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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Could agree with you more... We are a mess... Before we judge them let's sort our own mess out. I'm living in Turkey now and when I say I'm Shia I have to say ja'farri in the same breath because here Shia means alawi, which means no salat, no seeyaam, no Allah in some cases!! They drink, party & wear zulfikir necklaces. We need to start by educating that mess before we worry about anything else. Something else I am more than aware of is that hatred of Shia is limited to certain regions like north Africa, Saudi, Pakistan... In the conservative community in Turkey they love Iranians & Lebanese leads... My hubby is obsessed with Nusrallah... That was before we ever met. We shouldn't tar them all with the same brush just as they shouldn't do to us. Don't under estimate how many love their brothers in Islam.
  2. Thanks to e everyone who has taken the time to respond... I have a lot of reading up to do... I know I can't follow Ay. Milani as my mother frequently reminds me... I think I've spent the last few years waiting for him to declare he was an option :P He is good for quick questions though... Now if only I could get a profile or cv for each option it would make this so much easier LOL I think there is so much to consider, such as accessibility in English, online access, ofcourse I have no idea where to start in deciding who the most knowledgeable is. InshAllah that will be easier once I start reading up on them. Feel free to keep posting your responses... If I decide at some point I will let you know :)
  3. The point of my post was to find out who else was out there... I fully intend to read but its hard to start when you only have one name & the rest are dead. Please if your comments come are not useful please be polite & keep them in your head. Shia are known for being educated so don't attack someone looking to learn & don't start another tit for tat when I am looking for a starting point. I read frequently, unfortunately I didn't know who "new" was out there that was an option. Thanks.
  4. Chess is a weekly event in my house so Ay Sistani is off my list! PS this post is going to make me implode in confusion... It's almost a riddle that needs solving...
  5. Mujtaba thanks so much... My hubby is Sunni and I live in Turkey now and they never have this multiple days Eid thing.... It embarrasses me! Our people need to invest in some good clean telescopes and start to agree LOL Hasson I need to research these names... All new to me... Now I'm going to ask something a bit random... I actually have a favourite Ayatullah but I don't know if I can follow him through taqleed... it's Ayatullah Fadhil Milani ... but do they have to be a grand Ayatullah or can I just follow him?
  6. I think it's time to stop eating any processed meat in the UK no matter who stamped it halal... just go to local butcher and pick out something you can recognise.... Everything pre-packaged seems to be high risk... you don't know the chain of where is came from or anything about whats in it... You could be eating eyeballs for all you know.... better safe thank eating haram.
  7. Why is it that when someone asks a genuine question it becomes and excuse to argue like children picking on every sentence. Please think before you type... You are not doing your selves or this forum any favours. Parvizi I am answering your post... I am Shia married to a Hanafi... so we're both muslim and love Ahlulbayt, our daughter is 5 months old and we called her Khadeja Fatima. I have discussed topics with him and his father (previously an imam in the blue mosque, 'sultan Ahmet')... We generally agree on lots. Once discussing something in circles like you do when neither side will give in my father in law will said to my hubby she follows Imam Ja'far and we follow his student Hanafi... isn't the teacher the better source than the student. We know we have a better preserved message because of our link to Ahlulbayt. We know there is propaganda against our sect which we as followers shouldn't accept blindly. It is your responsibility to search for the truth but I think you'll fail if you think people who left the chain of Ahlulbayt will give you those answers. Reading your post gave me the impression that your friends are salafi/wahabi... If you are looking for a pure form of Islam you will not find it without the guidance of Ahlulbayt and the message, knowledge, history they preserved for us. A rewritten version of history makes everything we do 'bidah'. I am not saying follow blindly but I am saying forget family and friends and start looking for answers your self. To address the issue of the empty mosque... A full mosque is great but who said you couldn't go to the Sunni Mosque to pray? You've already said almost all the people there are sunni.... that probably explains your empty shia mosque and full sunni one right? In my household growing up my mum & dad never missed a prayer... My mother would pray fajir in my bedroom as a subtle way of waking me up every morning to pray... Alhamdulilah I hope to do the same for my girl :) Do you have to agree with your friends? I grew up surrounded by sunni friends from all over the world... I never felt the need to deny what I was, now I am married to a sunni man, living in a sunni country surrounded by sunni people every day. I am still proud to say I am Shia. It sounds like your friends have managed to convince you that you are misguided and that you are not knowledgeable enough to answer there accusations against the Shia path. So I repeat, don't worry about anyone else just start the journey of educating your self in the history of Islam through strong sources.
