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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother, Withouth making any unnecessary comments on your last post, I request you to kindly go through post 1 of this thread and read the question I asked at the end of the post. I am thankful for the help you are willing to extend. I will further summarize this post as it seems I have not been able to communicate my message to you yet. According to Shia brothers, 5:67 was revealed at Ghadeer to announce successorship of Ali®, failing to do which would have rendered the whole mission of Holy Prophet(s) incomplete. The Holy Prophet(s) was also guaranteed protection from people by Alla
  2. Brother thank you for making your post. I am not quite satisfied with summary you have given. My questions, which i have to repeat again are as under:
  3. Brother Ugly Jinn, Just for your interest, two more narrations from most important Shia source Al-Kafi: 1- al-Kulayni in al-Kafi 1/289: ‘Ali bin Ibrahim from his father from ibn abi ‘Umayr from ‘Umar bin Uthunayh from Zurarah and al-Fudhail bin Yasar and Bakeer bin A’yyun and Muhammad bin Muslim and Buraidah bin Mu’awiyah and abu al-Jaroud all of them from Abu Ja’afar (as): Allah ordered his prophet regarding the Wilayah of ‘Ali and revealed to him “Your guardian can be only Allah; and His messenger and those who believe, who establish worship and pay the poordue, and bow down” [5:55] an
  4. I also request admins to ban those spamming threads with their copy paste material.
  5. Brother, This is the exact reason why I refused to enter into any dialogue with brother PureEthics. I am glad you have reached the same conclusion. It was for the same reason that I begged leave from brother in the beginning of this thread. I wish some intelligent and knowledgeable Shia brothers post their arguments on this thread so that we may enjoy having a real discussion.
  6. Brother, I appreciate your knowledge about different management concepts. I am no one to object if Imamate was presented following ingenious management principles. My question is very different from this. Please read it again and reply. However, considering the management principles you have presented, I am sure Prophet(s) proves to be a great manager but the 9th and 11th Imam, on the contrary; and incidentally Allah himself, fall in the category of bad managers as the announcements of successors of 9th and 11th Imam were made in a very awkward way without following your described management
  7. Brother read my response to brother PureEthics which deals with the issues raised by you. Prophet(s) did not 'hint' anything. Anything a Prophet(as) says to his followers is an oder. There's no second thought to it. You have brought forth a new idea that Prophets(s) hinted about successorship when he said at Dawatdhul Ashira that Ali® will be his successor and the hadith in which he says that Ali® is the Master of every Muslim(after me). Does it not sound odd that Shia brothers who are always happy to quote these hadith to categorically prove the successorship of Ali® and scoff at Sunnis for n
  8. Thank you brother, this is a valid question and that’s the type of question I have been looking for. If you ask good questions, you will Inshallah get replies. Having said that, I am glad that many Shia brothers, including yourself and brother P.Ease, have started thinking differently about the Ghadeer incident as you know (read post 47-http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235015581-further-contradictions-in-imamate/page-2#entry2613203) that you have been taught about Ghadeer as being the day when the announcement of successorship of Ali® was made and deen was completed(if it was mad
  9. Brother, You do really sound like brother 'Ameen' to me. I already begged apologies from you because your 'arguments' lack in quality and one of the disadvantages on discussing on internet fora is that one is expected to reply to anyone who seems to think that they can enter into conversation with you by making one simple post notwithstanding its quality and relevance of the arguments presented therein.Your failure is evident from the fact that you are happy to think that you have answered me. If you are satisfied with that, i don't blame you. I avoid exchanging harsh words and beg apologies f
  10. Salam Brother, My question is very clear. Let's focus on this one point. The verse 5:67 used profusely and fondly by Shia brothers seems to contradict all the previous evidence Shias use to validate Imamate. This verse shows that the Holy Prophet(s): 1. Was asked to deliver something that was revealed to him on that occassion. Shias throughout many centuries have been assertive that the 'revealed' information was the announcement of successorship of Ali®. 2. Was intimidated by Allah that failing to deliver the said information will render his whole mission incomplete which means that the vital
  11. Brothers and sisters, Any further thoughts? I would appreciate arguments with substance. Salam
  12. Brother, Please read the full reference of Tirmidhi Hadith: imran bin haseen narrates that prophet prepared an army, and made ali ameer; ali got a slave girl after the war; people did not like it; and four decided that when they will meet prophet, they will speak against ali; when muslim would return, they would meet prophet (it was their custom); and then they would leave for home; so when they retunred from war, they met prophet, and one of the four stood up; and said o prophet, do you not see ali that he has done like this? so prophet turned away his face from him; another person stood
  13. Brother, For the moment I will agree that 1. The verse 5:67 was revealed at Ghadeer 2. It was referring to the successorship of Ali® 3. The Holy Prophet's(s) sermon at Ghadeer was meant to announce the successorship of Ali® Now I request you to please remove the contradictions in Shia beliefs by explaining how this whole event did not make all previous announcements of successorship null and void.
  14. Brother, Please see post 14 http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235015581-further-contradictions-in-imamate/#entry2609104 Additionally, why is it so that for the announcement of Imamate of Ali®, no one other than the Holy Prophet(s) himself has to keep repeating the information for more than two decades just in preparation but the announcement of the Imamate of the 10th Imam is made when he is a mere kid of 8 and that of the 12th Imam is made,not by a person as revered and respected as Holy Prophet(s) but an ordinary mortal like Uthman Bin Said Al-Amri and still it's an obligati
  15. Salam Brother, I write on this forum to do some learning and improve my thinking skills. Your arguments above are excellent but perhaps I am not good enough to learn from them - they must probably be above my level of understanding as you rightly mentioned. I therefore beg leave brother. Salam PS I agree that the verse number given by me is 5:67 and not 5:6. My apologies for the mistake.
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