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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ok, thanks for replying back. I like your advice. I have thought a lot about Dearborn.
  2. I don't even know where that is. I plan to move first then look for job after I settle.
  3. Salaam alaikum, Hello Im not really sure if this topic is supposed to be in this section? or off-topic? , so I do apologise in advance. I really need some help from my brothers & sisters out there who live in different parts of the Usa. Now don't worry yourself, I'm NOT here to beg money from the website, I know better than that hahaha. I am planning on moving to another state (Inshallah) because of important financial issues. The Arabic association where I currently live cannot help me with my questions. I am ashamed to say that possibly I can't afford to pay the full rent of my current residence & frankly it is just too too much. I live in a very expensive & run-down state, unfortunately. I want to ask about your opinions or recommendation on which state or area possibly has good living conditions, neighbourhoods, cities, etc but with a much more affordable range ($400- 500 or less) for rent. I am planning on moving to a state that has a good Arabic/ or generally Muslim community because I don't want my sibling to feel outsiders in school. And for safety issues. I don't really have this type of general information; my kowledge of usa demographics is not that good. Some people have recommended for me: New jersey, Dearborn, Michigan, Chicago, & Florida,& California los angeles. I really need some second opinions from brotehrs & sisters on how it is in those places, like how expensive or affordable?? You don't have to tell me where you live, thats your privacy I respect, but if you have some knowledge and experience or advice PLEASE share with me anything you know or recommend. Also, any trusted websites I can search. thanks a lot
  4. Salam alaikum what a very sad Ramadan. the weather this year 2015 is like never before honestly and I am living in the states and already it is super hot, and nothing like last year's Ramadan. I know how these brave people must have felt. May Allah (sw) have mercy on their souls Inshallah.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. Of course not all men threaten divorce like its a game but if you watch Arabic soap operas like I do nowadays divorce is like a card game in all the shows, it's so easy and any one man can divorce their wives in 5 minutes. Even they do so divorce on Skype, Facebook, viber, and through text messaging also. I simply mean that men tend to get angry & say mean stuff they later regret more often than women do. It's in the man's nature. I mean how many women do you know go around threatening divorce in a loud angry voice everyday??
  6. Lool, yes well men are men so what can you say?
  7. probably most men actually threaten but don't really divorce for real ... they use that as something to scare and warn the women by because they know every woman's worst fear after marriage is divorce lol salaam
  8. salaam alaikum, unfortunately yes some people would be capable of doing such a thing, you would be shocked but what can you say? the op is talking realistic, and it does happen. I have heard of a couple who got divorced in that way here in the us but not sure if what their sect is. salaam
  9. salam alaikum, that sounds really strange if you found a website claiming to sell that water online..but I wish there was such a thing it would save me a lot of money from plane ride to get it lol...
  10. Salam alaikum, nice topic, Latin is important language and teaches you many "origins" of Romance modern languages of today like Spanish, French, Italian etc. It is also very useful for students going into Medical/ medicine careers or pharmacology because thousands of the words in the Medical field have their origins in Latin. Especially students wanting or are planning to take the Medical exams like "Mcat" should consider taking a Latin course because they will be very surprised to find that it will help them A LOT for vocabulary and identifying terminology of something they don't know. I learned Latin for 2 years in grammar school, and it was VERY VERY hard definitely one of the most hardest languages on earth! But its definitely not a "dead" language as the person above said. Latin is still a "living" language and it lives in the modern Romance languages of today and in general scientific vocabulary. salaam
  11. my beauty ritual is oil pulling with a tbs of Coconut oil every morning. babydoll, maybe u know but theres a very good line of videos on youtube called "HomeVeda". they have recipes for natural Ayurveda remedies that u can easily do at home with simple ingredients from ur kitchen. u dont have to go out & spend a ton of monry on some expensive products from those stupid cosmetic stores who only want ur money. their products only do more harm than good because they have a ton of chemicals in them. if u go natural u will have the most benefits. simple stuff that people forget about can solve all ur skin & beauty problems, like salt water, lemons, oatmeal, green apples, cinnamon, honey, almonds. and of course the list is pretty ling byt u get the idea. Stay beautiful
  12. lool ... nice one. oh 1000 congrats for ur being a shiachat moderator i havent been on here in a while to know. all the best dear
  13. Salam aleikum, I agree with Enlighfen on using shampoos to clean our hair. i was just reading an article on how dangerous & damaging shampoos are for our hair. even i know some people get irritations like redness, itching, dandruff on their scalp & they dint even know its all because of their shampoo. if u research on google they tell u what kinds of harsh chemicals are in it.
  14. Salaam, why do u ask this question , sister?
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