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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You're kidding right? You think marriage is a cure for homosexuality and paedophilia?
  2. Celibacy is not a dogma of the Church. It is only a discipline of the Latin (Roman) rite. It may change in the future. My great grandfather was a Priest.
  3. because it was the (dress) custom of the time. Jesus also worse robes and sandals should we also wear Robes and Sandals instead of shoes and trousers / shirts? of course not.
  4. I know you don't this is my point. No Catholic worships the Blessed Virgin. I have explained this to you, take it or leave it.
  5. John 20:23 is an easy one not difficult. Jesus gives authority to the Apostles to forgive or retain sins. So how are they to forgive sins *unless* someone confessed to them? Apostles were the early leaders of the Church, with Peter the pre-eminent one. These Apostles appointed Bishops and others as successors to them (as mentioned in the Bible) by the laying on of hands. As the Father sent Jesus, so Jesus sends the Apostles. He gives them the same Authority, and this Authority was passed down. So Yes, ofcourse God forgives sins, But God instituted a Priesthood (just like in the OT) in order to be the vehicle for the forgiveness of Sins. Denying this would be denying Jesus' wishes.
  6. Notme has explained this but we don't worship idols/statues/images. Worship is due to God Alone. Its like me saying you worship Imam Ali because you have a representation of him framed on your wall. No such thing. You've misunderstood or have been misinformed about our Church.
  7. Don't know what Lutheran denomination you belong to but Lutherans believe in Saints and actually have a Calendar of Saints
  8. I don't understand what is the mystery here? Priests have had the power to forgive sins ever since 33AD
  9. Imam Musa As-Sadr of Lebanon considered them a sect of Shia Islam.
  10. brother you can open a seperate THREAD for this topic. this thread is about something else. Like St Peter said I will answer you but in a separate thread about every issue you bring up. or do you want me to open it with the objections you brought up?
  11. open a seperate thread about this topic and I can reply and refute all of the misrepresentation and misunderstanding of Catholic beliefs you stated above.
  12. Actually no, when Jesus breathed into the Apostles and gave them the power of the Holy Spirit he gave it to THEM ONLY, there were no other people around ok? And if the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Truth remember, guides YOU in interpreting Scripture, then how come you guys (Protestants) disagree so much on the interpretation of Scripture, ever so more splitting into thousands of Churches? Can you make mistakes Placid in your interpretation of Scripture? If you are guided by the Holy Spirit, then your answer must be NO, and thus you must be infallible, for the Holy Spirit is as I said is the Spirit of truth. If you can and admit that you may be wrong, then the Holy Spirit DOES NOT guide you!
  13. if you really want an understanding of the Trinity I suggest reading "On the Trinity" by St Augustine. Then read more by St Thomas Aquinas in Summa Theologica It is a Catholic Doctrine so go to the source Etc...
  14. The Catholic Church. The Canon of Scripture was closed in 397AD when the Catholic Church gave us the Bible. There were hundreds of books and letters purporting to be inspired but the Church chose 46 of the OT and 27 of the NT. Nothing more can be added or removed.
  15. In an Islamic countries, christians are dhimmis, second class citizens. Only in Lebanon do they have an inclining of being equal. In Iran yes there are Christians as well as Jews but the Iranians forbid proselytisation and only recognise certain Christians, like Catholics and Orthodox. Protestant evangelical groups are persecuted.
  16. Placid, You deny the Trinity and now I read you deny Jesus rose from the death Body and Soul. Only spiritually??!! I'm sorry but you are not a Christian.
  17. And Faith is nothing without works. This is what James and the Bible always says. You need Faith And Works, not Faith Alone, or Work Alone.
  18. Shia Muslims, outside of Iran, are generally discriminated against and historically have been disenfranchised from upper echelons of society. In this regard they have a common bond with Christians in the Middle East.
  19. Wait a second. You memorized chapters of the Quran yet you don't know Arabic? That doesn't make sense.
  20. Christians believe that the Bible is the inerrant inspired word of God. So to say some Christians think otherwise of Paul frankly means they are not Christians.
  21. Placid we believe the word of God was given to us in two equal forms...Sacred Scripture (Written) and Sacred Tradition (Oral) exactly as the Bible teaches. You believe only in the Bible (Sola Sciptura) which is nowhere taught in the Bible.
  22. You are confusing Doctrine with Dogma.Doctrine is something that has and is always believed by the Church. Dogma is something that is officially pronounced as binding on the faithful. The Trinity has always been a belief (Doctrine) of the Church. A doctrine becomes Dogmatised when It is questioned or debate arises over it. A group called the Arians within the church started saying that Jesus is not God and man but a created being. Thus at the council of Nicea as you rightly pointed the arian heresy was quashed and the Trinity was Dogmatised. This is why now, ALL Churches, Catholic, Orthodox and all Mainstream Protestant churches believe in the Trinity because it was set in Stone (Dogmatised) in 325AD by the Catholic Church. Placid is one of the few (less than 5%) of 'Christians' that do not believe in the Trinity.
  23. Jewish Muslims? And Messianic Muslims? What on God's Green Earth is going on these days? Preposterous. It reminds me of the Bahai Girls who approached me on the street one day when I was having a coffee and cigara. One of them was wearing a cross, a crescent and what looked like a Hindu or Sanskrit symbol. Pick one.
  24. There is a difference between Salvation and Justification. How do you reconcile the fact that James contradicts your Protestant views on Faith Alone?
  25. I believe the aHadith are their Oral Tradition which holds equal ground with Scripture, unless it contradicts it.
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