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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aoa, My daughter has turned three years last December. In Pakistan, the trend is to admit toddlers of this age to montessori schools . I’m going to admit my daughter in a famous Shia school in Karachi after summer break. However, doesn’t the religion advises us to start schooling from 7 years onward. If I take that extra ordinary decision, what harm am I going to do to my child??
  2. please provide a reference if you may have
  3. salam, what is the ruling for a woman to cook food for his family while being in junub state after sex?Is it ok to touch food items and serve a meal to family before taking a bath/ghusul?
  4. Exactly the kind of answer I was looking for.So thanks for appreciating my problem and recommending a viable solution.The analogy that you developed with Prophet Adam’s (عليه السلام) version appeals me.However,the last confusion that I,v now is I lost multiple times.So I sought extreme repentance and before my last chance of success,I even visited the Holy shrines of Iraq and Iran.I wept long hours with my soul at the occultation place of Imam e Zaman(عليه السلام) & in Najaf and Karbala.I kept gazing at the shrine of Imam Reza(عليه السلام) for long hours as a hopeful candidate for intercession from Almighty.I lost again.The thing that now frustrates and confuse me is that I have no where else to go and apply for.This is the context in which I raised a question mark on all of the infalliables in those shrines as being Bab ul Hawaij.So please guide me where else is the door of repentance for me left?
  5. irrefutably,all of the infalliables are a good source of intercession towards Allah.What I,m asking about is despite asking for intercession and working hard why could I not achieve a favorable result in the way of Allah?Desperation and frustration is my situation now.
  6. I,m replying to this post after a long time.So let me make it simple for those who can guide me.For me,wilayat is the most important target to achieve in the society.For enjoining good and forbidding evil in the society ,I find it more convenient rather inevitable to get to a position of influence in society.The governmental position that I was seeking through exams would have definitely given me that power to curb evil engineering in the society.And beside working hard and asking for intercession I failed twice.It is not difficult to accept failure and move forward,but the target can not be achieved now.
  7. I was an exceptional student.I always wished of excellence abd gained distinctions.Plus i had a special ideological orientation towards shia islam.So i wanted to outshine to highlight the name of Shia Islam. I managed distinctions in primary and secondary schools.Was selected out of so many for a renowned institution.Achieved further distinctions.In parallel fully promoted the good image of shia islam and my credibility was supporting my voice. But then i made few blunders.Perhaps compkacency struck me and i lost my confidence and reputation and perhaps the ability to excel and stand out. It is now more than 12 years that i could achieve a distinction and am just going average rather sometimes below average.Alongside my credibility, i have lost the ability to influence those who surround me. I,v asked repentance but it seems that click is not coming back.With the passage of time the challenges are growing for myself and shia islam but my abilities are probably diminished and lost.Every new project that i undertake is lost halfway because my situational awareness and self confidence is unable to coup up with social resistance. Recently i got another oppurtunity to stand out.I figured that out quickly and worked my best abilities on it.I asked the Almighty to give me a chance to shine again and expended whatever material and abstract resources i had.And i lost it. With feelings of dejection,the oppurtunity surfaced one last time out of nowhere and i again grabbed some hope.Before entering exams i visited the Holy Shrines and wept and cried like a baby especially in samarra,Karbala ,and Kazmain.I also had a special affiliation with Imam Reza (as) and i asked him desperately at his shrine. I also wanted to share my problem with some scholar but language barrier did not allow me in Iraq and Iran and the only word of advice i could get was to recite dua e maqatil for this hajat which i complied. Beside i also sought coaching from professionals about this milestone success and prayed with all my capacity.I also frequented my Namaz e Shab and asked help through it and was convinced about the divine help this time .One final help that i asked from infalliables (as) was that if a had left some stone unturned or the probability to err at the verge of my exam strikes me,the God and Masoomeen (as) must supplement me.My parents also prayed for my success. And at the nick of time i think i made some errors inadvertantly and my performance went average.I still knocked the last door of Bab ul Hawaij to supplement my shortcomings and please help my last chance.I ,but lost it again. With this state of affairs,i now only sit idle and plan to do no more thing but to look at the walls and pass my time.The only redponsibility i now feel is to take care of my parents and family and pass my times on whatever i have.However,as regard to the social activity and especially struggle for re-appearance if Imam(as) ,i find no strength,credibility,perseverance and pragmatically the things required for productive efforts in my society and area of responsibility.But the big question that every bit of me is asking to my ideolgy and ideologues is, Didn,t i deserve a chance,and WHO ELSE IS BAB UL HAWAIJ??
  8. Rouhani a mujtahid???pardon me but i didnot know it
  9. I would second the point of interpretation of dream from a person who is pious and spiritually strong...i once asked the inyerpretation of dream from an aalim e deen and he instructed me to first perform ablution before sleeping and make it a habit..unfortunately i could not make it a habit..InshAllah i,ll try it and then may God show me the signs about life which i want to interpret...
  10. A logical interpretation may be a very organized group of ppl,committed and devoted on evil ideology are geniously doing the things...with the evolution of human intellect,the matters of Quran and terminoligies of by gone times are either taking a physical shape or a metaphysical idea...comprehension suggest it is a group with a ring leader as super evil barak...
  11. Salam. Can somebody please tell the philosphy behind travelling on shelterless vehicle with ahraam durning Hajj???
  12. The martyrdom of MUSLIM IBN E AQEEL(as) was initiated by a dirty MEDIA propaganda of IBN E ZIAD.......

  13. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/235121.html OMG.........they are caught red handed again........dun knw whether THE WEST vl be able to find out a minute trace of NUKES in IRAN but IRAN has exposed them first by downing an AMERICAN DRONE and then unveiling this pre planned and media(CNN) backed terrorist activity......HATS OFF TO PRESS TV
  14. yes........the barbaric onslaught of JIHADI GROUPS is at its peek.An average 50 shias around the country are losing their lives monthly.....However,the recent awakening in the community like the one being discussed her can be a very effective answer to zalimeen.This is how all their conspiracies and bloodshed vl be deterred.....not always a bullet is necessary against a bullet but the better strategy is that of IMAM KHOMENI(ra) i e to come out and display a massive united potential which vl make enemy weaker day by day........
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