  8. I did say follow the rules and love ahlilbayt... If only we spent less time pointing out the differences and more time educating and talking to the people we claim to be superior to we might have more success in breaking down barriers. Everything of great importance can be found in their books too they just choose to read around it... references to the importance of ahlulbayt etc I think our problem as a sect is feeling too superior... Arrogance isn't going to get us anywhere either.
  9. Ok Please Please do not hijack my post again with arguments, I think as shia we get enough bad press in the outside world without embarrassing our selves further with arguing about who follows who like teenage football fans. I am genuinely looking into this so if you have already answered I have read and noted the answers... so far mainly Sayyed sistani...But I want to know more. You may wonder why is a 30 year married woman and mother is suddenly asking about this... (*note to MOD I'm a lady not guy :P)... Well my baby is 5 months old, first I want to have chosen before she is old enough to start asking questions.... My two older sisters followed different people making Eid day a nightmare because we end up having it on different days, I being follower of "undecided" just celebrate twice. My parents have to keep changing because everytime they follow someone, said person dies (Khomeni, Khoie, then another one, then Fudhlula) and I'd like my guy to be alive! So has anyone actually looked into this, really weighed up options? who were the options? Are we all saying Sistani because the others aren't accessible in English? Please just limit responses to your personal experience/decision and why... lets not have another tit for tat... I am actually genuinely trying to learn here.
  10. Thanks, Have you ever looked into the other Marja's as options? or did you just stick with Sistani?
  11. I couldn't say it better than Hameedah, Thinking of death always brings me closer to Allah and makes this temporary life unimportant.
  12. I am interested in knowing who people are following and why... I have yet to decide on my own, for years I have been following who ever my parents follow but time to consider my options. Thanks in advance for input.
  13. Oh dear... What about all the signs that haven't happened yet?
  14. Do you know anything about who Harun Yahya is? his real name is Adnan Oktar, his is Turkish and in recent years has really lost credibility in Turkey. Google his really name on youtube and you will understand why. I have watched his Turkish show with disgust... Before I knew all this I had alot of his books which are good, apparently they are not actually written by him.
  15. I think you are asking the wrong question. Rape is haram therefore Allah (swt) doesn't allow it, however mankind doesn't always follow the right path therefore people suffer due to the evil of others not because Allah (swt) is supporting this. Same goes for when men bomb killing others and in wars. In illness I see this differently, maybe cleansing the sin of the ill person... with ill children it may be a test on the parents. My main point is that if we truly believe in Allah we don't blame. He is the all knowing and his logic supersedes our comprehension. A really good example of this is in the story of Abul `Abbas, al-Khidr and Moses (as)... My mother told me this story as a child but it really stuck with me,.. I found the full story on a couple of links below but to summarise Al-Khidr is joined by Musa (as) and he does some unthinkable things such as killing a child, building a wall for a bad person... Musa (as) is told not to questioning his actions but he can't understand why? in the Al-khidr explains all later. The story of Moses' encounter with Khidr is related in Surat al-Kahf (65-82)... found full translation... http://www.naqshbandi.org/chain/10.htm http://www.alim.org/library/biography/stories/content/SOP/7/17/Musa%20(Moses)/The%20Story%20Moses%20and%20Al-Khidr%20 Hope you find this useful.
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