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  1. This is one of the most beautiful dua..... Thanks for sharing sister... I kind of have forgotten about this and i have something i can relate with this as well. Now you have shared it, it reminded me of all and what i was going through... Even though i'm going through something similar but even more painful and stressful but i have inner peace but anyways.... When i used to seek death so abundantly and i know it's only the will of Allah... because of him i'm living and it's not going to happen as i want but as Allah wants and Allah showed me the reasons and everything. But I asked, If that's not possible anytime soon then O dear Allah give me something in which I too can find pleasure and happiness... As you have given this world and it's charms to people, and they are so happy and cheerful to have it. I don't find peace in it. This world isn't for me and so darn painful to live among hypocrites and wordily people... You don't call me back either so at least give me something as well.... That night.... I was taught this Dua in my dream, i didn't know it's meaning nor did I knew this dua before.... When I woke up i knew this small dua by heart but i didn't ask for it's meaning... first i was unwilling to accept it and read but when i searched for it's meaning and I was amazed... thanks for the reminder, as i haven't read this one in a long time.... i guess i needed it again desperately and Allah showed me your post. I think it's time to go back to him.... Thank u and may Allah bless you and all those who are struggling in anyway... May Allah help them in their struggles.
  2. Good :) bless you..... Allah knows when i see some one without hijab, The only pray that comes from my heart is Ya Allah make that servant of yours proper hijabi and save her from your wrath And when i see some one with proper hijab... The prayer... is Ya Allah protect her from all evils indeed it's difficult for her and reward her abundantly.
  3. I imagine every girl and woman on earth in proper hijab and chador... Whether cartoon characters or real life characters..... they look beautiful that way.
  4. Tears of Separation of Imam Zaman (aj)' Imām Jafar al Sadiq (as) said, “I swear by Allah that your Imam will go into an occultation for a number of years … (during that period) the eyes of the true believers shall be filled with tears (due to being separated from him).” [Biharul Anwar, Volume 51, Page 147; al-Ghaybah of al-Nu’mani] Some wounds never get healed it only become deeper and deeper day by day. May Allah hasten his(as) reappearance I found that cute and innocent....
  5. The only thing worse than Insomnia is falling asleep with unsaid words in your heart.....
  6. thank you :) inshallah. Alhamdulilah for everything tbh this life isn't everything... This life is constant struggle one way or another.... It's just some struggles shatters you completely.
  7. Never going to ask for day off again.... some wounds get deeper and deeper with time.... time spent without some one make it even worse.... All u can do is to put layers after layers to hide them but blood still manage to seep through those layers.... May Allah hasten the reappearance of imam(as) !!
  8. I would say, That person should work on his/her nafs so much to the point where that person look at things and people the way Allah wants him/her to....:)
  9. A person would not forget TWO TYPES OF FACES in his life, the one who helped him in his time of need and the one who left him ALONE in a difficult time. Imam Hussain(as) Indeed Allah is sufficient for his servant.
  10. Straight after 36 hours of non stop work... went to sleep and was given call after 6 hours... We need you urgently there's been huge mess up on one of the sites and There's no one to cover it but you, Covered my colleague there for 6 hours and came home; Slept for 3 hours and back to office after 6 hours... Still awake Alhamdulilah but only missing my work out :(. But There's no tiredness and pain worst than sins and missing some one....
  11. In jannah no one will hurt anyone.... that's the difference so 72 virgins will be blessings But i think if u find a really righteous wife here then she is equivalent to 1000 such virgin in my eyes...
  12. Heaps of Prayers for you sister..... I'm still alive after non stop work, No sleep at all... feeling like Zombie... Feeling like eyes are popping out :/ Good thing is My mind is still working.... looks like i'm the only person running the whole darn operation from north to south.... and i'm training people in person and on phone at the same time while looking over everything. Today i don't know; what's the big football match going on.. Final Match Arsenal Vs Chelsey !! Why the heck did I give my consent to cover it :/ I'm not even fan of football. Well now i've made a promise...Not going to back out.. Always stick to your words and deliver it, No matter what... And missing some one at the same time, That's the only burden apart from sins on this soul and a huge one.... Still in every other thought; No matter how much you try to keep yourself busy.... May Allah hasten the reappearance of the Last one... Who will break the back of every arrogant and Cruel one !!
  13. In morning, Paratha Kebab wrap.... and then Baklava with TEA. Alhamdulilah May Allah provide for all those who are hungry, May Allah hasten his(as) reappearance....
  14. looks like, i'm spending 24 hours in office today... after only 3 hour sleep last night... and then again on work tomorrow 10 am.... office is my second home from now on.... only going home for taking shower and changing clothes.... :wacko: I ask them provide me apartment in the same building, it would be easy that way.
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