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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My son who is 21 and has been in my sons life for 4 years now. has lost a great deal of respect for him due to him hitting me. My son is not in the deen so many things he dosent understand. Thank you Brother I look forward to your comment. He normally send mon-wed with me. He spends thur- mon with her. I understand like you say its just a phase and it will pass. I think you for that its helpful. It just feel like the time Im with him Im just cooking and we both have to be up the next day. not time to relax and enjoy each others time. He works from 2pm to anywhere from 8 to 845 each night. so
  2. no we have childen from other unions
  3. Im thankful for your post but what would you suggest I do in all of this. I ve heard things from be patent or leave and have a matchmaker help me find anothr husband
  4. Im not sure what else I should do at this point ? but be patient and seek Allah in this. Im sure some people would read this and say just walk away from him and all of this. But I took and take my union very serious . I just pray Allah reward me for this all in the after life. I just dont understand if one says he or she fear and love Allah how cound they act this way towards some one that only wants to love them and help then lead a good life before Allah? I ve been told that his is not normal conduct for a shia and I should not think all men are like this. I ve even had people offer to help
  5. I m not sure why every one goes to jelousy is what the woman issue is. I am not in no way upset about the cowife just how unfair he has been with the time . But I m better now that I have put my thought else where and im doing things to make be better. I know Allah will guide and keep me. I know that if my husband keeps up the poor conduct Allah will close my heart to him and allow me to move on and send a man in my life that will treat me fairly regardless if im his only wife or his 4th wife. In sha Allah Thank you your wisdon help me a great deal. I guess I got caught up in the time he was
  6. As Salaam aleikum its been a few days since I have posted anything . I have found that Allah has been so very good to me in all of this. I have been in a great deal of pain about how my husband has been treating me. But I know that Allah will see me through it . I read most of the post and I m thankful for some of the post. I must commment on the one about where my husband prefers to spend his time. I found out why he is spending more time with her. She is very lacks in her deen he is able to live anyway over there. I fear Allah and I encourge my husband to pray she is not so concered with ma
  7. Yes my husband is much kinder to me now since she has been in his life. My father law is very upset with him taking money from this woman. Oh no she doesnt pay any of may bill at all. She is happy taking care of him. During out time a part I still shared his bed as much as I could due to the fact that I was trying to heal from the pain of him hitting. I was and I am a good wife. I never did understand why he had to hit me. But he says that he woulndt do it again so I m trusting Allah that it will not happen. I just want him to be fair and not allow her to act the way she does I understand why
  8. Thank you Im fine with the co-wife I think it can work well for all of us.I just dont care for how this woman is put my husband's life in the hell fire. She make things so easy for him she pays all his bills and gives him money. I dont do that at all I allow him to be a man like he is to be to our family . she is buying his love and he is loving it right now. I support my husband in taking the co-wife 100% he just needs to put this sister in her place and for the recourd he is in a temp marrige with this woman . which to my understand they are looked down upon due to things just like this.
  9. As Salaam Alaikum all my brothers and sister. I have an new update my husband has done a temp marrige with this sister. She is new in her deen and has no clue what or how to deal with it all. She is lashing out at me due to the fact that my husband was not honest with her. He told her we were having problem in our marraige and I had moved out. What he failed to tell her is I moved in with my son due to the fact that my husband was being abusive and even gave me a black eye on one occasion and choked me repeated times. I left due to fear of harm not that I didnt want my husband. So he took up w
  10. As-Salaama alaykum wa rahmatullaah sisters I want to talk to other sisters that are co-wifes regardless of the order (ist wife,2nd wife etc). I want insight on the do's and don't of how to deal with your time when you husband is away or how to deal with a co-wife that is not being fair about the time each wife needs with their husband.
  11. oh yes my money is my own even before this woman can into the picuture. we are all going to meet next week so I will bring it up again.
  12. She has taken her shahadah a few months ago with my husband. As far as what she knew about me was that I had to go live with my son for a few months to help him out . I think your correct my husband knew that I didnt have a problem with him taking a co-wife it was something that we had talked about. But I think your correct he meet this woman in the wrong way and now he is attempting to say since I had was away for 2 months he went looking for someone but his conduct was not correct with her. kNowing that Im not having an issue with it , I think she thought he would leave me for her but that
  13. Thank you and May Allah bless you also. I love my husband very much and I know he is a good man . Im thankful for this forum so Im able to vent and gain information without causing shame or disgrace to my husband. Thank you ! I think my problem with it all is she is new in the deen and I feel she has only came in because of my husband. She depends on him so much and she is missing that Allah is the only one to be worshiped . She hangs on his every word. She very dependant. I am a very outgoing and when he is spending his time with her I keep myself busy one I work a full time job and I taking
  14. Thanks you for your post. Well she is living in my old house with him, I ask my husband if he had been with her when I 1st found out he told me at that time no. I am not sure if he didnt want to hurt me more at that time or not. Im just not sure how to approach the question about if they have been. Im not sure if its not my bussines or he will think that Im trying to find out too much about them. I know he hugs and kiss her but not sure how far past that its went. I m not sure of her STD status when I mention it when we first meet she seem to get offened since she was unaware that he had been
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