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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. you said sistani allows you to follow the all the rulings of a deceased marja but if u read the explanation from sistani you've mentioned, it says: that you must CONTINUE doing that persons taqleed. Meaning while they were alive you must have been doing their taqleed. If they passed before you began doing their taqleed, then it is not permissible to do their taqleed
  2. if theres a modern issue that he hasn't made a ruling for, generally you follow the ruling of the marj3a the ahlul khibra decide on. Right now that is Sistani
  3. salaams sorry but you can't use that as a reason to follow a marj3a the ruling for taqleed is that you must follow the person you think has the most knowledge and will bring you the closest to Allah. To do this you have to have a proper understanding of fiqh as well as other areas of islamic knowledge and be able to compare all the rulings of each marj3a you are considering and decide which will help you the most in gaining nearness to Allah. Due to the fact that most people haven't got this level of islamic knowledge, there is a group of maraj3a called Majlis-e-Kibra that decide on who is th
  4. Salaam Alaykum all :) I know there have been a few threads like this, but most are of people asking about the details of qunoot etc I however thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could share/compare the different duas we each recite in qunoot :) i recite this: Rabbanaghfirili Wa-lewaaladayya Wa-lil-Mo'mineena-wal-Mominaat Al-Muslimeena-wa-Muslimaat Al-ahya-e-minhum-walamwaat Tabe-bainana-wa-bainahom-bil-Khairat Ya-Waliyal-Hassanath Innaka-Mujeebud-Da'awaat Wa-innaka-alaa-kulle-Shiyyin-Qadeer
  5. salaams. just bringing this up again because i haven't heard anything :'( would someone be kind enough to tell me what exactly to say for the 3rd perspective. you can message it if you're worried about "unity loving sunnis" :)
  6. rather than worrying about shirk, i think the important bit of this is the fact that you said you couldn't wake up. Maybe the dream is supposed to symbolise or tell you something?
  7. Salaam alaykum :) due to it being the birth anniversary of Sayyeda Zahra (a.s) tomorrow (or today depending on where you live and blah blah), i thought it'd be a nice idea to have a thread where people can share poetry about her :) it can be in any language ofc :) ill start it off with a few couplets i found on the internet :) Zahra hain yuun khayaal-e-sukhanwar ke aas paas khushbuu-e-paak jaise gul-e-tar ke aas paas Kiya tajal’li hai k Khurshiid-e-falak chakkar mai hai, Noor hai markaz pe lekin roshni manzar mai hai
  8. That actually explains the question I was just about to ask which was: "why do they use it as an insult yet Shias seem to embrace the name?" :) Thank you all for helping me understand :) May Allah bless you and help you with any difficulties you come to in life :)
  9. yeah i saw that hadith too but it was from a sunni brother and without a reference so authenticity is a little iffy
  10. I know rafidhi means rejectors, and zaidis are people that follow Zaid (son of the 4th imam) but can someone explain to me where the naming came from and the history for it? according to some sunnis, Allah titled us rafidhis (which i for obvious reasons don't believe)
  11. Last ramadhan sayyid Ammar and i sat down and talked about the illuminati. At the end of it we had references from hadith, and created a whole theory about Dajjal, the coming of the 12th Imam, and the illuminati and members of it using multiple sources etc. At the end of it, all 20 or so people that were listening to us agreed that they exist. But tbh, i think it all depends on how willing you are to agree with ideas that have debatable sources :) theres lots of people that don't agree with it and think we're all stupid :cry: but then again theres lots that agree with it too :D
  12. Live like Ali, die like Hussain

  13. Sister I can PM you the contact details of a couple of sisters studying at the hawza if you wish?
  14. Salaams Ive heard from someone that in tashahud before the salaams in namaaz the prophet used to recite something about Imam ali? i was just wondering if thats true and if it is, what he recited?
  15. 1. It depends firstly if she converted to shia islam because she believes its the true path or because she wants to marry me. If for the reason that its the true path, then if she has all the qualities I'm looking for in a wife, then yeah i would marry her. don't know if my family would be happy about it though :P 2. again it depends on whether she has all the qualities I'm looking for. if she does and i can't find anyone else that meets them to the extent she does, then i would try and talk to the family :)
  16. much easier to just take a towel and but it on the bench or whatever while you're lifting weights thats what i and a lot of other people do in my gym
  17. lool im 18 and keep a short trimmed beard but its patchy in places :(
  18. Someone that wants to strive for a better position near God beauty in my eyes Hijabi - but a proper sense of it. Not just a scarf, but the whole attitude and ideology of how to conduct yourself in public etc Imaan Educated - i don't mind if she doesn't have a job or a degree as long as she's interested in learning new things e.g reading books and learning, learning about islam in hawza etc Someone who's interests aren't: socialising, socialising and socialising but rather things like reading, sports etc Obviously there has to be some level of socialisation I LOVE TO TALK so a conversationalist
  19. actually i think you'll find that the increase in economic growth due to the massive increase in secondary services (e.g. gun production) in the world wars created huge amounts of money for the country due to the fact that we apparently sold off tanks etc to other countries. Also, the wars resulted in the Marshall Plan which gave huge amounts of money to countries in europe which was then used to boost economic production. savings rates were not high enough in these countries at this time, and so, to get the same amount of money through the saving and investment cycle would have taken many mo
  20. Well not referring to Afghanistan or Iraq but rather WWI or WWII. If we look at those two wars, infrastructure in the UK and France etc had to be rebuilt which led to the improvement of services and transport links, leading to improved efficiency. However, using Iraq and Afghanistan as examples, then your comment about wars sucking money out of the economy is in a way valid (although the money was spent on buying weapons, and as a result, paid to manufacturers, who then went and spent the money on personal things, completing the flow of income diagram, in which cause your argument is invalid ;
  21. Maybe they'll live on the moon ;)
  22. (wasalam) In my personal opinion, no i don't think he is responsible for it, but I strongly think he should try his hardest to keep his akhlaq good. You never know, his akhlaq may rub off onto his surroundings :)
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