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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Allow these fragile thoughts to form a dream A dream only God’s love can interpret Whose voice echoes a celestial hum, forever embedded within time and space A timeless breeze carries the sweet melody of praise For whom the starts stop twinkling and the moon lowers her gaze What is this love that sets my heart ablaze? What is this servitude in which I find solace? This dream depicts a story of eloquence, As the red line distinguishes between hypocrisy & faith... Fatima, daughter of Asad paced up to the Kaba She aimed to seek divine jewels from the Kaba The third day dawned A thousand angels guarded her left and her right They orbited her universe as she emerged from the black stone The earth smiled, for a warrior was born The protection of faith, with grace adorned... This Ali was the pearl and the Kaba was his shell Found amid the depth of this lonely, broken world. From childhood to youth, he graciously glowed Raised in the arms of mercy, the affection of Mohammed made him brave, made him bold Became as Aaron was to Moses, the silence to his night If Mohammad was the sun, then Ali reflected golden sunlight... A light so unique, your enemies pondered in awe Who is this soul existing without a blemish or flaw? Your eternal wisdom speaks of beauty until today When we recall your valour as we worship and pray... This Lion’s heart championed through and through In the brilliance of the sun, to the midnight sapphire blue Conquered the scorching desert lands of Badr, Ohad and Hunayn The same warrior is seen weeping before the Lord who sustains...maintains Settles his weighty heart with compassion and grace My Master, my love was victorious at Khaybar Sayyedi, Mawlai... Ya Ali, Ya Haydar You are the first of the 12 princes that grew among envious and bloodthirsty wolves Yet still remained as patient and as gentle The epitome of justice and kindness your cradle With a lantern like Fatima, daughter of Mohammed your guide She completed your world so together you’d glide As the pigment if a crystal sky would caress your silken wings What treasures did your infinite love reveal? What mysteries are apparent and what are concealed? The embodiment of virtues gifted to the world Diamonds like Hassan, Hussain, Zainab, Abbas made this universe swirl... I sew the tapestry of your love on my heart My mind is unable to fathom your perfection My soul yearns to escape from the shackles of “I”...”me” As my essence sets sail in the ask of Ali Every beat of my heart sings your beautiful name And my tears that form are yours to claim If only time permitted me to serve the dust at your feet Insane...Yet purpose forever complete. So I balance upon the fence of my being and gaze upon a pathless sky I close my eyes and teleport myself to that land of sighs and cries Where I envision the throne of a king standing tall and grand I imagine embellishments of silver and gold As I step onto this sacred land And my tears speak of revolutions untold... O’ you who sways the fates of man and jinn alike Hear the silent echoes of my plea Listen to the desperation of this fractured soul And liberate this imprisoned heart free Free among the velvet Najafi breeze So my iris reflects the sphere of your magnificent dome That I smell the scented air once sliced by Thulfiqar And kiss the coolness of your shrine Sanctuary... Call me home Ya Ali, call me home Ya Ali, call me home Devotee - 2/6/12
  2. Good luck to those who have exams! Apologies for the delay :P Duas
  3. http://www.facebook.com/events/306255572784612/ Londoners attendance would be much appreciated :)
  4. You look at me with those eyes of joy even though you have just spilled water over yourself in your rush to quench my thirst. I cry for I know what your smile means and how you will once more, with childlike love look at me with your heart, your eyes blinded by blood, and call me Master. I see it again and again in your destiny and mine unending until the end of time – in Gorazde and Dachau, Sharpeville and My Lai, Sand Creek and every single Nainawa (Karbala). You are Abbas, and all I ask, as to eternal bliss you depart, is "Call me brother..." :cry: In need of your duas -sigh-
  5. Aww this is too cute, thank you khaleh Hameedeh! God bless you :) my sig = forever and always inshallah <3 Thank you all for posting the Imam al Zaman (atf) videos... I’m in tears. Allahuma 3ajil lewaliyek al Faraj!
  6. Someone else asked me about MDM, he's completely fine alhamdhulilah lol Yalla SC tweeps, help me help @AwkwardShia get some followers :D
  7. I actually feel so bad for not logging into sc for weeks. Is this normal?? :(
  8. You missed out 'nana tere divey...' Punjabi is a very powerful language.
  9. Beautiful lines of Duas here! Gives me goosebumps...
  10. Thoughts: The first line of Habib's sig! </3 :cry: :cry: YA Allah
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