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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's great and motivating. Indeed no heart has not felt sour pain. The forces above you might not always lead you to a perfect future,they might lead you to destruction.
  2. Sometimes theirs no attraction between the two couples. Or they have lost interest in eachother. Divorce might be the best opition. I dont think they will get punished if they both felt that the marriage isint heading the direction they wanted it to head. And for people that divorce for no reason,without trying to solve the issue,only god knows what their punishment is. Some say that if a man/woman,mistreates you then on the day of judgment you can take his/her hasa'anat (good deeds). Bascially, it will be pay back time. By you taking from his/her hasa'ant,you can then have a chain of good deeds,that will lead you to entering heaven.
  3. Lol,you just added colour and it looks soo much better. See how quick you turned it into java. Good skills. You should be on the same team as rep.
  4. @ alina, what strange/weird,is the fact that he believes in the sahabes, put doesnt seem to have respect for ahul bayat. He may respect them,however if he charged the guy extra purelly because he had a tattoo which indicates his love for ahul bayat,makes the person wonder why they have higher respect for the sahabs but not ahul bayat (as). And isint imam ali (as) a sahaba for you sunnis? From what I know he is the last khalifia for you guys. Yes,each person is intitiled to their own believes. Their are sunnis that have respect for ahul bayat and I doudt they would say the same thing,the seller said to the guy. Anyways, I dont want to make it a debate but just saying my opinion. Salam pearl, Hope your well. In the uk, I havet had any problems and if they have an issue, I usually answer them back the way they need to be answered back. My sunni mates are normal, we do argue sometimes but we are still friends. Lol,some of them have holded their fastes longer so they can open it the same time that I do. I have prayed with them. Lol, we used to joke about, "oh your going hell,and theirs me saying nope you are",lol. Nothing serious thou. I have heard that in dubia shias do face difficulties and am not surprised.
  5. Lol,reds seem to be good at java language or just coding... Am not sure about anyone having a iq over 100,haha... And their certianly is a member in the blue team that is far away from being a friendly person,cant wait for him to dass out of the group,his clinged on for too long...(nonamesnoshame)(***, ****)-10....
  6. To be fair this attack is not going to help the paliestines one bit. We can order say rip to 100 palistienes from now,because you know so that the isrealies worint settle down and take this attack lightley. And yes,if isreal attacks palistien then it will be just called self defending and vice versa. And the cycle continues untill theirs no humans left to kill..
  7. It's not the latest news,but isis are manfacturing their own money. It's all coins,gold,sliver,bronze. Look at where we are,these rats want to make their own money too. Talk about ist'takrar taam in the muuheed their in. How can they have time for all this.
  8. How do they know that those two guys were soliders? Bunch of idoits,if you want to prove a point theirs no need to attack innocent people,go for the big dogs and discuss your issues with them.
  9. Salam, He can read surat al kwather after reading al fatiha,it's short. Whatever small thing he does will be accepted inshallah,dont put to much pressure on him. Get him to repeat the words after you,and say the salah in a loud (not overly loud) voice,so he can hear you and he can remmber the words. If he has a problem he will not get punished for not being able to remmber or to stay still while praying.
  10. Wsalam, That's one cool profession. Animation is something I like,do you use specific softwares to create the story and characters? Is their a easy software to use for beginers? Good thing you want into a field you like, I just want for some random field,lol.
  11. Wsalam, Allah er'hamaha. May her soul rest in peace and may god be with you and your family. Tc
  12. The only thing this hadith is showing is selfishness. Why,because if he refuses you then it's fine however if you refuse him,it's never okay unless you have some good excuse. It is not surprising to see some men not meeting the needs of their wifes,specially if we have hadiths like this that are one sided,and teach woman that if he refuses then you did your part. Am not sure,how accourt this hadith is and what the hadith after is. Maybe you can state the lines after that hadith,even if it's in arabic. Looking good and smelling nice is somthing your meant to do for yourself and not just for your husband, yes sometimes you want to go out of your way and do something specially,but if the other half is not going to appricate it then it certainlty isint necessary for you to keep doing the same thing.
  13. People that have nothing to with it are always the onces that are losing. What has a 80 year old woman done to die in such a way. It's disguesting. Karma sure does exists,but again the wrong people will pay the price,in a war situation.
  14. Latino woman are not insane,loooool. No comment. You only get one chance,well thats whats in their mind. So you need to pick wisely. And all risks should be avoided,lol. That's why some of as are more difficult to get. #arabsturbborness. It's mainly the parents that want you to take from your own country. You can stand against them,however one needs to identify if the indivudal that they will be with is actually worth it.#swotchart.
  15. So sicking,soo sad. Taking your own life away is the only opition you have in that situation. Or getting yourself killed by the enemy. God would probably be understand of the situation and may not punish the person for commiting sucide.
