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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam did any update happen?

  2. I'd message but I'm using the phone version. I shall try soon inshallah.
  3. Maybe I am doing the wrong thing or maybe I'm on? A third judge would be helpful. Wow in Melbourne? So am I. What type of help, I would be interested.
  4. Zareen my parents are the ignorant type; dads money oriented and has no backbone and mum has been through so much that she is lifeless. They are completely reliant on themselves though. My brother is a lunatic and damn controlling; when I told him I'd report him he chased me with the pole and then HE called the police and told me to speak if I dare and if I were to move out he'd kill me. I'm thinking about reporting him but I'm too scared. His issue was that I came home late and I apparently have no respect. Hamdulilah.
  5. Salaam The reason I see it as an Islamic issue because my brother being the big fat "religious" man he claims to be uses religion against me in every situation. E.g. 'where are you going without mahram, you shouldn't be out, you are disrespecting my parents' and all that rubbish. His hypocrisy is outstanding. But my main reason for relating this to Islam is my respect for my parents. I want to move out but shouldn't as my parents would be gratefully hurt and going against them is equivalent to going against Allah. Also living in a western country like Australia my non Muslim friends will g
  6. I'll admit I recently arrived home from Saudi Arabia after completely Umra and their way of life/rules are weirddddd. Females are not allowed to drive yet their drivers are men whom they sit alone with for hours on end. They are 100% reliant on their men for everything so the norm was to see overweight Saudi woman sitting in big SUVs everywhere. I know Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state but they really need to progress. My sister n I got really annoyed of being told to put the nikab on wherever we went and being stopped by the police for walking into our hotel laughing!
  7. Salaam. I am currently nineteen and still living at home in Australia. I want to know what Islam says about verbal, physical and emotional abuse. Although I only live at home with my patents and sisters I have the odd bunch of physically and verbally abusive brothers; who won't hesitate to use my past against me or call me humiliating names. Just recently I was cornered by one of them and close to being pounded with a metal pole for saying I had enough and wanted to move out. My parents are old and cannot take responsibility for ANYTHING so they leave it up to my brothers and a particular o
  8. Again brother thank you for answering. Very informative. Salaam walaykoum
  9. Brother you make some very good points which I agree on but the main question was about a haram relationship; if the female is independent and all yet had a premarital relationship without being properly married cab she preform mutah on her own? & people asking me why I want to know; it's simply to understand the Shia sect further as I am Sunni. This isn't for personal benefit so relax -.- Salaam
  10. Salaam everyone :) I was just very curious about mutah. If a couple have a premarital relationship & want to preform mutah is it allowed without parental consent? As both were virgins? Just extremely curious about it as some have said yes while others have said otberwise.
  11. I made a few typos in my post but as I was stating some of my Shia friends regard them as Muslims while others don't. They even celebrate Christmas? And as the following person posted below quoting khomani: saying that they are Muslims.. How does that work. & thank you for your response :)
  12. I cannot believe some of the comments being thrown around about the Sunni here. I AM a Sunni and am getting engaged to a Shia boy; there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Respect is the key element; as long as people can respect each other there should be no problem; I love the ahlul bayt and our sahaba yet you guys hold such a prejudice against us. My own bf sometimes disrespects my beliefs yet I ignore it because I love him and we are both Muslims. This topic is ridiculos, Sunni and Shia are both Muslims and unity is achieveable. Salaam brothers n sisters.
  13. Salaam Alaykoum I was just curious about the faith of the Alawis. Some of my Shia friends while others do not. What do you guys say? I don't understand how they are to be considered muslims yet they do not find it obligory to fast, preform prayers, pay zakaat or do pilgrimage. Any opinions would be highly regarded. Salaam :)
  14. Thank you sister, inshallah kheir.
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