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  1. Exactly my point.......... is it the right medium to gain wealth.......I mean the social drive,impact ,craziness.....اینا تزھبون this all needs to be sorted out to define our future drive??????
  2. Salam Is it reliable and encouraged to seriously invest and become a holic about trading apps???? is it mere a new sensation in the town or rightful to concentrate,invest and be concerned about cryptocurrency all the time?? Are these things making humans more productive, efficient or what???
  3. This can be certainly the case and yes this is an interesting question. As humans have started exploring the variables of time and space, many new revelations and theories are being unfolded. And i believe, even in the govt of Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام), these very variables of time and space will lead to quantum leaps in advancements of knowledge and wisdom. So yes,i have a fair believe that Imam is capable of living in dimensions and travel in time. Indeed it is Allah Almighty who enables His chosen one to achieve knowledge and capability of such things. So be it Khizr (عليه السلام) or the Imam (عليه السلام) , they possess far better capability and strength by the will of God...
  4. Very relevant.....probably the kind of stuff I was looking for....the query is ,if there existed a creation before us, what was the objectivity for such beings......?
  5. So Can we conclude that Evolution maybe true but only elaborates the technical process of creation and may not challenge the existence and authority of CREATOR and his divine religion....?????
  6. That’s a recent video probably and seems quiet okay-
  7. Marja is the exact authority to ask for Haram/Halal.However,we may investigate the man behind this gun. His “cui bono” and motif of doing this.The only thing i am apprehensive after his “Bolivia tweet scandal” is that he is after resources and capital.He intends to amass extensive cookies/observation/surveillance data for selling into a desired product.I mean Google etc are monitoring activities to get personal trends but this man is straight to the point.He may want our first hand cognitive ability to show us a fake reality. Do u think utilising such chips would bring us any closer to God???
  8. My 3 year and one year old daughters demand constant attention and look after.Kids are nuisance throughout the day. My wife also remain busy with them. My job is demanding and after office, mobile phone constantly keeps ringing. Genuinely,i have felt that it has become a test of my patience to control my nerves and my kids at the same time with office matters ringing. It has started to affect me.i don’t want to run away but doesn’t i need a break. How do you people manage kids and maintain work life balance???
  9. JazakAllah.Peace and salutations on Muhammad (عليه السلام) and his nobel progeny for guiding us in every aspect of life.
  10. Salam I have been continuously thinking the Cui Bono part of this man made pathogen of Corona virus. So to determine , What benefits are these perpetrators going to accrue from this pandemic,i came across this term Surveillance Capitalism. What is deducted uptil now is that pandemic benefits the most for capitalists in their vague agendas for global governance. Also what has unfolded is that apparently democratic states have grabbed extravagant powers for public controls, lock down, curfews and even individual monitoring through cellphones negating basic rights contained in every constitution. Thus, it would be interesting and timely to understand this term Surveillance Capitalism in detail and predict probable policy making of capitalism. As a concerned citizen and Muslim seeking global justice , i am looking for learned insight into this term Surveillance Capitalism and how do you perceive globalisation of capitalism post Covid crisis??
  11. Yes please. Probably the same kinda techniques needs to be implied by all the parents and i consider your advice as a kind reminder. I consider grooming my kid to be amongst the foremost responsibility. Thus i was suddenly taken aback and felt apprehensive why my kid was not behaving properly?So i applied this attention manoeuvring tactic and it is working.I have also told my spouse to be moderate with her and favor her when she is responsive but avoid her when she is otherwise. Regarding the last part of my question, is there a hadith enunciating clearly what qualities are prime for the kids to develope? For instance, Truthful, Brave, Skilled in mathematics and linguistics, Memorising Quran, Learning Hejab And Namaz, Physically athletic (for girls i am asking??) oratory and public speaking etc??? I am not trying to overburden my kid or becoming utopian.I impart her new vocab and skills to make her confident, skilful and compatible with contemporary era.But since every passing day is precious, what specific major qualities are quintessential for a Shia Muslim girl under 5 as may be elaborated by Masomeen (عليه السلام) and contemporary scholars???
  12. AoA, my elder daughter is 3 and half years Alhamdulillah. For past few days she has developed this illogical attitude of saying NO to everything. Weeping extensively and becoming too sensitive ,for instance if an aeroplane crosses above from the sky. She is unable to coup up against her younger sister who is hardly a year old on matters like sitting on the same chair etc. Surprisingly, she shouts and rebukes back if told not to do something-starts weeping. So neither can you shout nor teach her in a polite way which implies a hurdle to me in maintaining her emotional intelligence. I am very concerned about her emotional intelligence and seek blessings from Allah and some worthy advice from the members. Important to mention here that i have allowed her watch cartoons like cocomelon etc which she recalls and mimic at times in a day. It will be difficult to completely abstain her from cartoons. Lastly, what mandatory qualities and skills do you believe a kid of this age must possess??
  13. Aoa, My daughter has turned three years last December. In Pakistan, the trend is to admit toddlers of this age to montessori schools . I’m going to admit my daughter in a famous Shia school in Karachi after summer break. However, doesn’t the religion advises us to start schooling from 7 years onward. If I take that extra ordinary decision, what harm am I going to do to my child??
  14. please provide a reference if you may have
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