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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'd like sensible answers, only asking from Shiites, no abuses, no disrespect, no fitnah-fasaad by anyone. Im a shia, but there are things i do not have full knowledge on; so i get confused or unsure. And when i am enquired of them, I do not have the perfect relevant answer to clear fellows' misunderstandings. So here they are, I'd be filled with gratitude if anyone could provide detailed, sensible, relevant answers to them. A hadith or some quranic verse to support would be just magnificent in some of them! 1- Why do we add hazrat Ali in the Kalima. La illaha Illalla Muhammad ur Rasoolallah Ali un Wali ullah, wasi ur rasoollallah? 2 - Why do we add Hazrat ali in Azaan. Im just abit confused and unsure on how to give a solid relevant answer to remove misunderstandings of people on thinking we believe in Hazrat ali as god (na'oozubillah) He is just our beloved Imam along with the Prophet of Allah as our helpers along with the other Imams, and we aren't Noseris. So i need a proper solid sensible and relevant answer! Thankyou!
  2. "disrespecting the sahabah" okay... so if you state what they have written blindly, and ask its authenticity and how it makes sense, they so realize their blindness in stating such a viled hadith that too on the world's biggest encyclopedia and instead of correcting it atleas ban you for disrespecting the 'sahabah'.. epic, its just epic. i mean isnt this a part of their belief, 'whatever clashes with the quran and other hadith's of prophet is a false hadith, even if it has been said by a well known narrator' this hadith obvioulsy contradicts with the quran and with the hadiths of prohpet like the ones where prophet clearly shows the great difference of degree between him and the rest of the people and 'sahabahs'. and plus the prophet went on miraj, and has been obviously said by all the muslims, let it be sunni or shia, the only person to be invited by Allah Himself to meet, Allah did not by His ownself called anyone or directed anyone before like this, surely he called away hazrat isa, but just because hazrat isa sought His help, and then the event with hazrat musa where Allah showed His noor to the people, but only cause hazrat musa continuously asked Allah to do so to satisfy his 'sahabahs'. so why would anyone be even slightly better than prophet in any aspect? and nor can anyone be equal to the prophet, unless he is made of the same noor as the prophet, which are the 14 masoomeen we believe in.
  3. 1: God (Allah) did not create evil but created free will to test us. As evil does not exist, it is only to express feelings of someone that if he is good minded or bad minded. So, by that i conclude that God never created evil but free will led to evil. 2: Free will and evil and the materialistic needs of a man and the 7 deadly sins, they all are the test for a human being. 3: Some of the things which are not allowed in Islam are actually aloud but in some cases to fill the need of a man, like eating snakes if about to die of hunger and have nothing to eat for survival except snakes. (note that only some are allowed, not all). 4: Humans are not God, so it is common sense that we need a helper with us, and one day or another, god will test us by making us suffer to check if we believe in Him and are patient. 5: God does not suffer as he has no body to suffer, no partner to make him suffer, no children or siblings or wives to make him suffer, no need of money which if is low, results in suffering, and no test or trials to suffer. As he creates everything, he can destroy it also, so sufferings and tests may come, but if you are patient, than God will take those back. 6: God is All loving, but i think you have forgotten that he is very strict if someone dies as an unbeliever or munafiqun or wrong doer and does not revert to good at all, those who are evil (bad minded) will go to hell, So god is All Loving and Strict also, so that means if he made hell before us humans and Satans and Jins, than Of course he knew that evil would come by satan so for satan and bad minded ones, Hell was made! 7: God is All mighty, he foretold many things which always became true later on, read Harun Yahya's book, The Miracles Of The Qur'an. ok i gotta go now, bye. PeACe :angel: :D :!!!: :blink: :P B) :lol: :rolleyes: :squeez:
  4. I NEED KITAAB AL'KAFI IN ENGLISH PDF! Any shia brother who can spare some time to help me out here.... Try to find it out where ever possible, even in Torrents... Thnx in advance for helping me out...
