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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from feefee_xx in Burning Of 500 Hadiths   
    Brother, to be honest this is the first time I have heard this. It may or may not be true. Although it wouldn't surprise me considering there are so many hadiths found in our Sunni Brothers "Sahih" books that go in favor of the Shi'ah views and if this event is true then there would be a lot more hadiths.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from HusseinAbbas in Noah's Ark Refutation   
    The fact that religions in the Ancient Near East had a flood story doesn't prove that this was simply borrowed by the Israelites and utilised as a vehicle to convey a new worldview which we now call Monotheism. Let's not forget that many cultures and religions all share some sort of flood story.
    The simplest answer is often the correct one. Why is it so hard to believe Allah revealed this narrative to previous nations in their Revelation before He revealed it to us through the Qur'an or to the Israelites in the Torah?
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Nad_M in Origination Of Sperms (Quran 86:6-7)   
    Ali Unal states that this refers to both the mechanism of ejection of the seminal fluid and the zone from which it is emitted.
    You may wanna look up more comprehensive Tafsir insha'Allah
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Bima Bagus Pambudhi in Is Ahmadiyya A Branch Of Sunni Sect?   
    ^... Whether they follow Fiqh of Hanafi School of Maliki School is irrelevant if they don't believe in the finality of the Prophet's [a] prophethood, which would make them Kufar.
    No doubt they are deviants. They follow a liar who claimed he was Jesus [a] and the Mahdi [a] who failed to accomplish the task that the Mahdi [a] was commissioned to do. Which was to remove all forms of oppression and fill the world with peace and justice. Whether they are Muslim or not, Allah knows best.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in List Of All Halal Fishes.   
    This may help: http://www.islamic-laws.com/fish.htm
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Zaidism in Post Your Favourite Poems   
    Through much toil do you gain high distinction.
    So he who seeks learning keeps awake during the night.
    You strive after glory, but then you sleep at night?
    He who seeks pearls immerses himself in the sea.
    The height of (the builder’s) blocks depends on the height
    of his aspirations; a man’s dignity rests on his nightly vigils.
    Whoever desires elevation without fatigue
    wastes his life in the quest for the absurd.
    I have forsaken sleep at night to win Your satisfaction, O Lord of lords.
    So let me attain the acquisition of knowledge
    and let me reach the utmost degree of accomplishment.

    — al-Mutanabbi
    I really love this one.^
    Can't wait till I can sink my teeth into some amazing Arabic and Persian poetry! 
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Imams (As) In Taqiyya ?   
    A lot of people who lived in our Imams (as) times except for their Shia did not actually know about their status and public ally displaying it to everyone was not going to be a smart idea. Imagine an Imam claiming what we claim now in public and people supporting him. You think everyone would be cool to know that the first 3 were thieves and that the Khalifa belongs to Ale Muhammad (as)? The Abbasids and Bani Umayyah would of been pretty pissed to say the least. There would be a civil war.
    Yes, they used to Taqiyyah. For Example, if someone came to Imam as-Saddiq (as) and asked him a question, if he was a Shia he would give him his (as) verdict or fatwa. If he was from the non-Imami's he would give him his (as) and all the fatwas and opinion of scholars or people of that area and let them decide for themselves. However, if an opponent, a person know for his opposition and hatred for the Shia came to him he would give him his sects opinion and not give his (as). The Imams were happy just to see the people praying, giving them more than what they could handle wouldn't be the best thing to do and as a result it would put the Shia's lives in danger.
    There is a hadith where one of the Imams got angry at one of his Shia who said Salaam to him in public. I cannot recall which Imam it was but that goes to show what type of Taqiyyah they were using. He didn't want the people to see that this man was actually an associate of the Imam. It was safer for them to pretend they didn't know the Imams. Our Imams (as) were extremely cleve and this type of Taqiyyah worked. To this day Sunni's still think the Imams (as) were from Ahlul-Sunnah and we 'made up' shi'ism.
    You have to understand the context of it all.
    They did Taqiyyah as an exception. It wasn't 24/7. Some Imams did things and acted differently to others depending on the situation they lived in.
