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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 100% agree. The individual should have access to firearms/weapons of war and make the most out of it. Go to the range, educate yourself on bullets, caliber, cleaning-kits and on its usage with laws in states that have 'Stand your ground' implemented. It's literally the modern sword. Tyranny is always around the corner when citizens are stripped of weapons. The people keep the government in check just as much as vice versa.
  2. I'd go a step further and say even this is not necessary. Justice doesn't require enlightenment in order to combat oppression. Fighting in the way of Allah shouldn't require a fatwa. It's simply the duty of every Muslim to protect his Ummah. If we kept this sort of mentality alive, we would never see the suffering of our brothers/sisters across the globe. Eh. But not at the cost of the role of the Shia on the front lines. Yes Jihad an-Nafs is important but to I strongly dislike the logic or the quoting of weak hadith to suggest that a Muslim who struggles in the way of Allah at home is the same as the one on the battlefield. Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while Allah has not yet made evident those of you who fight in His cause and made evident those who are steadfast? (3:142) Perhaps, but I already dislike the vibe that it's doubling down on Islam being a religion of peace and patience, Instead of one that advocates justice and the battling of tyrants. Quick Note to add: This isn't to dismay the patience shown by the Imams who chose to live peacefully and quietly. Truth is that if they didn't take their route there would be no Shia Islam today. But we're far past the truth ever being able to be buried again.
  3. An oligarchy disguised as a democracy. The illusion of power given to reinforce that citizens control the nation by voting. Meanwhile everything is planned out meticulously to benefit those who paid the most for their version of a tomorrow.
  4. Verily, We shall put you to test with some fear, and hunger, and with some loss of wealth, lives, and offspring. And (O Muhammad) convey good tidings to those who are patient, who say, when inflicted by hardship, "Verily we are of God and verily to Him shall we return;" upon them is the blessings of Allah and His mercy. (2:155) "For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease." - (94:5) It'll make you stronger. You're going to be alright. Just keep going.
  5. There were individuals who literally worshiped Imam Ali during his time, which was heavily condemned. We need to really get ahead of these kinds of hadiths. It becomes extremely dangerous when we raise Ahlulbayt to sub-god levels. Bad look for Shia when we promote this kind of message OP.
  6. The propaganda against the Shia Ummah has been at an all time high. Not surprised to see them targeted in this manner.
  7. Better yet, he should reexamine his sex life. OP, if you're getting to these kinds of levels to chase that orgasm high you need to abstain from intercourse for awhile. Let your body sort of reset I guess. Sex shouldn't be degenerative to both participating parties. Whether activities regarding anal are makruh or not, this is just some honest advice.
  8. Is Mutaqqi the same as Taqwa? The same as seeing God in all the acts one commits?
  9. Isn't this not only a hadith matter but also a historical one? The implementation of the folded hands occurred during the second caliph Umar. Long after the Prophet was dead and unable to implement any features. Thus If you pray with your hands down by your side, you're doing it the way it was when initially innovated. When the new change was introduced we even get hadith from their own books such as the following; Narrated Ghailan: Anas said, "I do not find (now-a-days) things as they were (practiced) at the time of the Prophet." Somebody said "The prayer (is as it was.)" Anas said, "Have you not done in the prayer what you have done? Narrated Az-Zuhri that he visited Anas bin Malik at Damascus and found him weeping and asked him why he was weeping. He replied, "I do not know anything which I used to know during the life-time of Allah's Apostle except this prayer which is being lost (not offered as it should be)." Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 10, Number 507:
  10. Divine knowledge on predestination doesn't negate freewill. That's the foundation on the philosophical argument for determinism/predestination.
  11. You really need to reread your previous posts. I'm afraid you're not even keeping track on what's being said. Reread the earlier post again. Context is everything especially in understanding a verse... You're very much so lacking in clear interpretation of the Quran. This isn't even a matter of Tafsir. Your comprehension skills on basic context and verses is poor. This has nothing to do with what you're quoting against. Here's a tafsir on what that verse means; https://www.al-islam.org/enlightening-commentary-light-holy-quran-vol-17/surah-al-hadid-verses-16-29#surah-al-hadid-verse-22.
  12. The Oxford dictionary defines ego as A person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. This definition has nothing to do with your previous quote which aligns more with Determinism in a philosophical sense. I disagree? There are atheists who are living normal lives while continuously doing blasphemy. If you want to make the argument that they're allowed to do this by Allah's will. Then you must agree that free will is a given attribute to all by Allah in the first place. That verse is referencing the mushrikeen that attempted to burn Prophet Ibrahim. The arabic verse clearly states taamaloon. Which means that which they built or made. This doesn't indicate freewill or an individuals action. Don't just ignore my previous verse. God clearly states your actions are your own.
  13. Yes that's correct. However you don't have to subscribe to the higher power in order to perform any action within the constrained realm. We believe this because of our faith not because it is a requirement in order to participate. That's not ego. Many would argue that's the gift of Allah, which is the human spirit. The soul transcends other creations of Allah because of its self-conscious ability to recognize and act in free will. ??? your point isn't being made clearly here. Please elaborate how this builds off your previous juxtaposed predicate. Allah (Glory to Him) has done this. "Certainly you are accountable for what you do." (16:93) The entire argument of being responsible for ones own actions and how it effects your position in the hereafter is more than enough to logically conclude that free will and its effects not only on the self but others is indeed a strong argument for free-will.
