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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalaymu alaykom you guys. I'm going to delete my SC account inshaAllah my email is hakim.abidAllah@gmail.com. If you have or going to get a fb my link to send a friend request is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002295420325&ref=tn_tnmn ight? Peace.
  2. Hmmmm deleting account.

  3. The jews call us gentiles(mushriks) or kofer(kafir), and christians say infidel(kafir) and pagan(mushrik). Don't act as it is these words that keep people from islam kus thats not true. And kafir is not a deragatory term. The Quran does not use deragatory language. Al hamdu lilaah. Allah knows best of all what i say.
  4. Quran 2:221 Tafsir Al Mizan Commentary Excerpt The most open kind of polytheism is to believe that there is more than one god and to take and worship idols and treat them as intercessors before God. Less open is the polytheism of the people of the book, as they deny the prophethood of Muhammad (s.a.w.), and, especially their belief that 'Uzayr was the son of God, or Isa was the son of God, and so is their claim that they themselves are sons of God, and His beloved. All this is polytheism, but less manifest than that of the idolaters. More hidden than that is believing that apparent causes inde
  5. Marja Sistani: Question : What is the difference between Ahl-e Kitab (the People of the Book) and the rest of the unbelievers with respect to Shari'ah law? Answer : Ahl-e Kitab (Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians) are ritually pure and it is permissible to eat their foods even if we know that they have touched the food with wet hands. Yes, if their food contains meat, it is necessary that the meat should be halal. As for those of non-Muslims who are not from the People of the Book, they are ritually impure and their food is najis, if it has been touched with a wet hand by them.
  6. I said thats how life is, i even said it in ALL CAPS way way above^^^^ And your right they are just taking up space for us real men who want four wives and lots children to help us conquer the world with our sacred blood lines.
  7. i edited it lol either way i owned you. go away now woman lol
  8. and women do? lol your questions are all decieving. like this, " How do i look?" the answer to this question is not only to this question but this question also implyys other questions. "How do i look" comes along with "Do you think im ugly" " Do you like me" " Am i fat" "Do you look at other girls if you say im just ok?" when all you ask is "How do i look?" thats just wrong lol We men do answer question straightly, its just you women imply are answers to all scenarios possible.
  9. Why do we women do decieving things just to figure out how much they love us? like inviting us to be around their friends JUST TO SEE if we check them out? why do they complain about us spending time with out friends yet want us to go on couple dates with their friends and men? I WANNA WATCH THE GAME!!! lol i was joking about the dum women part lol
  10. also add on to why do women ALWAYS NEED attention? why do they always wanna cuddle and show much they love us? why do you women complain about wearing hijab as if we men dont wanna show off our six packs to attract hot women? we got good bodies too, atleast i know i do! i dont go complaining about it. why do women want us to be jealous? for what reason?
  11. Why are women so emotional and irrational? Why do they all make descision on what best suits their emotions and not what suits their benefits? Why do women chase men they know will cheat on them? Why do women chase a man just because alot of other girls are? Why do women complain 24/7 over nothing but just to complain? Why do women justify lies so much even after admitting that they are lying? Why do women complain about islamic rules yet never hear men complaning about all their money going to the house and not themselves yet women dont have that right? Why do women complain about husbands bu
  12. Assalaymu alaykom, I've been looking at the terrorism of the Zionist entiity with the failures of the current situation. The two state solution in my opinion allows for the terrorism we know as zionism to continue. Now in reference to that, i agree that this solution should not agree to immunity of war crimes against the people of palestine. I however also agree to any war crime intiated on the side of Hamas. We all know a "fair" trial of compiled war crimes will not be brought to justice if the jews who support the one state solution do not get justice of war crimes of hamas. And we all know
  13. EEEEEEVVVVVVAAAAAALLLL LOL just playin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNOiNZ05H2c&feature=youtube_gdata_player Little kids who love the rahbar mashaAllah
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