    We can rely on them because of the knowledge they taught to their Shia and the narrations we have now. Scholars are able to distinguish which narrations were said in Taqiyyah and which were not, majority of the time. For example one man who worked for the Abbasids became an Imāmi and sent a letter to ask Imam al-Kadhim (as) how to pray and the Imam responded in a letter but in the letter the Imam said to wash his feet and not wipe. So when the man went to do wudhu he opened the letter and was confused as he was sure he and to wipe and do it slightly differently, that's why he asked the Imam. But whilst he was washing his feet people who worked for the Abbasids were watching him as he had been seen associating with people who were Shia so they thought he may have become a Shia but when the man performed wudhu he obeyed what rhe Imam said and washed his feet, thus the mans job and life was safe because of Taqiyyah of the Imam (as).
    When you understand this you will appreciate the Imams and their Imamah a lot more, trust me ;)
    Everyone is under the assumption that the Imams were vocal about their rights. This isn't necessarily the case. If some speaks out against the government now and starts claiming things, what happens? They and those who support them are silenced. This is nowadays, imagine 1400 years living under the Ummayads and Abbasids. The Imams (as) were strategic and opted to protect themselves and their Shia.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in What English Qu'ran Is The Best   
    Qur'an translated by Muhammad Sarwar (Shia): http://www.theislamicseminary.org/quran.html
    Tafsir: http://www.shiasource.com/al-mizan/
    Hope this helps Sis :)
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in The Succession Of Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq   
    Yes, though I think the point he was making is we lack pre-ghayba Ahadith mentioning 12 Imams [which isn't true, we have a number of pre-ghayba ahadith explicitly mention the number of Imams being 12] and that the Imams themselves didnt use those Sunni ahadith to substantiate their claims.  
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Ageng Bagus Bima Pambudhi in Is Ahmadiyya A Branch Of Sunni Sect?   
    ^... Whether they follow Fiqh of Hanafi School of Maliki School is irrelevant if they don't believe in the finality of the Prophet's [a] prophethood, which would make them Kufar.
    No doubt they are deviants. They follow a liar who claimed he was Jesus [a] and the Mahdi [a] who failed to accomplish the task that the Mahdi [a] was commissioned to do. Which was to remove all forms of oppression and fill the world with peace and justice. Whether they are Muslim or not, Allah knows best.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from HakimPtsid in Circumcision Reverts   
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Hameedeh in Banned Members   
    Invoker banned for insulting another member (once again). After reciving 9 warnings (many for the same offence) his conduct has not improved. 
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from wolverine in Ethics Book List   
    Salaam alaykum Sister
    I want to know if you have any of these books in PDF format?
    [MOD NOTE: The project of adding PDF links for every book will continue.]
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from ShiaChat Mod in Your Username Or Avatar   
    Mine is just the Muslim name I chose after our amazing first Imam Ali (as) after I converted to Islam on the 20th of Ramadan 2011. I don't believe I knew the significance of the two dates of 19th and 21st in regards to Imam Ali when I converted and chose that name, so I guess it is quite fitting that my name is Ali.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from MuslimahAK in Sex Is Insignificant?   
    No it doesn't. You're projecting an interpretation onto the text that isnt even there and then saying if taken literally it seems absurd. This sounds far more absurd than reading the hadith literally. 
    Yes, but the production of offspring is a consequence of sex. It is not the sole purpose for intimacy between a man and his wife - certainly not according to the Prophet [sa] and Imams [as]. It is an act of shared love and compassion between a man and women, and it has never been looked at in the Islamic tradition as something just as means of procreating. This is a medieval christian understanding, which we reject. And even if were the purpose of procreation, that is clearly not what the hadith is talking about. 
    The Imam is referring to the physical act of intercourse between a man and a women. This has a lot more to it than just 'procreation'. 
    The hadith is talking about the physical pleasure derived from the act and not the consequence of it (the procreation of mankind). 
    Imam Sadiq  (as): “Indeed, the people of heaven do not take delight in the pleasures of heaven more than sex neither food nor drink has that much pleasure for them.” [Wasail Al-Shia, V. 20, Hadith 24929]
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Muslim96 in Sayed Sistani About Tatbir   
    And I am asking for proofs to the claims you have made. If you are true to your claim then you will, inshAllah have no issue providing evidence for the statements you have made.