  14. I respectfully disagree. You have free will because you have the ability to change the course that reality was moving towards. Life has introduced social repercussions on a wide margin ranging from ostracized by community <-- Jail time --> Death to prevent you from making any drastic differences to the normal day life everybody is living. It's a risk to participate in your free will but not impossible. This can be seen in any major instance of history. Individuals exercised their free will to imprint their own beliefs, agendas and motives on all of us.
  15. One of my favorite hadith I heard recently shows an amazing reward. God is proud of the abstinence that his servant has demonstrated for the honor of the almighty. The Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and his family said: "Verily Allah, most High, boasts about the worshiping young man to his angels, saying 'Look at My servant! He has abandoned his desires for my sake." [Kanz al- 'Ummal, no. 43057]
  16. Would it be to far fetched for me to say that the end justified the means? China would be much more capable than their western rivals on forced lock downs and even in the event of the deaths of Chinese citizens; why would they care? They force one child policy because of population control. I find it hard to believe any government body would be empathetic to the deaths of innocents let alone China. Still playing devils advocate but what say you to the idea that it would be more easier to keep it within a well known and controlled environment? The release of said bio-weapon might need much more cover up with risk far more outweighed in other nations then at home base. We've already seen this at play with WHO and corresponding scientists using the wet market excuse to cover up any scientific manipulation. Highly agree with your point here. Sounds like some resident-evil type stuff but often art mimics life I suppose. I remember a scientist on Joe Rogan's podcast during the initial stages of lock down said and I'm paraphrasing; "Creating a vaccine for covid-19 is extremely easy. It's the lasting effects that need time to be studied and tested on many subjects over a time". I also recall the J&J vaccine was built on a pre-existing SARS like virus that's similar to Covid-19 thus the formula was already sort of present. Off topic but could I also get your thoughts on the SPARS document released by Hopkins university? https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/Center-projects/completed-projects/spars-pandemic-scenario.html It seems to outline a procedure that's extremely similar to what we're seeing occur today despite being a couple years old? Further proof that this was a mitigated risk if the gain of function research leaked?
  17. There is quite a lot of incentive for this to be some bio weapon that damages economies worldwide. Creating a power vacuum by lowering everybody sure beats head on collision between super powers. Sounds Machiavellian and fictional but history has certainly seen worse agendas.
  18. It's naive to think that was a possibility with all the power plays involved. The ambition of Iraq ever returning to some form of glory was sacrificed awhile ago, caught in between agendas. There's no unity or progress, until Iraq is left alone.
  19. The Iraqi government is corrupt and a pawn to the destabilization effort being done by the US and its allies. I'd be so bold as to say that they weren't expecting the fatwa of Sistani when looking to further break Iraq down into smaller components as an opportunity to undermine the Shia even further. The hashd is doing Gods work literally. Regardless of the propaganda being subjected to them; I trust them far more then I would a body of power that's abusing its citizens by stealing from them, halting infrastructure progress, igniting further sectarian violence and keeping the wealthy powerful. Hashd al-shaabi is a sort of checks and balances that's outside the governance of the Iraqi parliament and holds the esteem and values of the Shia above all else.
  20. Most Americans aren't religious and the ones that are don't have much obligations. However policies especially in the corporate world aggressively support religion and would never dare deal with the repercussions of such things. Essentially religious attire, prayers, beards, fasting shouldn't be an issue no matter where you work. The above being said, I respectfully disagree with this. You're responsible for your own actions, thoughts and motives. It might be hard and you might even be ostracized but I know you can do it. Do your job and do it well nothing else should be asked of you, and they must accommodate. I graduated college 2 months after the initial lock down. Spent the following 8 months applying for jobs. Trust me I know how bad the job market is right now. However don't just meticulously repeat the same procedure. Are you getting interviews? If not you need to update your resume. Subsequently if you are; then you need to work on your interview skills. You're not a loser. It's a rough time right now to be job hunting. Turn to Allah; "Call upon Me; I will respond to you." 40:60 Pray. I'm serious, do it with sincerity. You're not alone. "He is with you wherever you are." 57:4 Organize your day, open up google calendar or get a productivity app; I personally swear by them. Cut out a small portion and read, build skills, develop a hobby, refine your passions. I'll pray for you tonight.
  21. I had to check but I'm pretty sure astra, pfeizer, moderna all have a time-window. Moderna being the longest with 4 weeks. Because of it's higher potency. Never heard of one that transcends 3 months! Perhaps they meant 3 weeks which makes sense for your 21 days?
  22. That really is a shame. You and I have never interacted but like others I genuinely enjoy your posts. The site needs more critical thinkers from all perspectives. Hope you change your mind.
  23. Unfortunately no. We're all preprogrammed to fight him when he returns. Shame really, If only I knew of this earlier
  24. Not sure of any hadith like that. But I've heard different interactions and debates about homosexuality. Some Shia consensus is that having 'gay' thoughts in itself isn't haram but acting on it is. Like most sins I guess. But that dialogue challenges the concept that it is a choice and not biological. Which in itself is another rabbit hole.
  25. There's peace in solitude. If it becomes overbearing negatively, you could always try participating in your community. Finally picking up a hobby that's interested you could open doors filled with like minded people. That's just life. Fear of loss can a crippling element that prevents progress. You can start here and now? Go make an SC account. Talk with us and reach out to members. Some bonds to be made might be on the site.
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