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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "Saeedan refers to Abu Baseer who says that he has heard it from Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq sws that neither Nikah or Mutah is permissible with a Christian or a Jew lady." Manlah Yahzar-ul-Faqih, Kitab-ul-Nikah, tradition no.4588-4589 This is what I am confused about.
  2. But then there definitely must be a Hadith by one of our imams specifying that verse. I have found a couple of Hadith in Man yahzalul faqih where Imam Ja'far strictly states that neither mu'tah nor nikah can be done with someone other than a Muslim. This is why I am looking for a Hadith that favors that verse, else it'll be a wrong interpretation of the verse, no? Please correct me.
  3. In urgent need of a hadith from prophet or Imam that states that Mut'ah with people of the book is permissible for a man.
  4. Maybe a hadith from prophet (SAWW) or a quote from our Imam (A.S) in regards to marrying someone of the book.
  5. Reference please? maybe a Hadith of prophet? EDIT: Apologies for double post.
  6. Dear @alirex, i apologize for my tone. But i'd appreciate if you could provide reference from the books that you may have read. Thanks
  7. Personally I was looking for references but I guess your knowledge is very limited to your marja-e-taqleed which is fine but my question was different. It was for my own research and not because I am committing an act, i need an advice for.
  8. Could you kindly provide references to that? Because someone just said the complete opposite above.
  9. I would like to know about other Ayatullahs and their take on this issue as well if someone can please provide some references. It will be great if someone can quote ahdees from the prophet or Ahlulbait. Thank you!
  10. So i was wondering if there's a way to calculate that after how long does 15th of Shaban is on a Friday?
  11. I heard someone recite these words but i couldn't find the whole nawha on internet. Does anyone know this one? "Hussain aakhri sajdey mein jab jhukey honge Jism mein teer jo they, aur bhi chubhay honge"
  12. Well, you do realize that the way you made up events, it is quite possible that some people throughout the history have done so, as well. Also I was hoping for an answer to my question, from you. AlekumAsalaam
  13. Let me put a simple example in front of you. I will stop arguing as you're not providing any proof to what you're saying about Shia altering history or Sunni bothers being right about their history. I do agree with you that there are those kinds, both in Sunni firqah and Shia, where they use curses against each other, which is completely wrong. Let us not say that "I'm right and you're wrong" as we're all here to discuss our faith, i believe. It's a question to you and i'm trying to get our discussion back towards the question. Why is it that a majority of brothers from ahleSunnah use "Karam
  14. Brother, have you ever considered that what you read as history could actually be wrong? Also, you said that shia people choose hadith of "their" choice from the book of sunnah, can you do the same from Shia texts by famous authors as well?
  15. I apologize if it sounds rude but your logic made me laugh. I had been reading this thread from the beginning and I hold a neutral view, as a matter of fact but your logic doesn't add up, i'm afraid. I'll just pick one example from what you have said. As you said that Fatima went to ask for the land but was refused, then why was she not told on the spot about the refusal and why did Abubakr go to Fatima, to explain things? You saying that it's a good thing that the grave of fatima isn't known to us, are you also trying to imply that the grave of prophet muhammad, known to us, is a bad thing?
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