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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i reckon we should all ( shias in reading) should meet up somewhere so at least we know other shias in the city and can talk to each other. anyone one up for becoming friends. my email is sajjad_50@hotmail.com. email me if you want to meet up. we can go for a coffee or sumin
  2. aplle stock are likely to drop. steve jobs is what made apple into a market leader. supposedly he is very strict with what he accepts as new to the market product as can be seen from his product. they are the best.
  3. wow. thats nice. i actually joined this site to find out if there was any shia's in reading. do you meet anywhere for any events or have any mosques/halls where you gather.
  4. my friend if you stop thinking and only believe than you would become like a robot. Allah sent us on earth with free will to test us .you will come across both knowledge which is good and evil. it is up to you to decide which is good. Allah made us to think, as there are plenty of angels who obey and believe. sajjad
  5. alcohol at some point was food, so all you need to do is wash it off from your hands, however if it is on your clothes then you asume them to be najis and wash them accordingly.
  6. your fast is valid but as a precaution i would do ghusal as soon as possible
  7. sallam alaykum brothers, sisters and friends. i have recently joined and this is the first post i have read. can i please ask you all to respect each other as this is not just part of our shia belief but also a part of humanity. sambo87 is only asking a question that many people and future generations are going to ask. its a question i was asked by my non Muslim friends when i was young and i have discussed this with scholars and friends. to sambo87 as it was mentioned doing mataam and zanjeer is not obligatory. mataam is something that is done when a person is mourning especially in counties
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