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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. and who are u to speak? u call me ignorant just cuz i dislike the british?? but its ok for the british to dislike Arabs & Muslims?
  2. i dont know why but i find this really funny , u reminded me of those old characterizations our parents & grandparents used to tell us about ppl's appearances , like short ppl are sneaky , tall ppl are kind, fat ppl are funny , etc etc.... are u hearing urself? but u sound like "lebanese girls look good , all other Arab girls are ugly" i dont know but i can definitely tell u obviosuly dont watch Arabic tv & u probably dont know anything about lebanese ppl , but let me tell u this as a distant cousin of mine is married with a lebanese woman Lebanese ppl will most accept u if : 1.
  3. children , please grow up...getting married while at university ?? you guys really must be young & unrealistic
  4. no tocata & fugue is not my fav either it's just too loud & harsh for my ears , Minuet in G is more simple but I feel it's too cliche & over-rated
  5. my oh dear!, the Pakis I know are the farthest qualities from what u are describing....seriously the more i spend on sc reading stuff like this concerning Paki culture , the more & more I get VERY surprised , i did not think Pakis were like this at all , i'm really shocked guys as i've probably already mentioned before on other posts i know A LOT of Paki friends & families and they are NOT like this at all ! they are the sweetest people I know , even more nicer & friendlier than some Arabs! i was even considering marrying a Paki. but one thing is true i did notice most of the do
  6. yes it is all that bad when u have these horrible qualities in any societies , & no its not because of the western world has made them bad but in the Quran as well these qualities in a people is shameful and disgrace to Islam. u make a good point , to the natives it seems natural and these qualities are needed to survive. but with honesty , openness , & goodness you will never survive ppl will take advantage of u
  7. in terms of classical music ive also wondered whether it was haraam or no? because it contains no words and often is less romantic than modern music. Why is it haraam now? these are my favourite classics that i can think of at the moment: Vivaldi - spring (from The four seasons) Mozart - rondo alla turca (turkish march) & ein kleine nachtmusik Pachelbel - canon in D minor Handel - arrival of the queen of sheba & sarabande Gioachino Rossini - barber of seville Franz Liszt - la campanella Bruckner - symphony no. 8 Samuel Barber - adagio for strings Bizet - habanera Tchaichovsky Franz
  8. i thought bushes & trees were to make the streets of any city look nice , clean , modern & beautiful the sidewalks in america are wide cuz its relatively a "new" country they have all the land they can make new how they want it...in other European countries the streets & buildings are hundreds of years old , you can't really change them but u can keep them shiny clean this made me laugh , is that tweety bird on that window Lol
  9. that is true to an extent , empires & great powers do have cycles , but we don't want to see another any kind of "empire" in the middle east.....God forbid an empire which involves the ottomans (turks) that will really be a nightmare
  10. the British are always known to care only for their self-interests above anything else , i bet a failing EU would not matter to them much as long as they're not drowning with them as well who cares whether they vote in or out?? as long as they keep their long pointy noses out of Muslim affairs... i really dislike British people
  11. that's such a great question!! I've always wondered too why this was such , i think Sleepy mentioned the most reasons , there is definitely disunity , double agents , also people now easily sell their patriotism for money (just like how the Palestinians did to Israels) , money is blinding Arabs & Muslims, the West knows this and they use money to bribe Arabs. also individual self-interest is the new norm in any society , people are putting their self-interest above the interest of their nation , this including powerful political figures not just ordinary citizens but I think the main
  12. don't mind me asking but is your email account locked?? I'm asking cuz that happened to me few months before but I wasn't able to unlock it. the account they said was compromised as a result of a foreign person trying to hack it. i also had this really strange telephone situation last year , where a weird sounding woman she called my house and asked if any Iranian was living there. at first she wouldn't tell me who she was but kept insisting about Iranians in my house or neighbourhood , lastly she claimed she was part of a new long-distance telephone company. that was surprising.
  13. can Muslims even celebrate Valentine's cuz I heard some scholar once said Muslims aren't allowed to celebrate christian or non-Islamic holidays , they can celebrate after but not on the same day as the christians. also i heard Valentine's is based on some christian story of an italian catholic man named Saint Valentine....the word saint here tells u enough
  14. thanks for detailing that for me guys , you guys are right i was thinking maybe that was it but then again i was kinda confused cuz Albania is dominantly muslim country, but Bosnians aren't that close with them either in politics, religion , or culture , or loyalty. Most Bosnians have their loyalty to Turkey , and they see themselves as different from Albanians , that's strange but I guess what Fatima Hussein said about Albanians' weak influence is true. bro HamzaTR you are right they are mixed , cuz i know Bosnians who have Turkish names thanks guys
  15. ^ i dont know why you guys are even bother replying to barking dog? when a dog barks does a human answer him , no! its so obvious he's a troll
  16. now how did I not see this quote?? what's dolphinese u mean dolphin language? oh it's so cute!! u can listen to dolphin sounds on youtube they're so adorable really they sound just like little children playing & laughing!
  17. we used to own a Toyota what's it called...started with Alm or Ala... can't quite remember what second name is called...but it was good in the 90s. now we own a white Ford Expedition , as much as it's great the white always gets easily dirty especially from dust now why is it that Pakis always own more than 1 car?
  18. that's surprising to me too , no offense but he always sounds more radical than most Bosnian Muslims. and why on earth was my post deleted?? and here's a good question , why are bosnian Muslims more aligned with Turkey than the Arab world or even Albanian muslims??
  19. Lol its not meant to be a man haters thread...hahaha why would I do that? not all men are the same. i was just shocked by the story & wanted to know if other ppl would find it stupid like I did? really, there are lots of man haters threads on SC?? I didn't know that!
  20. anybody know how u can post a youtube video on sc? is it same as posting pics cuz i tried that & didn't work? thanks
  21. because i used to work for women's healthcare and the majority of persons who opposed us and wished us out of existence were all American men , the men from other ethnic backgrounds especially Spanish and Arabic supported us the most
  22. i'm from a small country right in the persian gulf where it's mostly sunny all the time ;)
  23. hehehehe real funny...i guess you were deaf all ur life, huh?
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