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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. UPDATE So me and the girl decided to seperate for 1 month just to clear our minds. She started crying a lot when we were talking and I started crying too since my feelings are too strong for this girl. I really want to give it another shot but with some rules. That she will raise my children and teach them praying, fasting, eating halal food ONLY and I can take care of the rest when it comes to Ahlulbayt etc´and if she agrees upon it I might give it a shot. One thing though that made me worry is that her family (her cousins, not her own family) drink alcohol when celebrating something but she and her mother who she lives with don't drink. That made me a bit worried since my family and alcohol don't mix together. But she agreed that she would not let our children drink if we ever would have children. And we texted a bit this morning and we are talking about sacrificing for each other. So I will see what she has to tell me. Only time will tell.
  2. I am a religious man "in the mind". I don't go to a lot of majles but I have religion 24/7 in my mind. My life is based on religion. I don't always do the extra stuff like Salat Al-Layl and such so I am not the ideal religious Shia Muslim and the only thing I require from her is to stay away from haram food, pray and fast so that my children will learn the core of Islam and I would teach them about Ahlul Bayt
  3. @AfricanShia @Marbles @AfricanShia @SunniBrother @Dhulfikar @shiaman14 @Panzerwaffe That's my thought right now. I will give her more time to teach her by actions and not by words. My cousin told me something: "If she really falls in love with you, she will eventually start looking deeper into your beliefs". She gave me hope but I don't want to hope too much. We still got like 3-4 years before marriage/engagement.
  4. Salam W Alaykum I am in a very confusing situation right now.. I have been stressing too much about it. I am originally a Shia Lebanese and live abroad with my family and have been doing it ever since I was kid. I always had in mind that I would marry a Lebanese girl since Lebanese suffer of extreme nationalism. For the past 3 months I have been dating an Iraqi girl who I adore and admire. I enjoy every second with her. When we first started talking she told me that her father is Sunni and her mother is Shia but she has very little knowledge of both, so she told me doesn't count herself as either. When we would go out, we would kiss (I know, haram) but I kissed her and then told her that what we are doing is wrong and we should do Mut'a (she was married before and I asked a Sheikh about it and he told me it is permissible). She was reacted in a negative way and didn't like the idea because in her point of view, kissing and such are not haram because we live in a different era etc. But I explained to her that that is not the way I see it and so on. After about 1.5 month I managed to convince her to do Mut'a and we are both happy. My goal with this girl is to marry her but right now she tells me she is more into Sunni because of her father (he is not even living with her) and her view on Shia is bit weird because she has only a couple of friends of Shia and they were bad people and her mother didn't teach her a lot. Right now, we are in a critical situation where I told her that if I want to marry her, I am expecting her to pray, eat halal food only and fast and I would prefer if she would be Shia and I told her that I could prove to her why Shia is wrong using Sunni and Shia hadith. But she is very upset and I know her point of view on religion is a little bit European since she grew up here. But I am willing to sacrifice a lot to change her mind and we are almost on the edge of breakup because of this. Please what are your views on this ? I am really stressing about this and in my opinion, if she is Sunni but loves Ahlul Bayt I would not have a lot of problems with it but I would still worry about my children since I prefer them to be Shia.. Please, ANY ADVICE/OPINIONS WOULD BE EXTREMELY APPRECIATED. AC
  5. I'm here because I need help. I get sexual aroused a lot in Ramadan for some reason (I am fasting btw), so I masturbate but I manage to convince myself to stop after a few minutes (Ejaculation does not occur). So it's been annoying for the past days, so I got a random idea which I think is wrong but that's why I'm asking: After that I'm done with Fu'tur(eating when the Salaat al Maghreb & Al Aisha comes), I thought I will masturbate to ejaculation and perform ghusl so that I don't have to keep masturbating all the time ... I'm pretty sure it's wrong but I don't know what else to do. I was in the mosque reading Qu'ran with some of the people there, then all of a sudden when I come home I get the idea of watching porn.. I did it which was crazy afterwards, I thought about it. I usually read 8 pages of Qu'ran after it occurs and I read 2 pages of Qu'ran daily. But this time I thought I won't read because it was a lot of pressure so please answer my question: Am I allowed to do what I was thinking or not? I have no problem with people, I don't swear or anything, masturbating and porn are my only 2 problems... Thanks.
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