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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks Zaynab, I love persian movies. they're the best!
  2. I actually forgot all about this post, Lol. Well, the reason why I asked you is cuz its one thing with Turk men is that they think Arabic girls (especially hijabis) are naive, soft & gullible. That's how they see us and they tend to make moves on us like that believing we're gonna "melt in their arms" and all that stupid stuff. They think Arab girls would "die" for modern Turk men cuz we are "supposed" to be "oppressed" by our own men. Its a way to get what they want.
  3. Man, where do you work, dunkin' donuts or MacDo? I cant imagine anything worse than that!
  4. oh Fousey tube, my younger brother is always watching his comedic videos on youtube. He's so funny sometimes. But this video is so sad, & thank you for posting (wasalam)
  5. I actually heard one time that perfumes with strong fragrance is haraam for muslim women because they make men feel different non-halal type of emotions when they come across girls with this fragrance (i.e. desire, lust, etc). (wasalam)
  6. Aha! you're prevaricating that means you was fooling us the whole time. You don't have 4 wives, if u did u would answer straight up: yes. Nice role play uncle Samii !
  7. I cant believe i view the sisters forum frequently and saw this story only now, anyways ur story sister was really quite a lot to imagine, and I must say if I was in ur position, I would have told that guy right in his face simply that " I DON'T CARE " ! And i would have stressed every word to let him know that Im serious because most men act dumb and pretend that they dont know what your talking about when most definitely they do know! Firstly, the library is open to whomever is allowed in there, he does not have the right to tell you "dont sit next to me again". While he does not have the
  8. Good that you feel bad...all the men should.... :D
  9. (salam) My brother (or sister) in Faith, ur story touches me deeply and I can safely say that whatever happens, you should never lose ur faith in Allah sw, for only Him knows what is best for his followers, therefore you must always have faith that someday He will send in your life someone who is worthy of you and worthy of sharing ur successful life with them and all the good that ur life has to offer. If I were you, I would NEVER feel low confidence in my abilities !! This is important 'cuz why should I? I have NOT DONE something of my will that has ruined my life or anybody else's life.
  10. thank you so much for your support & i'll try this and see how it works Jazakallah kheir
  11. (salam) I would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to disable online pop-ups and annoying ads from popping up every 2 minutes. its making 'net really really slow, and its usually fast. thanks guys (wasalam)
  12. actually for a country like Egypt, it should be the other way around with the poll asking "who would you MOST like/want as a neighbour" the answer "people of another race" egypt should be darker than India :D and Turkey should be the same colour as India maybe even darker...they are some of the most racist group of people alive! this survey is FAKE
  13. Well whoever said that america was the pinnacle or paragon of democracy? It is definitely not, there's a lot of racism, gender inequality, and income inequality. Its still pretty bad on the Gini coefficient
  14. Nude Feminism Challenges Islamist Discourse From Al-Monitor (April 2013) In the aftermath of the wave of uprisings that took place across the Arab world in 2011, women were placed under the spotlight of post-revolution political discussion. During the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, the contribution of Arab women to the toppling of the Ben Ali and Mubarak regimes was both undeniable and admired. Summary⎙ Print Nude protests are not an expression of women's freedom, but an extreme form of action that feeds the oppression of women in the Arab world, writes Yasmine Nagaty.Author Yasmine Naga
  15. Salaam, I would like some advice on the relationship between dream interpretation and Istikhara prayers. I want to ask about marriage proposals and Istikhara. My friend was offered a marriage proposal last year and she and her mom were doing Istikhara prayers almost every week. At first she didn't like this man and she was against the idea of marrying him. When she first started doing Istikhara she had bad dreams and was very uncertain about the whole matter. Then she started to become close to this man and to know more and more about him and slowly she realised that she was becoming to grow f
  16. What about arablounge.com and iranianpersonals.com?? Ive been using both and they're really good for all types of relationships. I went on there for marriage purposes as well but somehow most of the men registered (esp on arablounge) are only into girlfriend/boyfriend relationships and only few are looking for marriage. At least that's how they make of it on their profiles. But thanks for giving that list dear, you listed some I've never heard of. I appreciate it! Good luck I wish you all the best khoda hafez Also, if you guys know any of the free marriage websites?? Because some of these web
  17. I second this response. Usually the physical contact enjoyed up until becoming pregnant must have been influenced in a negative way. So now the idea of physical contact is repulsive. Honestly, you should think long and hard about all the events in which there was physical contact and try to figure out the negative aspect of it. Once you understand what has caused all this, it will be much easier to evaluate and treat the problem. And the idea of a psychologist is an excellent one, they can help you in understanding the root cause of your problem. I hope Allah lights all your paths in overcomin
  18. To be honest, it was a family setup that I never agreed with from the beginning but thought it best to give him a chance. I didn't want to be cold by refusing to getting to know him better. And he was never interested in me before, he used to be in love with someone else few years ago. But he claims he is over her now. I spoke to him about it before without really letting him know it bothered me a lot, and all he said was that Im misunderstanding. And I don't wanna bring up this issue too many times with him because I'm starting to feel he's the arrogant type who's gonna assume I'm all head ov
  19. Salaam I am really perplexed about some aspects of my fiance's behaviour and I seek any useful or thoughtful advice from members here at SC. I apologise if this post may be rather lengthy. I have been engaged to my fiance for about a year now and some aspects of his personality and behaviour towards me renders the assumption that he may not value and/or care about me. For example, this whole year so far he has not even said not one positive characteristic or comment about me. Even though we regularly speak on the phone and through an Instant Messanging system, and there were a plethora of chan
  20. Salaam Really, if I were you I wouldn't jump to irrational conclusions like suddenly filing for divorce. I think its best if you have a sincere and respectful conversation with your wife and explain to her that you absolutely cannot tolerate such behaviour coming from none other than her. Hope all works out between you and her!
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