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  1. unarmed black man shot dead==> What do you think if this is called a an act of compassionate to common human who may be potentially harmed by the black man in the video ? https://www.rt.com/usa/427861-naked-black-man-police-shooting/
  2. "" Ripping up accords is a specialty of the US rulers from the time that Native Americans were driven off their lands into oblivion. "" ++==> Is this nature innate inside their gene or is this still need more further research to invetigate the case ? IT would be best topic for doctoral university students. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49511.htm
  3. How about if one do not find any evidence or sperms ?
  4. I have tendency to speak in general. Stupidity and evilish nature may exist in me but i try to identify, classify and dump the unnecessary. Forgive me, it is not intended to harm your existence but for love as human.
  5. It is intended for stupidity and evilish in human who come accross this thread.
  6. Human seems does not have freedom to express their love, religion practice in public. Mental slavery ? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, i.e. stupidity slavery and evilish slavery.
  7. Who divide human into North and South Korean, West and East Germany. I hope RoK and NK will end up better than Germany. ( https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/what-was-the-berlin-wall-and-how-did-it-fall )
  8. Hey, you, yes, you who bow, kneel and submit to evil (not necessary meaning you @hasanhh, but to any spy who read this). Just grow up, and do not be a spoiled child then do not prioritize this world over the after life (if you understand or believe the hereafter/akhirat). Emancipate yourself from mental slavery i.e stupidity slavery and evil slavery. Be good or be gone into inexistence.
  9. I see most human prefer as an observer instead of fate changer (not game changer) either because of lack of information, lack of knowledge, or lack of good will to humanity.
  10. N. Korea conundrum: ‘Washington confuses concept of negotiation with surrender’ NK want to negotiate while US/W want NK to surrender and kneel to US/W. https://www.rt.com/news/427551-north-south-korea-us/
  11. Please keep on the track about taraweh. Comparing will expand the discussions while arguably assuming the same category of ritual and considering the level/extend of the teaching of the Prophet (saw) will extend the discussion onto each other differences in references/literature (Sunni with Kutubul Sittah and Shi'a with Kutubul Arba'ah).

  13. Proving That The US Is A Criminal Enterprise http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49472.htm
  14. I guess because Abu Bakr was congratulated in Saqifah of Bani Saidah when he is inaugurated as 1st khaliph by Iblis l.a. himself. So it made him superior than Imam Ali a.s.
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