    You said it wasnt a Bid'a and now I am asking you to prove that cutting yourself in large groups isn't a Bid'a.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Muslim96 in Sayed Sistani About Tatbir   
    Once again when I ask for proof, I recieve more statements. Are there any Hadiths which confirm what you say? Sitting in sunlight is every different from cutting oneself... I think we can both agree with that.
    So just because "millions" of Shia Muslims do it in those countries it makes it right? Billions disbelieve in God and Muhammad (pbuh&hf) and millions believe Prophet Jesus (as) is God. Does that make either of those things right?
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Muslim96 in Sayed Sistani About Tatbir   
    Once again, prove your claim.
    That's like going to the police and saying so and so stole my cat and then you have no evidence and the police ask why and you say I don't need to prove what I have claimed...
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Muslim96 in Sayed Sistani About Tatbir   
    Wow... I'm still comming to terms with what I just read.
    1) cutting/intense beating/harming oneself is not a Bid'a
    2) it doesn't harm your body
    I'm not sure where to begin, each statement is just as rediculous as the other.
    Please prove to me that is it not a Bid'a.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Muslim96 in Sayed Sistani About Tatbir   
    This does not even warrant a discussion. It's an evil Bid'a and we all know it. These bodies we live in are not ours... They belong to Allah. Allah will hold you to account and question you about how you used your body. What right do you have to damage the body Allah gave you?
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Muslim96 in Sayed Sistani About Tatbir   
    You don't need to be a scholar to see its clearly a Bid'a, a disturbing one at that.
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from TheYoungLion in Sunni Vs Shia   
    LOL he's got us! :!!!: Let's all go back to 'pure Islam' and follow Criminals who killed each other (my bad, everyone gets a free pass because they spent the afternoon with the Prophet [sawa]) and bury our heads under the sand, ignoring reality, just like our new Imam `Umar b. Khattab did to his daughter...
    Can't wait! Where do I sign up?
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Abu Nur in Bayyinah Institute Visits Robert Davila   
    Nouman `Ali Khan and Bayyinah Institute visit and hold Jumu'ah at the nursing home of Robert Devlia.
    Prepare to shed a tear!
    loved the part when he began describing Rasoolillah Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå. His description reminded me of the many ahadith that speak of his [sawa] appearance, clothing style and physical features such as the bright whiteness of his [sawa] teeth, and the way he spoke, which brother David mentions amongst other things. SubhanAllah his description of the Prophet [sawa] is remarkable! 
    By Allah the heart of every true Muslim years for the moment of meeting al-Mustafa!. May Allah raise us amongst his Umma on the Day of Account and may we be granted the honour of meeting him in the Akhira. 
    Robert Devila is paralysed down from neck to toe and lives in a nursing home. A friend had left him a Crucifix which belonged to David's best friend, who lived with Robert in the nursing home, which hung on his his bed post. His friend had found a donor and left to receive treatment only to never return. David's friend had died on the operating table.
    One night, David had a dream and saw a man speaking to a group of people in the desert who were sitting and listening attentively to him. David, who say's in previous dreams, feels pain in his legs and cannot walk, yet here he finds himself standing about 20 feet away from the group of men. It was dark. A fire was lit and the men were siting by it, listening to the man exhorting them. Robert then see's the Crucifix in the corner of his eye. The man then turns to David, pointing at the Crucifix, and gently says: God did not send Messenger's so the people could worship them. He sent Messenger's so the people could worship Him. Jesus walked in the market place and he ate food. He was a man. He was a Prophet.'
    I will leave David to narrate the rest:

    This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Please take time to thank Allah for all the things He has given you. Robert has had almost everything taken away from him and Allah gave him Islam in return. But yet, subhanAllah, look at the happiness, the Nūr and contentment on his face. 
    Please share and enjoy this heart-warming story. There is no guidance but Allah's guidance! 
    For the background of this inspirational story, please watch the following by Nouman `Ali Khan:
    Quranic narrative of God’s conversation with Jesus the son of Mary عليه السلام on the Day of Judgement, recounting some events in the life of Prophet Jesus:
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from Don'tMakeAس in My Journey To Islam   
    Salaam Brothers/Sisters
    Guys, it is rather lengthy but please read if you are interested :)
    My name is Ali. I am 17 years old and I live in NSW Australia. The main reason why I began to search for a religion is because I wanted to find the path to God. I needed a way to change my self because I was not happy with who I was. I felt sometimes that I am just terrible to people and I felt really bad for all the conflict and fighting that occurs in my family and sometimes friends. I spoke with a few friends about this and they said if anything, people are bad to you not the other way around. But I wasn't so sure. After finding Islam, I knew that it was my way out. To start living a proper life and to be an example to the people around so that one day inshAllah they might accept Islam to. 