  5. you wanna know why, because she is made up of the same nur the prophet is made up of. The prophet chose her to continue the bloodline of the Prophet instead of his son (true, but i don't think you have studied that) The Prophet -- WHO WAS THE MOST SUPREME RASUL of All, Whom Allah called his habeeb, the best of the best, who was made fully out of nur and is Alla's most favourite, whenever the prophet entered a room every single one of the people there stood up to give him salam -- used to HIMSELF stand up whenever bibi Fatimah entered the room. and about the Prophet not chosing his mother over his daughter, well.. THE PROPHET uSeD T0 CaLL Hazrat fatimah "the mother of the prophet" meaning the mother of her father who was the prophet (pbuh) (obviously) as she cared for the prophet (pbuh) more than ANYONE!!! there, i have given a few reasons amongst the vast proof and reasons that are there.... PEaCe :angel: :D :!!!: :yaali:
  6. (bismillah) (salam) dear brother in Faith, its a good thing to hear a brother i Faith not saying Shi'ahs bad things or any of that foolishness. and to answer your question, i think 'Ali H. Syed' has said enough for giving u the proof, but i'll add one more major hadeeth to it, (which shi'ah AND SUNNI BOTH AGREE TOTALLY TO, but sunnis take it very lightly (no offence brother)), it has been said that when the Prophet first declared his Prophethood and religion of Islam, he said that WHOEVER accepts the religion i have brought to you First, will be the rightly guided, official leader AFTER ME( and by that it means Right After the Prophet) and it was Hazrat Ali who was the first and only one to accept Islam. And besides, Hazrat Ali had lived his whole life with the Prophet while 'Omar' was the one who hated the Prophet (pbuh) as much as abu jahhal (l.a) before 'accepting' Islam!Hazrat Ali died at the same age as the Prophet (which was 63). Hazrat Ali was born i the 'KA'ABAH' (it is the truth, everyone knows that) , and yet no one cares much where Omar was born (even sunnis). Even Omar agrees that he would have been dead in the field of knowledge if it wasn't for Hazrat Ali! And plus, Hazrat Ali was the Tutor of the four imams of sunnis (even sunni scholars know that).. so you see, i gave a little bit more information from the vast proofs that we have, hoped that helped you my brother in Faith. PEaCe :angel: :lol: :D :!!!: :yaali:
  7. it is kind of true that hazrat ali did not get a wahi (except once when he turned towards Ka'aba as the new Qibla during prayers as soon as prophet (pbuh) got the wahi and changed his direction), but Hazrat Maryam is not made of Nur, Even Prophet's (pbuh) Mother Hazrat Aminah, infact got a message from Allah by Hazrat Gabriel that she should name her son Muhammad, but you don't see her ahead of Hazrat Fatimah even though hazrat Fatimah did not get a wahi... anyways... PEaCe :angel: :D :!!!:
  8. Hey, Alexander was not Hazrat Dhul-Qarnayn (as) , as Alexander was a normal guy with a good mind and he actually believed that he was a God, na'uzubillah.