  16. Yes I know that,thats why I said some people. Some people muslim and non muslim think it's okay to stay friends with your ex. For others the fact that his talking to other woman can be viewed as cheating. His spending more time and compleminting them,while he should be spending that quaility time with his wife.
  17. Salam, Our imams (as) didnt give anyone any reasons to curse them,thats the difference. What happened in ashurah,shows that the people we are putting the highest respect to will not appricate the goods you will do for them. Honestly whats left? Next thing, you know will say ,oh brothers and sisters dont send la3na on yazid (ra) our beloved sunni/wahabi brothers might get offended. Never have I seen a sunni care so much about how his follow shia brother/sister feels. They (not all of them,oofcourse) call us mushrikeen,kafar and more,yet we still will make 10 million excaues for them and try to stand by them. Some shias have gone as far as saying will protect our sunni brothers and sisters before ourselfs. Never in my years have I seen even in a mu'jamalaa way a sunni come up and say that they will do the same for us. Here,the akie (op) is sooo concerned with sunnis getting hurt. You do have a point thou,that it adds nothing. And here is where the problem is,even you dont curse or do anything wrong,you are still going to be seen as the kafar in the eyes of some sunnis. Anyways, I personally have stopped cursing some of them,just out of fear that I may of misjudged them and I have not seen them do wrong in my own eyes. But yazid will always get a la3na from me not just online but offline too. And for the record some of the people here,can dish out insults and hurt others,but they may think that they have great manniers because they dont insult or do la3na 3la fulan ibn fulan.You arint any better boy. Maybe we should start by not hurting others from our own people and then we can move to not hurting the others feeling and ofcourse the other should also respect this and not throw insults and try to cause a problem.
  18. Wsalam, Why did you get a child from such a man,specially if you knew that he was like that from the start? Did you think his actions will change when you bring a child? You do not need to be in same house as this man and no, the child will get affected more if you stay and they get older and start relasing the issue. And do not be suprised if one day your child tells you why did you not divorce him mum? And stating it was for you my son will not give you any brownny points. I may be harsh here,but am getting tried of hearing,reading,seeing the mistakes people are doing and sittling down with it for what? Sociaity or for their child. We only get one life on this earth,if we all do what our older generation is doing and settling down for what we do not want then we will lose out on soo much and we will not be able to improve and become stronger beings. Holding onto something thats not good for you will not make you grow,it will only make you weaker.
  19. The word slave is so degrading. I just cant stand that word. Can we just say victums or weak workers. Some of them did not choose that life,they are just victums not slaves. I would hate to buy anyone, I would rather give them money so they can sort out their life and be their support friend. I wouldnt want them to feel like I have done them a favour and freed them from the situation but rather make them reflect on what they could be doing inside of giving themselves away to strangers.
  20. Wsalam, Yes, I know someone that was shia and converted to sunni. She married a sunni guy and she had some problems,so she then converted to sunni,so her and her husband dont argue. It's stuiped,she follows some of the shia things and some of the sunni things,bascially what ever goes in her favour she will consider it and apply it to the situation. Like for example tatto is haram for sunnis,yet she doesnt mind getting it or allowing her child to get it.
  21. Salam, Different people have different definations of cheating. What your husband is doing now,might be considered as cheating to some people and to others it may be normal. He can be asking for space to reflect on his actions,or to get away with his next act. To be honest with you,you should of been the one that asked for spaces first,especialliy if your not happy about what his doing. Dont view the space thing negativelly,infact think of it as a positive thing you can reflect the situation see if his worth your time and go enjoy yourself,you dont need to think about him 24/7. And dont go running to him when his back,make him wait. I personally dont like the fact,that a guy can send you home when he wants and can pick you up when he wants.That is just not right in my view.
  22. If one dies early,it's only helping you from causing more harm to yourself or removing you from harm... I always think about what I will leave behind that will help others and how many people will remmber me. Thinking about death might make you more aware of the wrong things your doing and helps you to do good. However,doing good from the heart is different to doing good because your afriad.
  23. What's wrong with this world.

  24. What a powerful letter, I can feel his anger and pain throu that letter. May his soul rest in peace. Bush and dck well be having night mares...
  25. Lack of commuincation and listen skills. Sometimes when your not compatiable,even when you talk you dont understand eachother,it's almost like your saying one thing will the other is saying another thing. Some people dont know how to commuincate. And some try hard to talk but the other half is like a wall,they dont listen nor do they respond. Lack of romance and apperication. It's not hard to say thanks hun,it's not hard to wake up and see a rose with a message on the table. It's not hard to massage your husband hands when he comes back from a long day at work. It's not hard to cook something special for her. Techology is another facter for increase number of divorce. Most people focus on their phone/any techo device,then spending valuble time with the other half/families. Cheating is much easier,accessing x rated data to fulfuil there desire and also it makes some people expect certain things from their other half. Less expresstion and ahasa because of technology.
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