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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. And the discrimination against blacks/east Asians in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf is also pretty disgusting, while we're on that note...
  2. And why would Turks want to lead the region? They have a prosperous country, an educated populace, and a stable government. Only Erdogan and his party are interested in entangling their nation into the affairs of Arabs. I'd say Turkey would have every bit of reason to completely ignore the countries south of its borders, other than keeping an eye on the PKK. I'm surprised they sympathize with the Syrians and Palestinians at all, considering how they were betrayed during WW1.
  3. No the UAE is actually quite backwards. Don't let the oil money and" desert ski resorts " fool you. Its just a fake, culture less disneyland built on slave labor. If oil were to lose value and foreign countries withdrew support, well, those oil sheiks would have to go back to goat herding and their fiberglass empire would crumble in the desert.
  4. Yes, again irrelevant to Turkish history as a whole. Ataturk a=only had limited Russian Support, and was able to defeat several major European powers. Recently , Arab nations were given extensive Soviet Support yet could not defeat a tiny Jewish nation.
  5. All civilizations rise and fall, and the fact that the Ottomans were able to last so long and conquer those lands in the first place attests to the height of their empire . All the things you mention in your citation refers to the declining period. Even then they were able to hold on to most of the Arab lands, from Syria to Palestine and Iraq until ww1, when they were betrayed by the Arabs. The Balkan territories they had lost were colonial possessions in the first place.Even during ww1 they put up a hell of a fight ( Gallipoli, Kut, Baku etc.) Anyways, the point is you are blaming Turks themselves for ruining Islamic civilization, which implies that if say, Arabs would have been in power the Islamic world would still flourish, which is absolute rubbish
  6. how so?, be specific. An I am refering to Turks as a whole, including dynasties before them such as Seljuks and Ghaznavids. The Young turks arose around the end of the Ottoman empire, coming to power around 1900 after rebelling against Sultan Abdul Hamid. barely a fraction of the total history of the Ottomans. And despite their departure from Islamic state and nationalist agenda, looking at modern Turkey i'd say they were quite sucessful. Turkey is the only country in the middle east which was able to win against imperialists militarly and establish an autonomous state on their own accord. Ataturk was able to defeat the British, Greeks, Armenians, and French, thats pretty impressive, especially compared to the feeble nationalists movements in the Arab states and the pathetic rule of the Shah in Iran. Sorry about the rant, but seeing ignorant comments insulting Turks does make me go off a bit . And don't ever tell me I don't know about Turkish history.
  7. Well for several centuries they stopped invaders from humiliating the Islamic world the way that Arab countries are being humiliated today. Look at the middle east . And what you said was completely opposite of what the Turks did, they were very much dependent on allowing local vilayets to administer their provinces and provided for all minorities within their empire. They only began to tighten their authority during the late nineteenth century before WW2 before they were betrayed by the cowardly Hashemites who served as loyal servants to the British. However, you are attributing the decline of Islamic civilization to the Turks, where the Turks dominated most of the Islamic world since 1000 AD. Do you mean to suggest that Islamic civilization collapsed then, as opposed to 1920? who would you suggest would be able to uphold Islamic civilization if not the Turks then?
  8. The Turks had had largely dominated the Islamic world since 1000 A.D, from the Seljuks, although at times power sometimes shifted to Ayyubid Kurds and Mamluks from the caucusus. Anyways, you are horribly ignorant of history if you think Turks "weakened" Islamic civilization. The Ottomans formed the longest lasting empire and during its height stretched from Hungary to Algeria, and until the nineteenth century threatened to overrun Europe. If anything, The Arab rebels had ruined their own lands when they allowed their countries to be cut up into pieces, the Turks in contrast were able to maintain complete independence of their country and drive away the Europeans.
  9. great empire rise and fall, what once were great civilizations fall, and power shifts. But you would be a fool if you think that a civilizations stays powerful forever, history has proven that to be false. But If you want a specific answer, Islamic civilization fell behind when it stopped putting importance on sciences and failed to innovate.The last powerful empire, the Ottomans did too little too late.
  10. You keep saying that the Syrian rebels are justified in killing this boy because of sharia implying that sharia is a tool for murder , which in itself makes me sick, but you ignore the fact that this boy was not given a trial, nor is he guilty of what he is being accused .. but those terrorists didn't care to hear the facts, did they? doesn't justify anything at all.
  11. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2013/06/201369175918244221.html He said something like "even if Muhammad came down from heaven, I would not pay this bill" referring to the price of coffee, (apparently a common Syrian phrase), and this was heard by foreign wahabbi terrorists who mistook it for blasphemy and proceeded to kill the child. tell me more about how these FSA fighters are "fighting for freedom"
  12. I honestly wouldn't put much trust in any african court
  13. My point is that you don't have to agree with what he says, just don't berate him for it. And don't doubt his belief in Islam until he says otherwise. It is such an attitude that will drive new converts away from Islam
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