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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. sounds like some anti-Shia propaganda...
  2. is strange why im not getting notification from u on this thread. but thank u 4 explianing that. yes ur right some ppl can change their minds with good intentions & good will but im just speaking from my experience that ive noticed this about suitors a few times. Ws ^^ interesting thought i never realised this b4 ;)
  3. salaam sister , yes ur supposed to cover ur hair in front of all cousins unless u had a formal nikah with someone than traditionally u also mighr have to cpver. dont listen to what anyone says its just plain ignorance & if thsy wanna live like that tham let them be they will not change unless they really really want to. u must take Allahs (swt) obligation higher to u than anyone elses. & dont feel extrwme or anythjng lots of ppl cover in front of cousins my family does & so do i. good luck
  4. salaam sister, i beleive ur in Pakistan right? i can understadn what ur going through & group projects can be a tough thing to handle cuz u get stuck with people who r so much different than u. or want to take advantage of u. i was in same situation b4 during my first year if univ. but my question is how did she even get into a medical school if she has minds of 6th grade?? let me tell u what i did. first i spoke to the professor & told him all thats going on & made it super clear i did not attend univ to deal with childish stuff like this. when the professor was useless &
  5. ooops, ur right i didn't notice about her neck , i'll try 2 remove it
  6. no i didn't move it, it moved by itself when i sprained it a several years ago , but i still have some pain that comes and goes i don't know why
  7. is that mostly for darker skin types? cuz i googled it & seems all the people who use it are African/black. have u tried it b4? thanks
  8. seems strange what type of kneecap u can move with ur hand?? if ur kneecap moves out of place im pretty sure it will hurt a lot, this happened to me
  9. true i agree on this , failures teach us greater things than successes can ever teach us oh my God , please tell me something on Aquarius sign! :!!!: Lol
  10. salaam , y i choose the career field question cuz its also has its own importance. usually if the guy changed his career goals several times during his youth or kept switching jobs or switching his studies few times it can tell u sometjing about him. for example that he is a pretty hesitant personality , which means he has trouble making up his mind when it comes to what he wants in his life. he has diffeerent many opinions & is confused on what he wants. & more than often this means he will be the same when its time 4 him to get married & pick a bride. he will be unsure & hav
  11. salaam whats a "no holds barred" type of interview?? i never heard of that b4 but yes ur right these questions r pretty tough to answer but an honest person who has strong will to marry will answer u truthfully.
  12. Lol , r u serious? i only like her cuz she's Shia & i just found out recently. what's non-Islamic about those pics? theres no body parts showing only her face.
  13. here's my favourite Turkish actress of all the time who just happens to be a Shia! i couldn't beleive she was Shia too , no wonder i've always loved her! :wub: :wub: :wub: she is the only Turksih Shia i've seen in my life!! the beautufil Beren Saat: isn't she just so beautiful??:
  14. wow somehow that almsot seems impossible & not beleivable for one single shot to kill 6 people but i guess the person who fired it must be some sort of military genius or something. now if we can get someone like that to do the job on Wahabis well be done with the entire race of Wahabism!
  15. salaam sister, sometimes Istikhara comes out positive but the marriage/person is bad for you. this happened to me before, when the Istikhara came out positive all through the relationship , then suddenly i had a bad dream about it being negative & this was after 3 months then it all ended. you have to keep doing the Istikhara all through the situation everyday unyil the last minute cuz sometimes God will show u something after a long time & u didn't think u will c it. Kheir InshAllah
  16. i dont understand it , can some1 please explain?
  17. yes just swallow ur anger & think of Imam Hussein (a.s.)! that always works for me with anyone ;)
  18. nice thread sister kim , i think of a good question any girl can adk her suitor is "how come u not been married until now?" its important for every girl to know y her 'future husband' waited until that time to marry especially if that suitor is 28-35 years old. it does matter a lot cuz u can kinda sense if their type of liars or not being truthful with u from the beginning. usually if they r liars & were 2 busy hanging at clubs with there friends they will say to you typical 'normal' answers like "i have not found the perfect girl yet". when they say this just know mostly is a lie cuz men
  19. salaam, istikhara is very helpful du'a sister if ur faith in Allah (s.w.t.) is strong & u leave everything to him for ur betterment....u can find it at the website above^, usually u say the du'a 3 times after u finish praying at the end of every prayer. u can do this for many days as u need until u feel u are in the right path or u are receiving signs from Allah (s.w.t.) like dreams or inner good/bad feelings about ur suitor. also i ask similar question, check this: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235021036-best-time-to-make-istikhara-dua/ i found this from islamic website &
  20. Lol why is always the brothers who bring up discussions & questions like these? most likely u cannot ask a sister question like this cuz its innappropriate & "3eib" unless she is ur wife formally. but i think its different with men cuz women don't need to ask them its can be very obvious if a man is like that & most women can tell or sense if they r from the beginning they meet. mostly men have this "quality" about them by the way they act, walk, & their physical attribute. i can't really describe this "quality" but its there & i have heard from other women i know say they
  21. The principal in charge of that school needs 2 get a life. I feel bad 4 this little girl maybe she has hormonal problem making her look kinda like a boy with boy feature. Lots of kids r born that way its not a big deal. how rude is this school I think they made this girl feel upset & different than all the other girls in the school. than americans wonder why so many kids treat each other badly all the time & bring weapins 2 school.
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