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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I just can't stop going through the content he posts. It amazes me just how much he's playing the victim card when the Muslim community ridicules him. All his supporters are alt right wing extremists who advocate Islamophobia and paint upcoming wars against the great devil that is Islam. They see him as the perfect poster boy for what a Muslim should be. That is, ignorant to the shortcomings of patriotism and nationalism. He spends the majority of his time attacking anyone who tries to show the humane side to Muslims. There HAS to be something we can do!? I don't care if he preaches againts Islam but he should not be allowed to represent Shia wearing what he does as it is universal that sheikhs and scholars are our ambassadors especially in such matters. It's irritating that he's even given the time of day by media outlets.
  2. Tawhidi back at it again, pretending to be an advocate for progression. Anyway, some context: WorldHijabDay was yesterday and this booth at UCF was passing out hijabs to raise awareness of what the hijab is, etc etc. This political wannabe Tomi Lahren named Kathy Zhu (Twitter: @PoliticalKathy), decided to get involved. She took pictures of said booth and pretended that hijab was being forced on the women walking by as some ploy of Sharia Law (lol). Uploaded the pictures and had most of her Trump supporting 40+ year old white men attacking the booth and claiming the university was supporting Islamism in some form. The Hijab advocating girls decided to attack back and request the expulsion of the girl (Twitter's been attacking a lot of racist individuals of the late). Which in my opinion isn't really the way to go but whatever. The noble Tawhidi just couldn't stand by however! Decided to harass this woman and support the Trump minions: And if that wasn't disgraceful, once she made her account private from all the harassment, he just had to get those clout points: https://imgur.com/NrVhT2k This man is complete garbage.
  3. I'm looking for any individuals who are interested in translating a document of an old Arabic book called "Picking Flowers From The History of Ages" written by Yuhanna Abkariyus. I only need the Title and the table of contents translated. So pretty much pages 1-16. Obviously the document is too big to attach (About 700 pages) So if anyone is interested please leave your Email. Of course payment will be negotiable (After individual has looked at the pages), distributed probably through the Cash app, PayPal or Venmo. Thank you
  4. The sad thing is that nobody will care in a few weeks. As seen before with Edward Snowden, people will be outraged for a few days, the media will suppress it, the government will justify it by saying "Security, security blah blah... How dare whoever leaked it leak it, they must be found! What they did was illegal they must be tried!" then something outrageous like Russian hacks or Iranian nuclear deal will overshadow it and it'll just be history. You'll be a conspiracy nut if you dare bring it up in a conversation because how dare you question your government! Reality is wonderful ain't it.
  5. One of the signs of prophethood or a matsoom imam is that you're allowed to ask them any questions and they must answer it (correctly of course). I imagine a vigorous question load from top scholars or something like that, perhaps even a miracle or two? WS
  6. I saw this post awhile ago but it seemed like legitimate questions to ask so I pinned it! Life goals Do they want to travel? Children (how many, when, how to raise them) Religiousness (Do they pray five times a day, do they go to mosque every Friday, do they know the history?) Can they cook? What type of food do they like? Does either one want a house soon or can it wait? Spending habits Hobbies passion Have they done hajj Are there any skeletons in either closet? (Dark secrets, no judging just ask to put it out on the table) Past relationships, how far if at all have they gone with the opposite sex? what do they expect an average day to look like in the household? Was the dress gold or blue?
  7. I feel as if it would go both ways. You'd have the group that condemns Muslims for being violent, attacking Islam for not being the religion of peace etc. Then you'd get the people saying it is their American right. As for media/news channels it would completely depend on which station you watch, they're all biased simply inputting commentary and serving it as news lol (Good or bad completely up to you)
  8. I truly believe the motto of the Shia is to stand up to oppression of all kinds. The battle of Karbala is a prime example. Islam isn't a religion of peace and it never sought out to be just look at history, It is a religion of Justice. I believe there was a hadith where a youth was beating his wife and she sought out help to Amir ul momineen. When he approached the man, he was quite violent and rude towards the Imam to the point where Imam Ali pulled out the Zulfiqar the man immediately recognized his sword and sought forgiveness. I'll try and find the hadith. Ah found it. It's the last story on the oppression of women. http://www.ezsoftech.com/stories/amirul.mumineen.asp Just one the many times Imam Ali interceded on injustice! Inshallah someone wiser will come with more examples. WS
  9. More false propaganda from those who seek to silence the Shia. Call them rejecters->Make their deaths halal->Release propaganda on their religion->Release fatwas on their deaths->kill them and then repeat I'm looking at ya Wahabbis
  10. I agree wholeheartedly, especially with mosque shootings/burnings on the rise, it's best to guard against evil and such. WS
  11. Everybody has trials. From someone as rich as Bill Gates to somebody as poor as the homeless man across the street. You will be tested in all aspects my friend! My advice is whether on your good days or your bad days never restrain from thanking the almighty. WS
  12. Forgive me if I'm wrong but is it not also one of the pillars of Islam in believing in the Mahdi? Where they differ is between whether or not Dajjal is an actual individual or a system that we are living under which is in constant debate :P. BUT to answer your question absolutely, it's an essential belief!
  13. Salam wa alakum, Is the meat halal? Have you double checked? Kidding haha. First thing is that it's completely normal, my little brother personally didn't eat meat until the age of four or something so he got his protein elsewhere I.E. hard boiled eggs etc. The reasons could be the taste is simply unappealing to the child (Not insulting your food just meat tends to have a bland taste, appreciated later in adulthood) and they reject it, what kind of meats have you tried? Also it could be your child's stomach enzymes are either having problems breaking down the meat or simply rejecting it. And never feel like you shouldn't get an experts opinion, that's what pediatricians are there for! W.S
  14. Salam Wa Alakum, Beautiful post my friend! Eid mubarak to you and may Allah almighty bless you in all your future endeavors ^_^! WaSalam.
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