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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My 3 year and one year old daughters demand constant attention and look after.Kids are nuisance throughout the day. My wife also remain busy with them. My job is demanding and after office, mobile phone constantly keeps ringing. Genuinely,i have felt that it has become a test of my patience to control my nerves and my kids at the same time with office matters ringing. It has started to affect me.i don’t want to run away but doesn’t i need a break. How do you people manage kids and maintain work life balance???
  2. JazakAllah.Peace and salutations on Muhammad (عليه السلام) and his nobel progeny for guiding us in every aspect of life.
  3. Salam I have been continuously thinking the Cui Bono part of this man made pathogen of Corona virus. So to determine , What benefits are these perpetrators going to accrue from this pandemic,i came across this term Surveillance Capitalism. What is deducted uptil now is that pandemic benefits the most for capitalists in their vague agendas for global governance. Also what has unfolded is that apparently democratic states have grabbed extravagant powers for public controls, lock down, curfews and even individual monitoring through cellphones negating basic rights contained in every constitu
  4. Yes please. Probably the same kinda techniques needs to be implied by all the parents and i consider your advice as a kind reminder. I consider grooming my kid to be amongst the foremost responsibility. Thus i was suddenly taken aback and felt apprehensive why my kid was not behaving properly?So i applied this attention manoeuvring tactic and it is working.I have also told my spouse to be moderate with her and favor her when she is responsive but avoid her when she is otherwise. Regarding the last part of my question, is there a hadith enunciating clearly what qualities are prime for
  5. AoA, my elder daughter is 3 and half years Alhamdulillah. For past few days she has developed this illogical attitude of saying NO to everything. Weeping extensively and becoming too sensitive ,for instance if an aeroplane crosses above from the sky. She is unable to coup up against her younger sister who is hardly a year old on matters like sitting on the same chair etc. Surprisingly, she shouts and rebukes back if told not to do something-starts weeping. So neither can you shout nor teach her in a polite way which implies a hurdle to me in maintaining her emotional intelligence.
  6. Aoa, My daughter has turned three years last December. In Pakistan, the trend is to admit toddlers of this age to montessori schools . I’m going to admit my daughter in a famous Shia school in Karachi after summer break. However, doesn’t the religion advises us to start schooling from 7 years onward. If I take that extra ordinary decision, what harm am I going to do to my child??
  7. please provide a reference if you may have
  8. salam, what is the ruling for a woman to cook food for his family while being in junub state after sex?Is it ok to touch food items and serve a meal to family before taking a bath/ghusul?
  9. Exactly the kind of answer I was looking for.So thanks for appreciating my problem and recommending a viable solution.The analogy that you developed with Prophet Adam’s (عليه السلام) version appeals me.However,the last confusion that I,v now is I lost multiple times.So I sought extreme repentance and before my last chance of success,I even visited the Holy shrines of Iraq and Iran.I wept long hours with my soul at the occultation place of Imam e Zaman(عليه السلام) & in Najaf and Karbala.I kept gazing at the shrine of Imam Reza(عليه السلام) for long hours as a hopeful candidate for interces
  10. irrefutably,all of the infalliables are a good source of intercession towards Allah.What I,m asking about is despite asking for intercession and working hard why could I not achieve a favorable result in the way of Allah?Desperation and frustration is my situation now.
  11. I,m replying to this post after a long time.So let me make it simple for those who can guide me.For me,wilayat is the most important target to achieve in the society.For enjoining good and forbidding evil in the society ,I find it more convenient rather inevitable to get to a position of influence in society.The governmental position that I was seeking through exams would have definitely given me that power to curb evil engineering in the society.And beside working hard and asking for intercession I failed twice.It is not difficult to accept failure and move forward,but the target can not be a
  12. I was an exceptional student.I always wished of excellence abd gained distinctions.Plus i had a special ideological orientation towards shia islam.So i wanted to outshine to highlight the name of Shia Islam. I managed distinctions in primary and secondary schools.Was selected out of so many for a renowned institution.Achieved further distinctions.In parallel fully promoted the good image of shia islam and my credibility was supporting my voice. But then i made few blunders.Perhaps compkacency struck me and i lost my confidence and reputation and perhaps the ability to excel and stand out. It i
  13. Rouhani a mujtahid???pardon me but i didnot know it
  14. I would second the point of interpretation of dream from a person who is pious and spiritually strong...i once asked the inyerpretation of dream from an aalim e deen and he instructed me to first perform ablution before sleeping and make it a habit..unfortunately i could not make it a habit..InshAllah i,ll try it and then may God show me the signs about life which i want to interpret...
  15. A logical interpretation may be a very organized group of ppl,committed and devoted on evil ideology are geniously doing the things...with the evolution of human intellect,the matters of Quran and terminoligies of by gone times are either taking a physical shape or a metaphysical idea...comprehension suggest it is a group with a ring leader as super evil barak...
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