    So here's my story
    I was baptized as a catholic, but never learnt the religion. My parents were Spanish and Portuguese so they had strong ties to the catholic religion but they were not very religious at all. I never went to church, except for weddings, baptisms ect.. So I never had a proper education on the religion. Just as I was writing this I remembered an event that happened last year that is related to my story but to be honest, I can't remember if it was after I had researched Islam or before... But I think it was before.
    In my scripture class there was this old man and this young man, both teaching Christianity to the kids in my class. I was in the room and I kept shooting questions at him because of what he said. He was saying how he knows how is going to Heaven because he accepts Jesus as his boss and saviour. I was disagreeing with him on other things he said and afterwards I felt really stupid because he is properly right and pretty much the same religion I was in and I wanted to learn more about it and become a Christian but for some odd reason I was arguing with the teacher.
    When I first uncounted Islam it was through independent research online... I looked at all sorts of weird things... And eventually found the religion of Islam. I looked at it and it seemed to me like the last thing I would be interested in. And when I looked into Islam even more... I was horrified at it. People (mainly christians) said that Muslims worshipped a mood god called "Allah" and that an Arab man called Muhammad was a pedophile. May God forgive me. This scared me about islam. But that still didn't stop me doing further research. Eventually I found the Quran and saw all the amazing things inside it... I was in disbelief... But then every time I found something that made me closer to Islam there was something that drew me away from it. All through my childhood I would pray to god and ask him to help me... Even though I wasn't practicing a religion. Every night I would pray and when I didn't I would feel bad for not. After seeing the teachings of Islam I saw things that were weird or strange and out of ignorance one day I just said: "I'm going to become a Christian because Islam it too strange and different".
    At this stage I was really confused, upset, and I didn't have clue what to do. I aslo kept this all to myself so no one else knew what I was doing. One night I remember I was in my room about to go to bed and I was in a really upset state. I was quite emotional and I remember asking God to help me. I said please make this decision for me because I didn't know what to do. I asked him if Christianity is the right religion and you are Jesus or his son or whatever... then make me a Christian but if Islam is the right religion than make me a Muslim. I was after a sign of some sort cause I didn't know what to do. But I was still leaning towards Islam but doubt was still in my mind. After this I was quite emotional and then just went to sleep.
    Then things started to get really weird...
    After this. The next few days all I could think about was Islam.. It consumed my mind. The Quran, Muhammad, Allah, the religion.. All of it..  I couldn't explain it. All I was interested in looking up on the Internet was Islam. When I did research I found out the truth.. About Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) and everything else... I had found the source of the religion and judged it on it's teachings and not on some of it's followers like some people do unfortunately. Islam just made so much sense. I am so glad I wasn't a practicing Christian because it would of been so much harder to let go of it and become a Muslim.. I see all the time on the net, Christians who are presented with Islam and the miracles of the Quran but can't accept Islam because of the doctrine they have followed their whole lives. Then because they cant explain it, they often attempt to insult islam and the Prophet.They don't want to accept that what they believe in is wrong, and I am so grateful that I had nothing to let go off.. I pretty much had nothing to lose but everything to gain.
    Then on a website this man at the start if this year I think, I got in touch with a man named Najib. The website had a story about a man who embraced Islam and it was really beautiful. If you like I will post the link on here and you can see the story of the man and also my comments I made and I explained my situation there and I was overwhelmed with the support I got from Muslims.. People I didn't even know. It amazed me how well they treated each other. Anyway someone offered to help me and I got in contact with him and we have been speaking over MSN every weekend since the start of this year. He helped me so much and answered all of my questions for me. I owe him a lot for his help.
    Not too long after that I started to think that I really want to become a Muslim and one night when I was staying a friends place. I told two of my friends something.. Can't really remember how exactly i said it, but they guessed straight away and said are you going to become a Muslim? I was like... How did you guess that? haha. I was shocked and didn't really give them a straight answer. I was like, idk maybe..
