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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam alaikum, as the title says , what is best time to make Istikhara du'a ??? i going through an issue & i cannot solve on my own i need Allah's (s.w.t.) guidance to tell me what to do. but i once heard someone say there are best times throughout the day or week to make Istikhara (like Friday), what else is there ?? what about during the day ??? i need to know as soon as possible , so if someone know please reply. thank u all & ws
  2. vladimir putin , but also i would consider: sayyed ali khamenei ,and if he wasn't dead sayyed khomeini and also: jimmy carter john f, kennedy bill clinton these r the only 3 sensible us presidents the us ever had. and the persons on the other page who said Bashar al assad please go see a psychiatrist cuz looks like u need one, u guys might as well say moammar ghadafi as well....
  3. funny thread, can i participate? lol...i remember a time without "internet" too , i spent most of my childhood with no internet....i remember back then even in school using the computer was evrey student's dream wish come true Loool....we used to use those old floppy cards and most of the games on it were so pathetic & weak compared to teh games my younger 2nd cousins play today...when we finally got internet at home it was soooooo slow u could fall asleep right where u sat...the very first website i visited was Disney LOL....also i remember my first laptop it was nothing compared to the o
  4. Salaam alekum everyone i was wondering if any "International law" (or just "Law") teacher, instructor, or professor is on SC that can help me with some stuff. im having a hard time understanding some of the law concepts in this subject and i have a few questions. if there is one or if someone studied it (or just Law) before & is expert on it, please reply here or PM me. thanks so so so much in adavance , have a great day everyone! :D
  5. salaam, i find this topic to be very important & op i can understand ur concern & it is very risky indeed. a close neighbour of mine went through the same thing & let me tell u the girl he made the deal with ended up showing him a living hell. he spent soooo much $$$$ on her more than he ever spent on himself since he came to the US. when he got his passport he hid the information from her cuz he didnt want to pay her large sums of money no more. it lasted only 6 months & this girl found out about the whole thing and went crazy!! threatening him that if he didnt pay her as what
  6. ^ right i didnt even think of this , but op, if the father knows u guys hang out intimate like that maybe that is his concern mostly & not with ur ethnicity
  7. salaam, looks like her father is hard-headed & difficult to speak with or even agree with. that's why u need to take it slow & peaceful cuz if u get impatient or aggressive on this matter everything cud backfire & her dad will have finally saying big NO. maybe if u cud find an alim or sheik in ur area & explain situation to him. Let him come meet ur parents & have them talk on the issue & find a plan. then together u all can go to her father & ask to speak with him then ask for her again. make sure ur parents & the alim tell him how much u guys love & respe
  8. thanks for sharing ur story and offering advice, ur right reporting it is the best thing one can do, since its best to avoid the person at all. yes Im hijabi and sometimes wear abaya , i really don't know why some crazy ppl would do that but it does happen. the clothes dont prevent these perverts from doing their usual perverted stuff, u will be surprised though
  9. what kind of relationship is this?? brother if she does not let go of this man , be careful cuz marrying will not solve any problem and most likely will not get rid of him either. u need to have open talk with her & let her know u want all relations closed right now before marriage. cuz God forbid u dont want this man to keep harrassing ur wife even after u marry
  10. personally i would not like it either if my husband/ fiancee went around & compliment every girl he sees like that! no way i will never put up with something disgusting like this behaviour , he (or she) needs to respect the person they r with by putting them in highest standard in their eyes. if they see u as no value to them then u will find them ogling other ppl and taking liking in what they see or ogle. to me this is disrespect behaviour, and can tell u about the type of rude ppl they are now in terms of celebrities thats different issue but they should not over do it
  11. Salaam i was wondering if anybody knows how to fix the volume on a laptop?? cuz its really down now and even if i have the volume up full level the sound is still very low and i can hardly hear anything at all. its been like this for 2 weeks now and i tried everything including checking the computer settings, but nothing so far.. anyone know or have more ideas how i can fix ??? thank u so much in advance.
