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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I will be returning home to the wonderful land of Aus soon, In sha Allah. Please keep me in your duas. Insha'Allah it is a smooth trip home.
  2. Wasalam, Is there a decent quality series with just english subtitles? I looked a while ago and the one I found with english subtitles didnt have a good picture quality. Perhaps I didnt look hard enough.
  3. In this case you can make a rough estimate in your head then make the intention of trying to perform double (if possible) that amount, just to be sure. If you fall short of your intended goal and pass away, Allah will take your sincerity and intention to fulful your obligation (for His sake) into account.
  4. Salam, What is your question related to specifically?
  5. Currently reading (and will be attempting to read over the break): Arms and Influence - Thomas C. Schelling Man, the State, and War - Kenneth Waltz. Great Games, Local Rules: The Great New Power Contest in Central Asia - Alexander Cooley The New Old World - Perry Anderson Studies in Early Hadith Literature - Mustafa Azami
  6. Regarding you concern about the consumption of pork, when asked, you can refer them to passages of the Bible which prohibits the consumption of pork (such include: Leviticus 11:7-8 and Isaiah 66:17), and say you wish to abide by these commandments God gave Moses and Aaron.
  7. Salaamun Alaykum I'm sorry to hear of your situation. I (as well as many others) have gone similar experiences. The best thing you can do is remain on good terms with your parents, and slowly make Hijra (migration) to Allah and His Messenger [sawa]. You are under no obligation to share with them your feelings about this at this present time. Especially if you fear a negative reaction may follow. You can simply tell her that perhaps Islam is perceived to be a "male-dominated" religon due to the ill-treatment of women by some men. Sadly, this is a human problem, not something isolated
  8. Salaam, may God bless you. Welcome to ShiaChat. Your questions are not stupid. Please do not hesitate in asking any of your questions here. Insha'Allah the members here are polite and helpful. The following two videos may help. The individual speaking is Dr. Jonathan AC Brown, a Muslim convert and Western academic and scholar of Islam who specialises in the study of Hadith. Your questions are addressed in the above two videos. The first is very short, and the second is a nice introduction. Dr. Jonathan Brown has an excellent book Ha
  9. Taken from Ahl al-Bayt Daily: Jesus the son of Mary [a] gave a sermon to the Children of Israel, so he said, "O Children of Israel! Do not eat until you are hungry. If you are hungry, then eat, but do not fill yourselves. If you fill yourselves, your necks will thicken, your sides will fatten, and your Lord will be forgotten." عنه، عن على بن حديد رفعه قال: قام عيسى بن مريم (ع) خطيبا في بنى إسرائيل فقال: يا بنى إسرائيل لا تأكلوا حتى تجوعوا، وإذا جعتم فكلوا ولا - تشبعوا، فانكم إذا شبعتم غلظت رقابكم، وسمنت جنوبكم، ونسيتم ربكم (4). (al-Mahasin)
  10. وقال أبو حاتم بن خاموش الحنبلي: (من لم يكن حنبلياً فليس بمسلم) [3] The translation says: "Hanafi" but the Arabic has Abu Hatim as saying "Hanbali" Sunnism is pretty much the umbrella that every group who isn't Shi'i seeks the shelter of legitimacy under.
  11. Salam guys, I'm in need of your duas. It's really really really important! I'll share the good news with you all if it goes ahead! And no, I'm not getting married
  12. Salaam, You still have to pray. Just as a punishment for intentionally sinning in this manner, prayers for those 30 (I think it might be 40?) days aren't accepted. Not praying and leaving the prayer is still a sin in itself. The best thing to do is to vow to avoid going to places where alcohol is consumed and start praying again. Make regular dua and be sincere in your repentence. It is not appropriate to reveal your sins to others. Allah has covered our sins, don't expose what Allah has veiled from the people to protect your. P.S. As a note: if you want to keep this hidde
  13. is there a bilingual edition of this work?
  14. Thanks, seems like ive got it down now. Seems like that space was crucial lol
  15. How do I have youtube videos to be the way they used to be on SC? Help a low-tech-turkey out here. Back in my days, things were different..
  16. Dr. Shermon Jackson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HisIwWhyU34
  17. On what grounds do you believe the people who wrote the Gospels were actual deciples of Jesus? Jesus Christ's Deciples were Aramaic speaking Jews who were most probably illiterate fisherman. Do you really think that these were the same people who also composed the Gospels in highly sophisticated Greek decades after Jesus leaves the scene?
  18. Well, this is certainly one thread I didn't imagine stumbling upon on ShiaChat...
  19. How does this go against "the generally accepted stance of Islam on alcohol", when the Qur'an says: They ask thee about intoxicants and games of chance. Say: "In both there is great evil as well as some benefit for man; but the evil which they cause is greater than the benefit which they bring." And they will ask thee as to what they should spend [in God's cause]. Say: "Whatever you can spare." In this way God makes clear unto you His messages, so that you might reflect (2:219)
  20. Have you spoken to many who have paid your humble abode a visit? In my experience, they've been very robotic.
  21. You do not become a Kafir if you don't pray. You become a Kafir, according to the jurists, if you deny something essentially known and instrinsic to the Dīn. For example, you say/believe that Prayer is not required, or you say alcoholic consumption is allowed. Intoxicating substances harm the soundness of ones mind, and clearly prevents one from knowing his Lord - as per the excellent Hadith posted earlier. It is not appropriate that person x can indulge in practice y because he is able to 'control' himself better than anyone else. It's harmful to society's well-being so no one is pe
  22. Then you're comments and attitude towards the Ulema are completely unwarrented. If you havnt even read their books that deal with these things or (yet alone) even know who amongst them propergates such a view, then, in all seriousness, what are you doing making such comments? If you haven't looked over the material they have produced that deals with these things, then you really ought to ask yourself whether you have the right to be making such comments. Maybe thats because nothing needs to be challenged? What if the two things mentioned in parenthesis are endorsed by the Qur'an and A
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