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  1. I'd even go as far as saying that in the future the reverts should have their own mosques where they can make the decisions and where the youth from cultural backgrounds can also comfortably join. Current mosques are very cultural and they don't give the authority to others where positive changes which are needed can be implemented.
  2. What you stated brother @Bakir is sadly the true reality. In the western world, what the young generation grows up with, the society, their education, their whole surrounding is a complete clash to the type of Islam that is brought from the Asia/Africa. The lecture below by Jeffrey Lang hits the same points which u hit in your post. I believe the only hope and solution are our revert brothers. As far as I see it, they are the only ones that can save Islam in the west. They need to form their own revert communities, build their own mosques, where they can easily practice Islam in a western manner, clean and clear of all those middle-east/Asian cultural nonsense baggage. Then the new generation of born Muslims can gather around them in the community centres/mosques.
  3. Please elaborate more. Link any videos/articles.
  4. That's quite interesting, because I also have a work colleague that says he's healed some minor illnesses like headaches, pains etc of his family members. The other day he brought his young daughter to work and both told me how on the way her feet was in pain and ichy from a misquito bite or something, but when he prayed it was completely gone. The first 2 videos seems legit though. @Qa'im
  5. Mod/admin: please fix the spelling mistake in the title!
  6. Salam all, What do you guys think of these healing videos? There's heaps of these healing videos on the internet. Any explanations?
  7. Whether you do one Salawat or a Billion does it matter? No wonder why America (one country) is able to sanction ten other countries at the same time, while in a normal circumstance it should be the other way around ie. ten countries getting together to sanction one. It's because we were too busy competing on who can do 1 Billion Salwats, while they were busy discovering major breakthroughs in since, technology and innovation that led them have better military, economic and intelligence dominance over us. Tsk tsk tsk. Pb: No disrespect to anyone here specially brother Abu Hadi. Just a rant from my side when I see how backward our Islamic world is these days unfortunately.
  8. True, but you can't really do that when you have limited references or when they can be very controversial. Which is specially the case for the historical references till the birth of the prophet. Even in the movie, Majid says that he has used Islamic references, but the movie also depicts his own vision of the prophet and of that era.
  9. Although I've not watched the movie yet, cause it's 3 hours.... but It's a movie ... and not a documentary.
  10. As an example, almost non of us in this forum are eligible to pay the Zakah according to shia Fiqh, since very few of us own livestocks, gold, silver etc, even if we are millionaires and billionaires. But most likely, we are in the condition pay "Khums". To me, this doesn't fit in well with how the Quran has emphasised Zakah soooo much on every person, while it has never mention anything about Khums. Do your own research, you'll be surprised!
  11. You are right in the theoretical sense. But since times have changed from 1400 years ago, and so has the economic systems, it has also dramatically changed the giving of "Khums" and Zakah in a practical way, such that more people are in the condition that they should pay "Khums" and less people are eligible according to shia fiqh to pay the Zakah.
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