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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Okay been trying to put it all in a order to start learning. Does it go: (2) rakats 4 times Just like the morning ones. Intention=Nafilah of Layl (2) rakats just like morning with no qunoot. Intention Salat al shafa (1) rakats surah fatiha, surah tawhid x3, surat al-nas, surah falaq next I then do the qunoot. then ask for forgivness (x70) then ask for forgivness for 40 belivers. then say Haadhaa Maqaamul 'Aaidhi Bika Minannaar x7 then say Al-'Afwa (I ask for) forgiveness x300 Then finish the rakat like I would if it was the last rakat of morning prayer. Sorry for all the ignorance but I only speak English so im trying to put a book together so I can learn proper order and how to pronounce the prayer properly. Keep it laymen as possible lol if I need to fix anthing. Again thanks for all the help so far may Allah bless all of you for the help you guys have given me.
  2. thank you all so much I hope I have the capacity to get this info down pact. inshala
  3. another question I have is whenever I look up the info on how to perform the prayer I only find it in Arabic writing (cant read) or the English (not the transliteration) all other prayers are done saying them in Arabic. Whats the case for this parayer and does anyone have the transliteration or a link for it?
  4. What if none of these are believers, im kinda alone in this is far as family/friends. I have a Quaran that has a lineage of the prophets and imans. could I just take the names from there? And people I know are maybe believe in theory or in words but not in action can I use them or no?
  5. I wanted to start to learn the night prayer but the 40 believers name thing is a bit confusing to me. Do I need to know the names of 40 different people? And if I do where can I find there names because I don't know very many believers?
  6. Can someone smarter then me make sence of this? http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/democrats-reinstate-god-jerusalem-israel-capital-party-platform-223437220--election.html http://www.illuminatiorder.info/ac/augury/index.html and this...
  7. im trying to figure out how to do something similar in my life. im usually not even home from work until 10:30 and I havent learned salatul layl yet. But Im usually not home from before noon till after 9 ~10pm. Im wanting to get somewhat consistent with my sleep and leaving the option open to fast each day, and juggling that with trying to get into shape physically. I think it may end up looking like up at 4am eat fajr pray after go for run leave for work at 10am get home 10pm and eat/pray/sleep. this is gunna be pretty tough for me my job is pretty phyisically demanding. but id like to strive for this. I wont be able to nap because work and exercise and fasting are tough but it would be good for me to try to get to this level. Would this still be healthy?
  8. The western world has said to get 8hrs to be healthy, that way you get r.e.m. sleep. Now ive been reading about the imams and how they would stay up late for worship and be up early to begin worship again. So my question(s) are: Is the west wrong on the assumption of healthy. Did the imams sacrifice health for worship. Did they take naps. Just curious anyone?
  9. not defending them just think there is still a chance to help then rid themselves of this thought process rather then just chop all there heads off or throw them off a cliff. are you saying anyone who has had these thoughys or even acted on them cannot be forgivin by Allah. im pretty sure allahs mercy is greater then any sin or do u belive some sin trumps his mercy?
  10. I think we all agree its wrong where we all differ is how to handle the problem, I say we use the quaran to help these people others here say we use a sword to fix it.
  11. everytime I come to these forums and read these posts about people wanting to kill kill kill. it seems like some people are blood thirsty. everywhere in the quaran it talks about gods mercy and how his mercy is greater than any sin and if we were to have sin go the sky god could forgive us as long as we turned to him with sincerety, this includes murders fornicators and other major sins. if we kill everyone who does a major sin then in my mind we rob people of the chanve to learn from there mistake. god says dont die in a state of disbelief. some people seem to want a go behead someone while there in that state. life is full of bad people who at some point stop there sins and turn back. Im not condoning any sin but unless we want blood we should use the quaran to bring people back to the light not a sword. Im just a nobody and here are my $.02 hope I dont hurt anyone feelings.
  12. I used to play wow alot and play some other games these days (not alot lately) like civ 5 and antisipating star wars knight of the old republic mmo. Forgot black ops as well.
  13. I was reading this to another and there opinion confused me lol, so the one between the pinky and middle? sorry I need lamens at this moment lol? she made me think its my pointer because of the shia ring finger shiachat artical said something about the 6th imam wearing it on his pointer. again sorry.for the ignorance
  14. lol k ty I doubt it matters but I was refering to a necklace in this case.
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