have five centers and many of you will think that may be a good thing however we do not have enough shias to maintain the places and the turn out is horrible at each center. At first there was one center and for petty reasons the shias split and split and kept on splitting we are now going to have another split based on again petty issues like country of origin. I am not someone who goes to just one center i enjoy going to all the centers i am shia first and foremost and care only to hear speeches done by fellow muslims
  12. Salaam Thank yo very much may Allah(SWT) bless you all
  13. (salam) I was wondering if anyone has a link that has all the duas with translations and mp3s and also transliteration too....thank you (salam)
  14. (salam) Ok so a friend of mine would like to learn to do namaz but would like somethign visual or audial(is that a word?) and i was wonderign if anyone had anythign that i could send them, they want to learn the shia namaz so if anyone here could help i would be much obliged thank you and may Allah(SWT) bless you all and Ramdhan Mubarak to all Thank You (salam)
  15. (salam) The fighting has begun all over. Shias are dying by the hundreds, please do not forget these people and there families in your prayers. Also do not forget to send your curses upon the enemies of Ahlul Bayt those who kill us with no just reason. Thank You (salam)
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