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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 66. The urinary organ cannot be made Pak without water. If one uses kurr or running water, then washing the organ once will suffice, after removal of essential najasat. But, if one uses under-kurr water, then recommended precaution is to wash it twice , better still, three times. This is from Ayatollah Sistani's website. Pak = Taahir, Clean Kurr= Quantity of liquid (http://sistani.org/index.php?p=251364&id=48&pid=2117)
  2. Okay so Currently I live in Pakistan and here I have the privilege of using a muslim shower to clean myself after I urinate or poo(don't mind my language). One more thing is that I am quite OCD and so I don't think I can cope with under-kurr water to wash myself. I am planning to going to UK for uni soon and although I have a private bathroom I want to keep it dry and be clean without having to use a portable muslim shower. My question is that can I wash myself under the bathing shower directly after urinating? My main issue is that the organ will have essential najasat(perhaps dry) on it and even though the ruling is that water(kurr) that flows during washing the organs is pak as long as it has no foriegn najasat in it. So if I am standing under the shower and water pours on my body and naturally flows down, that water is clean as long as its going out from a drain? Secondly once I am done I leave the shower and turn the tap off some water left behind (since the shower is a bath tub cum shower) is that water pak? P.s. I also plan to do istibra under the shower.
  3. OKAY, so latest addition to my insanity, just a quick question. So I pee-ed, I did istibra, and then while I was washing even though i was making sure that all stays clean, my brain was playing tricks with me telling me maybe I am pee-ing... since I am not sure its all doubting.. so will that washing be OKAY, so my common sense says that If i doubt that i might have pee-ed I should just ignore it and that washing would be okay... Is that so, please reply ...
  4. thanks for your replies guys... it helped. Okay, I really don't get why these waswas wont leave me alone. Now I am doubting something else, when I know it got najis and I did wash it, its just that I took a video of actually washing it, and since that video no longer exists I am having doubts whether I washed it or not. additionally when this thing got najis, I was very OCD so there is not way I would have left it dirty. UGH just when I was starting to feel normal-ish, like last night I slept so peacefully and today, while I was praying this waswas came to my mind. I REALLY don't know what to do, and this sometimes makes me pray for death, because then I wouldn't have to worry about these things.
  5. Shia debater, I think washing up in the shower sounds very much doable, although I have one question, the water that flows down in the tub while i am washing... is that Pak or not?
  6. Thanks for that advice Zareen, but I do ONLY use western style bathrooms and almost every time I pee I feel like its splashing underneath... And should I just ignore the doubts I have about splashes, since it is said that when something's originally clean and one doubts whether it became najis or not one should just consider it clean even if there is a way to prove otherwise. In which case I should have just ignored the doubt I had about my leg when I experimented peeing standing(which I won't be continuing)
  7. Okay so I think I seriously have OCD, not to the level where I want to kill myself to end the misery but its bad enough to take most of my mental space. First the basics, every time I sit to pee, I feel like its splashing on my under thigh, the area thats exposed underneath while sitting. and since I feel splashes, I end up doing a lot of washing every time I pee, the front the back the everything. And even though its distressing At least I feel clean at the end of it. Currently I live in Pakistan so we have ample of water in the toilets and proper drainage to avoid flooding in the toilets. But I will be going to the UK for studies and these privileges wont be enjoyed there... and since I was wondering I need to find a way to be able to use the public toilets there without causing a flood, I had an idea this morning. I was just trying it out... so I decided I'll pee while standing, I threw some tissue paper in the seat and I kinda aimed at it so it absorbs the urine, and then I'll flush it out no splashes, minimal washing(as I said I think I have OCD). So when I was at it, it kinda felt like i had splashes of my left leg, now I wasn't sure if there were actual splashes or my mind playing games on me because I was watching very closely as the pee went in the pot and I didn't see any splashes, so I ran my hand on my leg to feel for wetness, I didn't feel anything and I kind smelt my hand later, no odour either. At that time I didn't want to leave the place unclean so I practically showered and washed the floor and all. Now for the sensible side in me; first of all I have a theory, I think my mind just plays games on me and there aren't any splashes, either while sitting OR when i was standing, cause I have tried sitting and not peeing and I still feel some thing on my lower thigh (At this point I realise I sound totally looney) my theory is that since I take my pants off the hair on my legs kinda adjust to being not in pants and thats what feels like splashes... but I don't know how to be sure. And I know the rules regarding doubts are, that when you are not sure that something's gotten najis, ignore the doubt. How am I supposed to do this when the outcome of not washing everything are seemingly disastrous. Please, please, please help.
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