  12. salaam, why must u give some of ur money to ur parents for? ive worked few times in the usa but never had to give my parents part of my money & they never asked.
  13. true , never thought of it like this before...but good point
  14. what about perfume? if ur partner is into 3etarrs and such why not a good perfume that can make him always remember u with even after its finished? or maybe even a cologne?
  15. salaam brother ur story happens all the time dont fear it or worry, sometimes ppl are so afraid of acting in the wrong way that might embarras them in front of ppl so their actions come out wierd or wrong. thats perfectly fine maybe u are so worried of making a fool of urself in front others so that makes u at loss of words or ideas when situations like these happen. take this as lesson and move on, no worrying Ws
  16. salaam alaikum, when i saw this post i thought to say thank you for posting , u put some excellent comments in their and i hope that girls who are going through these moments realise all that u wrote & maybe this can influience them to seek the right way of eating and exercising healthily and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. why i say this cuz believe it or not i used to be like this , i was Anorexic at some point in my life back in 2011 i even remember the year cuz it was the biggest mistake i ever made in my life to become like this and i will never forget that time....usually i am not
  17. now this thing here scares me as well , i do not want in any way some internet person knowing my location, can they know it from the IP? something about this makes me uncomfortable , which is why i changed my location on profile few times.
  18. thats another thing , im going to be very honest with u here , but u ALWAYS jump to accusations on Islam, Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), Iran, Khomeini, etc etc...and just our eastern cultures in general , and u constantly ATTACK our beliefs & such, then when we try to defend our beliefs or make u understand what its all about , u scream under the campaign of "Hostility, Offensive, Rude, Ignorant," blah blah blah etc etc....come on now u need to be realistic how many times in almost every single thread or discussion of urs u keep screaming the word "hostility"! ive seen this word in ur posts
  19. well thank God ppl are now more aware , i guess lots of women have this , anybody noticed how it causes other symptoms too when vit D is low? like knee pain, headaches, some hair fall ?? i realise i get these when the level is very low but when i take the supplement it all goes away...thats so strange
  20. so i guess cultures are changing , seems today girls would not be afraid to stand up to their parents like this , maybe in our pranets' generation it was looked down upon and could ruin a girls' reputation but looks like not anymore. thanks to all who replied!
  21. bump! i know this thread is about 2 yrs old , but i also want to add something here. i really don't think Lebanese ppl are the most open-minded in the middle east as the op is claiming , there are many qualities about them that i know annoys many many other Arabs and they see their mentality & way of thinking as unjust. simply for the fact that they think themselves the BEST ppl in the Arab world and they pay such low value to all other Arabic cultures almost like everyone else is backward, barbarian, & 'jahileen'. in my opinion and for many others this is not right or just & no
  22. salaam sister , inshAllah u are among the most patient believers. r u originally from America of from other counteies? why not u & ur parents try searching for a spouse back home in ur native country or village ? or if u guys can't search urselves get ur relatives back home to search for u & making sure they tell the potential suitors & their families from the beginning about ur condition. that way no one will feel they got "cheated" or lied to. also that way the suitor himself will come firstly knowing everything about u (so no surprises) & he will be accepting of u. usually
  23. so let me get this story straight , u need to propose to a girl & u cannot do that urself?? why do u need a 3rd party to propose to her family? if u have ur fathers permission for marrying , then can't u approach her father straight away?? what's a big deal for it? just ask her father for a private meeting btw u two then bring the topic to him & see what he's say on it. that's all & if u come straight like this they will know u r a serious man looking to marry for real. if u take many roads for this they can think ur fooling around & not worth their daughter , so keep in mind
  24. hahahaha...I remember that famous line "watch out for that tree"! that movie was the best! @hassanhh , i think her name was ursula cuz she had same name as the evil woman from "little mermaid"
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