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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. algerien parle français arab englais impeux allemand http://www.centre-zahra.com/ un site magnific en français une librairie audio video
  2. i read about this sect he is very very big liar may Allah curse him many men before him said that tooo i have no force to writte a test to explain a god who send an imam that he is apsent that send another imam that he is absent ? how many imams there are ? 12?and maybe this absent will send another absent who say no
  3. salam alykom shirk have relation with mind someone who don't follow the right way of Allah is mushrik even he can say god is the only and the omnipotent and he can be also mushrik
  4. can you understand quran can you be justicious can you do that rightly as god want did someone gave you the right to do it?
  5. salam alykom what's this topic subhanallah may Allah forgive you what's that how many fault you do when you talk with your brother how many times you did something like that when you recite quran in your life i give you so much im in algeria and i heard many imams make fault on the mosque when they read quran ashame upon you man im sure you are not folloer of ahl lbayt you just made the name of ali to enter there . and change this pic man before to talking about ulama as a ignorant you are on the site of ahl lbayt peace be upon them change the pic it reflect your personality .
  6. salam alykom im from algeria follower of ahl lbayt my friends algerian was there this year on the fourtinth of imam hussein peace be upon him they said as they described we walked by foot 85 kilometers in all the way for 85 killometers that they walked for 3 days it was crowded by people all even a little place was empty all the way it was sooooooooooooooooo crooooowd in karbala they said it was amazing and many many people peoples came before the fourtinth and they returned bacl to them home to let other people comeing to the city of karbala my friend said to me i think it was more than 25 mi
  7. salam alaykom we should not even ask if god exist or no or even answer such that question
  8. prophet mohamed peace be upon him and his familly said the depth man that Allah defeat the enemy tpon his hands his name is NASRE(nasre mean victory in arabic) and then rassul Allah said but was called victory(nasre) because Allah give him victory .i hope that i translate well 2 second hadith a man fighting at the gates of jerusalem (alkodss)im from me and im from him ( sayed HASSAN NASRALLAH is from imam hussayn) but called nasre(victory) because Allah write the victory on his hands . about yamani and who say that im seeing imam mahdi the imam mahdi said on his last testament befor
  9. i think that sayed hassan nasrallah is the yamani maybe sure
  10. nassrallah his native is from yemen and he is hamshemi
  11. ه سلسلة من الحلقات تبدء بتهيء الفرد نفسيا في الحلقات الاولى و تستعمل تاتيرات و مقاطع و موسيقى لافلام اهل البيت عليهم السلام و تبدء في التبشير بالديانة الجديدة و الحركة من الحلقة السابعة تم يبدء بمقاطع فيديو صور و سب المراجع الدينية و القول ان احمد حسن هدا هو اليماني و هو حجة و هو سفير الامام المهدي عليه السلام و خلبفته من بعده بلا اي دليل و هو غائب ايضا فحداري اخي « خروج الثلاثة الخراساني والسفياني واليماني في سنة واحدة ، في شهر واحد ، في يوم واحد ، فليس فيها راية بأهدى من راية اليماني ، تهدي إلى الحق »المصادر : مختصر إثبات الرجعة : ح 17 - ( مجلة تراثنا عدد 15 ص 216 ) - عنه ( محمد بن أبي عمير
  12. other proof is a dreams and istikhara by quran iin such that things if it was like if we should follow istikhara in 3akida why Allah bring proof why ahl lbayt bring science and knowledghe and alla proov to us if it was by stupid dreams wallah when i saw this serie i was sure that this man is liar stupid proov that he bring he say dreams i asked god to show me the real face of this man i saw a snake who wanted to bite me a snake mean satan and even if someone see good things it's not a proof it's not allowed to do istikhara in such that things it's stupid specially with quran open the book of q
  13. hhhhhhh wallah it's funny that few stupid people follow this man abou kate3 ahmad hassan firstly we are on the days of the coming of imam mahdi inshallah usa and enemy of Allah know that as the martyr sayed ayatollah sadik sadre said usa has the bigest librairy of imam mahdi they need only his pic they know that he will come they divised sunna before by creating a person called mohamed abd alwahab now they want to devise shia what they did or what they should do ? THEY CREATED man called abou kate3 ahmad hassan in his speech this ahmad hassan didn't speak even the arabic good is the imam co
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