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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I follow Grand Ayatollah Reza Hosseine Nassab and while I do not condone everything Yasser al-Habib is saying in his lectures. He does seem like a man who does know history quite well.
  2. You are welcome in Islam ! I'm from France but if you will we can speak in MSN about the Shiism. By Allah (SWT) it is the right road ! nncsed@hotmail.fr

  3. Thank you very much bro! May Allah (swt) reward you ! I am downloading it now
  4. Very touching indeed. If I may ask : What does the "(as)" mean ? if someone could englishize this to me hehheh.
  5. I would suggest that you check out: http://www.islamreligion.com Read the scientific miracles of the Quran and there is a lot of proof on that site, search it around ! =) Remember sis: Allah (swt) doesnt need you. You need Him.
  6. I must have my say on this hehheh. I believe Allah (swt) is beyond our understanding. We cannot even understand how amazing, how overwhelming and huge He is. it is impossible just thinking about it makes my brains burn. its impossible. ALLAHU AKBAR. He truly is the Greatest, words cannot describe. most Merciful !
  7. السلام عليكم I am now converted =) I couldnt wait longer i talked with a muslim brother and he said i shouldnt delay my conversion cuz i dont know when i will die. Allahu Akbar “Whatever you have been given is only an enjoyment of this life and its adornment, but that which is with God (in the Hereafter) is better and will remain forever….” (Quran 28:60)
  8. Salam Aleikum. This is an idea I just came up with. Hear me out brothers and sisters: I live in Finland, a country with not many Shia muslims (not many muslims in general) and I have reverted, so I am here now, asking if there are any people in my country, whom I could become friends with. So if you are from Finland, especially if you are from Seinajoki or Vaasa, CONTACT ME! So I started thinking, some other people might be in the same situation as I am. So why not make a topic here? that would help people find each other in countries where muslims are a minority? Let people know where you are from, and inshAllah you will find some friends from there too =) (p.s moderators, this is just a suggestion, i mean no harm im new here hehheh) ALLAHU AKBAR =)
  9. This is true. I have been taught this as well. However I do not surrender to brainwash and decided to look into it for myself, and now, actually today, I have converted to Islam im now a muslim =) ALHAMDULILLAH! May Allah (swt) reward you all who supported me.
  10. Hi, i cant edit my post for some reason so im sorry i have to flood the forum with 2 separate messages. But I was talking with a muslim online and he said: ***: At least the bad Muslim acknowledges he is doing wrong and that God is one and He must be worshipped alone and that Islam is the only true religion. ***: And will try to improve and increase other deeds and seek God's forgiveness. ***: While the non Muslim doesn't even recognize it's wrong This is a reply to what i said when he asked why havent i converted yet i dont know when im gonna die. I replied with i rather be a non muslim than a bad muslim, and that was his reply. And i have to admit, his reply got me thinking, I honestly dont know what will happen, i can go to sleep tonight and not wake up in the morning. its unlikely, but no one knows. What are your thoughts on it, is he right? Should I convert now? Even though i know i would be missing Ramadan (only 9days left) and possibly a few prayers until i have foudn a mat to pray on (warehouse floor is dirty)
  11. Salam friends, I have now made my mind up on Shia vs Sunni vs all the others. I have decided to convert SHIA. I have investigated the religion of Islam from BOTH sides and to my humane logic, Shia holds better ideas, such as Ali being the successor of Mohammad, makes sense since they were family. Also, I read that its OK to combine the 5 prayers to 3 different times in Hadith Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) did this. And Sunni does not accept this. Also, I do not want to point fingers at anyone, but Saudi-arabian government is working with the Kafirs and has USA army bases on their land. Iran (Shia capital) fights the Kafirs and has 100 000 notifications on them for standing up for Truth. Deeds speak louder than words my friends. I have now setup a prayer room, where I can pray in peace without other people or stuff distracting me, all i need now is a prayer mat, the floor is a little dirty. And then when Ramadan ends I will convert InshAllah. I want to thank YOU ALL for being so nice and helpful to me, and may Allah (swt) reward you who made this site and monitor it and guide people here! PLease friends if you have any tips or advice, TELL ME =) (Some english translations of some Hadith would be nice) webpages.
  12. Well friend, im no Shia scholar or anything but, I havent yet heard that any Shias pray to the Imams. Islam in my opinion is PURE MONOTHEISM! Nothing is comparable to Allah (swt)!
  13. I am sorry i am very confused of what i read from Imam Mahdi. I dont understand this occultation thing so; he was born over 1000 years ago, and is now in heaven and will return or? what does this mean. When did he die or did he just vanish from earth? Also, can someone show some Hadith or Quran verses of this, i dont know if Imam Mahdi is Dajjal or Savior im confused. I have been reading the following, tell me if its correct: Before Jesus, Imam Mahdi will come and make an Islamic Kingdom on earth. Then Dajjal will come, and then Jesus comes gets married etc. and fights and wins the Dajjal then end of the world?
  14. Thank you for your quick replies! And i looked into it, and I discovered that there are 3 different Tashahhud's and yey for me, the Shia one is the easiest to learn, huge part of it is arabic words that i already know thru other Surahs so i only have to learn a few sentences =) However, I want to ask if there are any schools to follow like in Sunni there is Shaafi etc? Please assist if there are. I dont want to be the annoyign guy asking stupid questions but i honestly have trouble finding shia websites ! When I started researching Islam at Sunni sites first, then I met an Iranian co-worker and we started talking and he started talking about Ali, i was like.. "who is Ali?" and he started telling me, we spoke everyday at work, and I started searching for it on the internet and Im thinking logically here, it makes more sense that Mohammad(pbuh) would make someoen from his family his successor. So, when I started searching the internet for answers I came accross many claims that I have here seen to be false like Shias worshiping the 12 imams and using intercessors (or however its spellt). I started thinking this sounds awfully similar to christianity, but here I read that its not true and I agree, Only one God no different deities are needed, 1on1 with God. Thank you for giving me the Tashahhud above, that is very simple for me to learn now since im a beginner. thank you sir ! =) And This is a little offtopic again i am very sorry friends please do not ban me i love this forum very good reading: Are there any Shia mosques in vaasa, Finland?
  15. / Sorry if its offtopic but: This caught my attention. I am not here to argue and im not sure yet if i am Shia or Sunni, im still a non muslim but i am going to convert ! So therefore I wish to ask, in the name of Truth, could someone please post some Quran or Hadith about this matter? That proves that number of times to read that salat = 3. Cause if it is 3. Then that will work GREAT for me because I am a working man and my boss may not like me going to pray 3 times during the work day. (I live in europe)
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