  9. ahem ahem. im sorry if i will say anything wrong for the following things i'll write as im just an ignorant person with not much knowledge just like you ( and we all agree, even you as we all don't have such knowledge of that level of which our scholars have) .... 1 THING: u are talking about noseries my bro. as shias, like myself and and the rest of the world where shias are.. DO NOT THINK OF NOSERIES OR MAHDAVAIS AS SHI'A AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! 2 THING: We donot believe he is superiour to All of the Prophets AT ALL (trust me brother, we don't think he is superior to All the Prophets and ESPeciallY the last Prophet (pbuh) !) note: and by the way, don't sunnis believe that if there were more prophets, it would be CHIKATO Omer WHILE IT WAS SAID A THOUSAND TIMES BY LORD ALL MIGHTY Allah THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE PROPHET OF THAT TIME (1400 HIJRI BACK OF NOW WHICH WAS Prophet Muh'ammad's (pbuh) time) WHICH WAS CREATED WITH NUR OF Allah 4 - 5 LAKH YEARS BEFORE EVEN ADAM WAS BORN!!! so how can a human like Omer (r.a) be a prophet when it continuesly mentioned in quran that he was the last prophet and plus he was the prophet of the prophets.. so please don't compare a human out of our prophet's greatness to the prophet (pbuh) .. and No! Hazrat Ali (as) was DEFINITELY not ordinary as he WAS BORN IN THE GREAT KA'ABAH my brother Muslim. :) and for those who think birth in Ka'abah doesn't prove anything THAN GO AND MAKE YOUR SONS GET BIRTH IN KA'ABAH THE SAME WAY AS HAZRAT ALI (as) WAS BORN ( LIKE Allah HIMSELF OPENING THE DOOR FOR YOUR WIVES TO ENTER AND GIVE BIRTH IN HOUSE OF Allah)!!! SO.. DO IT IF YOU CAN (WHICH EVEN WE CAN'T OBVIOUSLY) :P p.s: the above statement was not for u my brother in Faith. it was for those infidels who reject the great Honor of being given the path into Ka'abah by Allah himself :) and please donot consider us as Kaffirs as we all are Muslims and we all pray to only one god and i have many sunni friends and brothers in my city and they are not ignorants who don't do correct research and bring their faces for trying to insult us by getting into the thoughts of shai'taan (and no muslim can insult each other or say them a kaafir if they say they are muslims!!!!!) and for cursing wives stuff... we dont curse all of them and i dont curse any one of them.. and anyways its long so i'll let others explain it... if they can't i'll do it and NO WE DON'T THINK THE QUR'AN IS MESSED BY YOUR KHALIFAH (NAUZBILLAH) SO STOP SAYING SUCH FAKE THINGS AS QURAN WAS NEVER CHANGES AND IT WILL NEVER DO!!! and the makers of the picture make it, not us! my brother in Faith And i dont think YOU ARE ALLOWED BY Allah to call a muslim shirk, his deals are with him and his Lord Allah, don't act like a dumb jew (which obviously your not as you are a muslim like i am a muslim) ! and plus we donot take Hazrat Ali (as) as the same as Allah (NAUZUBILLAH! HOW LOW CAN IT GET BRO!!!) as the ones who think that are noseries and shia are NOT AT ALL 100% NOSERIES (UNDERSTAND :angry: !!!) THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME MAD! CALLING MUSLIM BROTHERS A SHIRK (NAUZUBILLAH) AND COMPARING US WITH NON - MUSLIMS (AND YES NOW SAY NOSERIE A NON - MUSLIM IF U WANT AS THEY BELIEVE IN HARAT ALI (as) AS A GOD (NAUZUBILLAH) ) and here is another proof that Shi'as ARE NEVER Noseries as if we thought of Hazrat Ali (as) as god (WHICH WE DONT), then why would we add (as) next to his name!!! think about it!!!! (as) means the salam and blessings from Allah!!! not being Allah himself (NAUZUBILLAH) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so my brothers of sunni or whatever u are, donot take us wrong and please donot write stuff that will make u get more and more involved in sin doing (well, its your concern with Allah in the Judgement Day about your sins you did by typing wrong stuff about your own muslim brothers! i'm just advising u my bro :) ) and if anyone got something more bad to say... then i would like to recite a verse from qur'aan for them: " But whoever disputes with you in this matter after what has come to you of knowledge, then say: Come let us call our sons and your sons and our women and your women and our near people and your near people, then let us be earnest in prayer, and pray for the curse of God on the liars." surah Ali imran .
  10. (bismillah) (salam) - Hello, i am new here so i don't know much about here... all i want to ask is can anyone provide me with the best shia hadees books in english PDF version... and plus the surah - e - Kahf booklet which has it written in arabic with english translation under it or just the arabic version.. oh... and plus also the Du'a i can read to see Prophet Muh'ammad (pbuh) and Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) in my dreams or in reality or related e.g..... i will be very happy for the support of my Shi'a brothers from around the globe.. THNX xD
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