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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i agree that while this thread may be uncomfortable & anxiety for some ppl , a good topic we can discuss maybe on chances that some sisters felt or thought they will be assaulted by someone & what they did to avoid that situation in terms of help or through their actions. like there a topic I wanted to discuss on "public pictures" don't know if already discuss on SC but I fear this A LOT cuz I was put in this situation twice. now I'm talking about when some men will try take pics of u in public without ur permission. like from their mobile or ipod or something. any girls here face th
  2. That's already happening in America, ppl r more racist now than 10 yrs ago and y is everyone on SC saying Iraqi culture is so backwards?? what's backwards about it & y do u guys hate it so much? I was considering marry an Iraqi but from what I'm hearing it give me doubts. explian this please.
  3. i prefer movies on actual human beings not animals LOL, only that old famous movie 'George in jungle' was my favourite about talking animals & a wild man raised by them. wow that movie is so old, i must be so old generation lol
  4. i agree sometimes ppl use the word "prefer" to make it seem like they are not being raicist or intolerant, when in fact sometimes they are but they are afraid to hurt the person in front of them. but other ppl can understand them very well what prefer means and they get the "hint" right away.
  5. im not saying one race is more beautiful , im just telling u that Tunisian women are one of the most beautiful women in the Arab world since it seemed like u only thiunk Lebanese are so im letting u know that there are other beautiful people out there. that's all , and see how u didnt even know that ? what's so bad about informing others of something they probably did not know ? why make a fuss out of that for God's sake? calm down , sister. why do u need to attack my post like that for ??! there are other ppl on here who made comments like this but i do not see u reprimanding and scolded
  6. well it's a good thing it's not locked yet cuz I just want to say a final thing to the OP & to everyone who has characterized Lebanese as beauty & stuff. If u guys really really want to see such a thing as TRUE BEAUTY in Arab societies , I think the winner for this go to Tunisian women! I am dead serious , the women of Tunisia u will not believe ur eyes at how VERY natural & sophisticated their beauty is. It beyond words , for real. u would not even think of them Arabs u will think they came from west asia/russia. It is BEAUTY that is IMPOSSIBLE! so if u guys out there are all da
  7. how come NEVER to him ? even after ur married & u realize he is a good mo'min person? maybe ur being too strict with urself , I understand girls should never express soft feelings with ANY man who is non-mahram but I guess with husbands it's fine & halal. especially if ur husband tells u he loves u first.
  8. facebook has brainwashed the 21st century generation...that's what i think about it
  9. thanks to all who replied , i will check out the website that shadw_of_light provided & see how it goes. if any other users have any more ideas , please comment! thank u!
  10. Salaam all, since rhinoplasty (nose job) is a big market in Iran and i'm sure everyone is hearing how more & more Iranian women are getting rhinoplasty surgery ,its popular over there. so would anyone know how much a nose job would cost there (in US dollars) , if any one has any idea or has heard of the pricings before please comment. i am wondering maybe it is less than in the US? also if cosmetic dentistry is popular in Iran as well and pricing? i tried to google this but nothing reliable came up. also if i email them they keep telling me i have to be seen first by the doctor before
  11. i feel the OP is only naive where he thinks he can marry lebanese woman and that they will accept him , yeah good luck with that
  12. ^ i agree that was really unnecessary , u said some pretty good thoughts in this thread , why should u shut up?? wow i guess shiachat has more children than i thought....i think u meant to say "we're more plastic than you" and fyi , the ppl who said Iranian are true beauty is the truth, sorry but lebanese cannot compete with Iranian women in true beauty AND brains
  13. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: but more shocked
  14. exactly my thoughts when i fisrt read this but u said they wanted u to marry meaning marry early at ur age...now they dont want u to marry? maybe it has something to do with ur choice of who u want to marry , sometimes parents have these "perfect ppl" in their minds of who they want us to marry with but good luck with all that u keep going through
  15. oh shut up u brit , u guys are one of the most hated ppl in the world & stop quoting me i could care less about what u want to say
  16. u really must be 20 years old if u think lebanon miss america & shakira are beautiful , ok i can understand somewhat miss america but shakira ?!?! are u serious cuz she just looks like a hyena to me.
  17. no ur not rambling sis, i like ur opinion & thats why i asked cuz i really want to know what you guys think of this idea , cuz the thing is that I'm new to facebook i just recently opened an account and am trying to get in touch with ppl i know back home. so i don't really know much about what goes on in facebook & what kind of ppl are on there like i always hear ppl usually all know each other otherwise u would not be friends with them or something like that. so im assuming ppl wouldn't really lie. i was able to find only a few ppl i know and from their friend list , seems they know
  18. well either friends of friends to be acquainted with , and also people I would otehrwise not know why , is that also bad? i mean usually those accounts on facebook are for friendship not marriage so I would not think ppl would lie cuz everyone knows who you are
  19. anybody here tried finding a potential spouse through Facebook ? do u guys think Facebook would be more genuine than those marriage sites?? or do ppl on there lie & make up stuff as well ?
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