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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think this might be it. I don't know what it looks like, but from the looks of this book and what I read it seems too short. I thought Imam sajjad would've written something longer on more topics.
  2. what is the book of Laws of Imam Sajjad Called? I was watching tv and the host of the show said it is good for anyone to read this book, but he didn't know what it is called!
  3. but didn't they see that once someone passed away, they didn't really die, they just went from one form to another form? wouldn't they see the other side aswell? we tend to hurt a lot when we lose someone because we don't have proper faith. we don't really see what is on the other side, but they do. so I guess it shouldn't be as painful as it is for us.
  4. salam aleykum there is this question that has been bothering me for quiet a long time. how did the ahlul bait deal with the loss or death of a loved one? how did they stop the pain etc etc... I mean we are all going to lose or have lost our parents at some point in our lives. Not just parents but a sibling or a spouse or whomever we think is the close to us. how do we deal with it? how do we deal with it so it is less painful, less stressful, etc.. and what is the islamic way of dealing with such a situation? thank you
  5. I live for little moments of life.

  6. I live in a very cloudy city. it'd like this most of the year round except for 2 moths of summer. what do I do?
  7. I think I have got my answer here! Thank you everyone for your participation!
  8. salam aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu I have been interested in the topic of how you get to know the Imam of our time? they say that if you don't get to know the Imam of your time and you die will die as an ignorant! Well my question is how do we do that. What aspects of him to we get to know when there is information but a lot of people are not sure if it's true or not. I remember from reading the quran and watching the Prophet Yousof's series that Prophet Yaqub kept telling his sons to LOOK FOR THEIR BROTHER. he really insisted on that, and they were supposed to recognize him even though
  9. I have also heared from my sunnie friends who are waiting for someone with similar qualities and characteristics as our Imam mahdi! they just don't know who it is!
  10. it's not hard to find a guy like that. what makes it hard is that the guys who usually look like that have so much ego! they are so full of themselves and you can't go near them without feeling like you will be belittled by them. It's hard to find someone who looks good and is humble. just LOL! WTH! who does that ?
  11. sorry I wasn't here for this, but brother AlMuttaqi said it all!
  12. what was ur purpose of saying this??!! Men have become such huge liars that it's hard to know who is being honest. at least some uneducated ABCD u r talking about is more honest that someone who is educated and has so much pride and doesn't understand who his GOD is! I have come across a lot of nice educated muslims who are just too proud.
  13. Brother ABu Hadi Thank you very much for the informative comment. I think you are probably the only person who is taking this poste serious. I think I deffinately have been conditioned to a point. I have stopped watching television for a couple of years now. I might just watch a tv show here or there online. but what has really brain washed me is my family. My whole entire family prefers fair skinned and light hair coloured ppl with blue or green eyes. but then I am aware of that and don't think looks should be valued as much as personality . but I need to feel attracted to the person to some
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