    And they said that would respect me if I did but one said I would have to be prepared for people who would say stuff to me about my beliefs and religion. Then the other one said, as long as you don't treat woman badly I am happy with you and your decision. I told them that Muslim men well good ones..would never harm their wives.. As Muhammad said: "the best among you, are the ones who are kind to their wives" or something along those lines.
    After I spoke to them I felt so much better but I still needed to tell my family. I just realized how much I have written now haha so I will trim it down from this point and get to the end.
    From then on I would speak with Najib every weekend or try to haha. It was hard with the times but he was in Holland but we managed. Every time I spoke with him it made me feel like nothing else really mattered. Just learning about Islam cleared my head and took my worries away. I had read bits and pieces of the Quran online but I wanted to buy a Quran myself and read it.
    So one day when we had an excursion for school I went and knew I had a chance to look at the book store. I waited til there was no one from my school in the bookshop (I was paranoid in someone seeing me buy a Quran) and went in and had a look. I must of went in and out a thousand times, not even joking. I looked at the religion section and found nothing on Islam and no Quran. I was upset but for some reason as I left I decided to look again. I was looking and looking and didn't find anything. I left the store again and I went back in later on to look at something else maybe check out a different book. But I found my self looking at the same section as before haha. But when I was looking I saw a shiny blue letters on the book and it said "The Qur'an" 
    I couldn't believe it. I was in there looking for so long and didn't see anything and when I thought it wasn't there it almost appeared. I picked it up and flicked through the pages. I hesitated and I'm thinking... Is this a good translation? Who the guy who wrote it ect... Should I really buy it??
    So I went out side AGAIN :/ haha and sat on a bench and on my phone I googled the translation of the Quran. I figured it's the only Quran there so I might as well take this opportunity and buy it, so I went back and bought it. As I was putting it in my bag, one of my friends asked what book did I buy? And I said the best book in the world haha. And then he started to try and open my bag... And I was like freaking out. I didn't want him to see what I bought even though chances are he wouldn't if know what it was.. Or maybe he would but I didn't want to take that chance.
    So for the next few months I read little bits of the Quran. I had to read it in secret because my family didn't know about this. During the holidays me and my brothers would go to out grandparents place some days and went I did I brought the Quran with me and went up stairs and read for hours when I should of been doing study and work for school :P but I didn't want to stop reading. I was determined to finish it. One day while up stairs I was reading the Quran and I know before you read it, its good to say... Sorry can't remember the exact words. But like ask God for protection against satan whilst reading the Quran but that time I must of forgot. So I was reading and then I hear this banging sound on the door to the room. It wasn't like a tap or anything and to be honest the first time it happened it scared the [Edited Out] out of me.. It was a big THUD and I was like... What the?
    Then again.., Bang!
    I'm thinking what is going on? So I got up and went and opened the door... I couldn't tell what was making the noise.  So I shut the door and then continued reading the Quran. It happens again and I was like oh my goodness this is so annoying! So I got up again and looked out of the door... And nothing. Then I thought it might be really windy outside and the door near the window could be banging not mine.. So I looked and all the windows were closed.. And then I thought.. Hmm, this is weird.. So then I remembered that before reading the Quran I didn't ask God for protection from Satan and I was like...
    Sitting in the room with the Quran thinking... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING!! Then the banging got faster..
    I'm thinking...
    If he is banging on my door I'm screwed! 
    I actually thought Satan was banging on the door of my room,, hahaha
    I couldn't explain where the noise was from...
    And for some reason I had enough and went to open the door... I seriously don't know how I brought my self to do it cause I was convinced that someone or something was before the door banging...
    So I opened it and nothings there...
    I was so confused haha and angry. I was like what the hell is going on!?!?!
    Then I went down stairs and saw that only one of my brothers were there. So I said where is Luis? And my brother Joel said I don't know. And then I thought... If this is him doing it I am going to kill him! Haha
    So I go up stairs again and then I see my younger brother lying under my grandparents bed, hiding from me Hahaha he was the one banging the noise I told him I was freaking out cause i didn't know what it was and he was just laughing at me haha.
    Afterwards I felt so stupid for thinking that Satan was behind my door banging.. 
    That night I spoke with Najib and told him what had happened and he just couldn't stop laughing haha... I felt like such an idiot afterwards but I just couldn't explain what the banging was from.
    But eventually I finished reading the Quran and a few weeks later I broke the news to my mum. I had decided that it was time and I just couldn't out it off any longer. In my room before I went and spoke with her. My hands were sweating and my tummy was felling so sick... I was sooooo nervous. I had never done anything like this before and it would be the biggest shock to my mum. So I told her that night and to say the least, she didn't take it well. She cried when I told her and I was so upset that I had brought her to tears. But I said I've made my decision a long time ago and that there isn't much you can do to change my mind. She thought all Muslims were terrorists and hated western life and all this other stuff. I explained everything to her and then gave her some PDF files to read about islam. 
    So now that I have told mum I can finally do it :D I told Najib what happened and he was zoo excited to hear that I can say shahadah. The next weekend it was a Saturday morning and it was really late online for him over there but he said he will stay up so I can say it in the morning. Eventually mum goes: "we are leaving in ten minutes" and I'm like :| NO WE NOT Hahah and I went and told her that I am going to say the shahadah online now and she said ok but be quick. S then I came back to the laptop and said the Shahadah online with Najib. My mum and brothers were already inside the car waiting for me and I'm like... Najib.. I got to go, like right now haha so I shut down the laptop and ran out side to get in the car before they left without me haha that was last week. After I said the shahadah, I felt really weird. I couldn't explain it but it just felt odd... I told Najib and he asked was it like weight being lifted off your shoulders? And I said yeah it kind of did.. But I think it was just in my head, but I wasn't sure haha
    Next on my list to tell was dad. I knew he wouldn't take it well, don't think he likes Muslims to say the least. But last Friday I told him. He was in disbelief. He just laughed and said: bulls$@t Dylan, your not a Muslim. I was trying not to laugh at his response and said: but I'm yeah.. Dad I am..
    And he said... For a second I thought you were going to tell me you were gay. Hahaha
    I had quite a laugh then. I said so aren't you glad I said I'm Muslim and not gay? And he said.. I don't know which is worse Hahah. For someone that hears bad news or takes it as bad news, dad always tries to turn it into a joke. I'm laughing and I'm trying to explain that I'm not kidding. He just didn't understand why.. So I showed him so information and explained things to him.
    So because my parents are separated I had to tell them at different times. Mum now Alhamduliliah is so supportive and happy for me :) she really is happy that I have done this. I think likes the part of Muslims having to obey their parents :P But I've been really good to her since I've become a Muslim and hopefully one day she and dad will see the good and happiness in me and want that too. inshAllah
    So yeah, that's my story. I apologize for writing so much but that is close enough to the whole thing whole thing and I felt like I needed to explain everything to someone at least once. 
    Currently now I'm still struggling but inshallah Allah will make for me a way out. What it came down to was the fact that the Quran was just too perfect to come from any other saw than God, and I can remember the day when I was reading about Islam outside looking on my iPod touch ( so no one could see what I am doing haha) and reading through the miracles of the Quran... It took my breath away and it was then that I decided that I have to be a Muslim.
    I recommend to anyone who wants to read a beautiful reversion story, to go to: 
    It is here were I got into contact with Najib and if you read the comments below you will see what I have written about my situation at the time. I as so impressed about how caring Muslims can be and so many offered to help. Unfortunately we have people from our Ummah who are harming the Muslims with the bad actions and their wrongs are affecting us all. One Muslim does something wrong and we all have to suffer. It's not fair I know, but all the negativity about Islam in the media, may very well be the handiwork of Satan in an attempt to prevent people from finding the true path. As you can see... Satan is failing because I was able to join the Religion of God and see through the rubbish of the media and so are many others everyday. That is why Islam is the fasting growing religion and no one is able to put out the light of God:
    "They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it."
    Qur'an 9:32
    If you have any comments or wish to ask me anything regarding my journey to Islam I would love to hear them :)
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    Ali Musaaa :) got a reaction from YAli in Abdul Hakim Murad Disowns "happy Muslims" Video   
    The Prophet was also known for his Hayya. 
    The real nonsense is that of men and women singing and dancing with and in the presence of Non-Mahram's. Yes, indeed, 'backward Muslims as usual' 
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